Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. The Culture Vulture flaps around the globe keeping his hungry eyes on all the news relating to Cultural Awareness, Intercultural Communication, Cultural Competence, Translation, Languages & Multilingualism, Interpreting, Localization, GILT, Business Training and Design. This blog is written by guest, Asher Elran, who takes us through his 5 essential steps to marketing your content internationally.Global content marketing is quickly becoming one of the top marketing methods, and you need to know about it. Content marketing is defined as being any type of marketing that involves creating and sharing media as well as publishing content. One of the most important differences is the number of cultures and people who you are trying to market to vs. No we aren’t giving you any diamonds, but we are going to be sharing a story about the evolution of a very prominent diamond company and its marketing channels and supply chain. The company that we are talking about is called De Beers Consolidated Mines and for many years this company managed the entire global diamond industry, until the beginning of the 20th century, when other firms were starting to appear and threaten their position in the market.
De Beers then hired a consulting firm, and the answer they came up with was to start stockpiling most of the diamonds that they were mining. Marketing strategies have greatly changed and evolved ever since the development of the World Wide Web. This includes a wide variety of tactics and methods including question and answer articles, how-to guides, case studies, whitepapers, e-books, images, news, and the list goes on.
His job is to fly around, keeping an eye on news, making sure you keep up-to-date with developments in the world of language, culture, localization and international business.
De Beer owns many mines from all over the world, they even had to make an exclusive deal once with the Soviet government in order to gain the rights to mine in Siberia for diamonds.
I hope you all enjoyed learning more about one of the most profitable diamond companies out there. Marketers can now reach customers or potential customers that are millions of miles away with a single click of a mouse. When you are marketing locally, you know more about the type of people who you are selling to as well as the laws, rules, and regulations that pertain to marketing your product or service. How would they go about stabilizing their position in the market given all of these new competitors? The first being that because of all this stockpiling, it allowed De Beers to stabilize their prices for quite some time. De Beer’s mines would sell their collect their goods into a stockpile, and then sell them at a 25 percent markup to a CSO grader. With their help, De Beers set out to create a new vertical monopoly, one that stretches from the bottom of their deepest mines all the way to the retail stores that sell their goods. Join Chris and Gerald next time as we discuss another topic involving global marketing channels. With the use of social media millions of people from all over the world can be exposed to your product, company, brand, or service in a matter of seconds.
Knowing the laws for marketing is extremely vital; they change from country to country and when you are marketing globally you have to know and obey them all.

It also had the same effect on De Beer’s competitors, allowing for a stabilized price for the entire industry. This CSO grader is very important to the process, as without the guarantee of a CSO, wholesales would have a hard time finding a buyer for the pressurized carbon.
All of the latest updates, features and add-ons can be sent anywhere you can imagine in the blink of an eye.
With the advancement of technology increasing every year, companies are striving to keep up and to find ways to use these advancements to their advantage.
Through this process De Beers was able to make sure that its mines were maximizing their profits as well. 1: Define your NicheBefore you can achieve successful marketing, you must first define your niche. Another way the stockpiling of diamonds was beneficial to De Beers was that they used them to punish insubordinate mines, or mines that tried to cut De Beers out of their strategy by selling directly to wholesalers or cutters. The use of technology and the internet allows marketers to extend their reach much farther than was ever possible in the past. The way it worked was that when a mine tried to leave, De Beers would start selling massive amounts of the same type of diamonds in order to keep them from making any profit.
Then its sold to another wholesaler and then finally it makes it way to the jewelry makers and retailers all over the world, not just in the United States. The second part of the new strategy was to implement a new “supplier of choice” program, where De Beers would decrease the number of wholesalers they did business with. First, it is very costly and time consuming to create a whole new niche, so the best option is to find a niche that fits your product or service and then to develop and define that niche.
This was especially important to De Beers because if the mines disappeared from their supply chains, or marketing channels then their company would start to do very poorly as they would have a hard time finding diamonds after their stock pile runs out. The reason for this was demand for diamonds wasn’t just restricted to the United States but found all throughout the world, so De Beers made it their business to find out how best to get their diamonds from one end of their supply chain to the other, even if that meant the diamonds would be shipped all around the world. When you have a diverse product or service it is best to develop more than one niche; however, be very careful to not over extend yourself.
This marketing channel was so useful to De Beers that back at the beginning of the 20th century; they had control of over 80 percent supply of rough stones. The final part of their strategy is that they change their priority to marketing and retailing De Beers’ diamonds as a luxury item. If you are running too many different niches you will not be able to give enough attention to any one of them, thus defeating the point. 2: Team Work It is vital to remember that you cannot attempt the large undertaking of global content marketing alone. However, through all of this, without the supply chain and global marketing channels De Beers would not be able to succeed as well as it has been. Use your team to delegate tasks and projects to others so you can better concentrate on your preferred areas.
So it needs to bring some attention to how they might make the marketing channels more efficient and streamlined. This is a bad practice, especially for big projects that require more areas of work to be covered.

Marketing of any kind requires a lot of time and attention in multiple areas; you must use the people on your team to make the project work. To do so, offer translation for your company’s website in any and all languages possible; the more languages that you offer, the more customers you will inevitable pull in.
Do not stop with the website - set all of your social media accounts to translate into multiple languages as well. In order to successfully achieve global marketing, your product or service must be accessible to many different people. When deciding on a language strategy for your social networks it comes down to one main decision: work from one account or set up multiple accounts? In the majority of cases it is best to use multiple accounts, especially on Twitter where it would quickly become too confusing to readers if you tweeted in several languages on one page.
Facebook allows for an admin to make posts that are directed towards various regions and can be set in many languages. The problem with this is the regular users of your page can become very confused by all of the different languages, thus dropping your read rate. Some places require certain things to be approved by a governing body while some things may be banned entirely.
In several countries including Germany, Belgium, and France, they frown on comparative marketing and advertising. It is completely acceptable in America to use words and phrases like “world’s best” or “better than,” but in other places it can cause unnecessary trouble. Marketing methods such as premium offers, contests, sweepstakes, and special deals are under different regulations. Also, remember that when you are selling to an overseas audience you must adhere to the product development laws and regulations regarding safety, chemicals, and performance. Some marketers think only in terms of text content and believe that it is very easy to have too many images, while others think that images are the only way to go. The truth of the matter is that images are a very important part of marketing products and services because our world is full of people who buy based off of what they see. It is, however, extremely important to find the fine line between enough images and too many. Also, remember to apply multiple language translations to both your website and social media pages. When you are marketing globally you must be sure that your audience knows what it is that you are offering. Use images to pull in your audience and pick images that speak about your product, service, or company and place them strategically on your content pages.

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