A squeeze page is a single web page with the sole purpose of capturing information for follow-up marketing; that means NO exit hyperlinks. Squeeze pages are simple HTML pages that you can create it using your basic knowledge of HTML and make it more attractive with the help of CSS. There are so many types of squeeze pages depending on business you are running but here i have mentioned seven most popular fields where you can use squeeze pages and increase you business in autopilot mode.
FreshSqueeze page template gives you all these cool boxes and styles already coded for you!
10 stylish WordPress landing page themes in different color combinations with many possibilities.
In Marketer Plugin in the template panel, you can find predefined, amazing 3x sales pages and 3x squeeze pages, just click on “Apply” and start editing selected template. Easily Create Great Looking Affiliate Sales Pages, Email Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, Pay-per-click Landing Pages, Jv Offer Letters And More With This Powerful Bundle Of 10 Templates That Will Work With Any WordPress Theme!

A stylish, modern and light video landing page packaged complete with PSD (Photoshop design file) source file. 5 Editable CSS based video squeeze page with a clean design, suitable for affiliate marketers.
Free templates are good but premium templates are always good because they gives perfect solution with quick support. OptimizePress is a unique WordPress theme that gives you the ability to create conversion optimized Squeeze Pages, Sales Letters, launch pages & more.
Each squeeze page template has all of our online editing functions in place which allows you to easily customize any template. But the sad part of creating squeeze page using HTMl is it’s take too much time that is very limited for everyone. All you need to do is insert your content, throw a few pictures in, put in your affiliate links and fire up the AdWords campaign!

Also, Marketer Plugin allows save your page as templates which you can use for your next page design.
You can install easily in your self hosted WordPress blog and able to create attractive landing pages within 2 minutes. We offer a wide selection of free, mobile-friendly HTML templates for building beautiful, high-converting sales pages, video landing pages, squeeze pages, commercial websites and promo offers. With help of squeeze page you can create strong fan list, loyalty readers for your business in very short time without investing any money.

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