We define "hotel marketing" as creating better travel experiences for hotel guests and driving revenue growth for hotel owners. Research by Neilsen and others have indicated travelers are using consumer reviews as a deciding factor in which hotel they book.
ReviewPro is resolving this problem with the introduction of the Global Review Index, which is becoming an industry benchmark by which hotel groups are measuring their success (and progress) in online reputation scoring.
While this research might be valuable, I would prefer that hotels in the future are so unique that for e.g. It’s a valid point, Mihir, and all hotels should seek to create a category that makes competition irrelevant. Just because you are throwing out books name (and I popped over from Happy Hotlier that totally made me think this) -Blue Ocean Strategy. Graphically unimpressive and sometimes a little nerdy, but the best news reporting in the world in my opinion. I exclusively get my news from The Economist, because I feel it’s largely absent from the hype and spin of most news outlets. IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) recently commissioned PhotoWeb to update the photography for all 3,500 of their properties. Beyond that, things have changed so much in the industry; where it used to be, someone would always stay at the Hilton.
Not only on the brand site, but even more importantly, on the travel sites where they’re compared to other hotels.
In fact, the only photo that we shoot where we’re allowed to have anyone is in the front desk shot.
Josiah: Can you tell me a little more about the big trends that you see in hotel photography?
Josiah: From a guest perspective, what do you think is the most important thing they look for when looking at a library of hotel photos?
To me, if I had to pick one type of image that’s the most important, I would say the guest room photos. On our end, the virtual tours are a lot more intensive to create because each virtual tour is created from 6 still photos. Josiah: Is there anything else you want to add about the project or hotel photography in general?

We simply point the spotlight at the hotel and smoothly move it back and forth over the entire front and in effect, this can increase the brightness by up to 4 times. Excellent interview, it’s rare that tech interviews actually share information for others to use but this one does. Thank you for your professional insights, Martin, and for sending along those great articles! And indeed, finding that balance is so key; would you say the issue has just as much to do with how the actual room is designed and maintained than with the quality of the photography? As a commercial photographer that has specialized in shooting hotels and resorts for the past 30 years, I would like to respectfully add that there are many ways of approaching the photography of a hotel or resort, and that implementing extensive lighting and staging has by no means gone away.
If any of your clients (or you) would like to share your results, I think a numbers-based hotel photography case study could be really interesting and useful. Add it here…Hotel Marketing Strategies is a crowdsourced collection of photos and screenshots showing creative hotel marketing in action.
You won't find articles, interviews, videos, infographics or press releases published here anymore. More importantly, how will consumers and industry influencers identify the best hotels in your city? The title of this post sounds consumer focused for a reason.  To succeed in hotel marketing, it’s important to think like your customer. It produces a score from 1-100 that reflects the overall sentiment in guest reviews and ratings. Yes, their editorial content does have opinion, but they seem to have less of an agenda to push.
I enjoy some of the reporting they do on technology trends, and like how the writers go behind the scenes to profile the people behind these companies and technologies.
They have to make sure that not only are they realistic and high-quality, but they also show everything that the guests want to see.
It sounds like you want to create more than just the standard set of photographs that most hotels do. One of the big trends, I think, in hotel photography is more and more hotels are moving towards including virtual tours in what they offer.
One of the old trends that’s really gone away is people used to light the hotel rooms for photography in kind of a studio setting.

With any of our images, the majority of time is making sure that everything looks perfect in the room, the pillows are straight, the cords are hidden away as they normally are, things like that. So, where normally we’d take a single still photo and process that from raw, we have to take 6 still photos, process all of those from raw, do any necessary retouching for each of those photos and then stitch them together, which is the really intensive part. It should all come together so smoothly that you can’t tell where the stitch lines are in those six photos. So a picture wouldn’t look dark and uninviting in the front, we can light it up with these portable spotlights that we carry with us. However there is one point is that the customer sees the photo and knows this is the best the hotel has to give. Specifically, a measurement that considers ratings in aggregate, and doesn’t rely on any one website.
Having all this data in aggregate is perfect for a study like this to discover the best hotels in a city. Plus, most of the material is real news — not manufactured fluff to amuse the masses.
It takes quite a bit of time for the computer to work out the points where each of the images connects, and it’s very important to us that there are no stitch errors. And also, one thing which I fully agree with that IHG is doing, is they want the property to look the way it will actually look when you get there. However seeing something medium on photo gives the impression its going to be really bad when you arrive… so a good balance of the two needs to be achieved. There are no shadows, everything is extremely, brightly lit, but it really doesn’t look like your hotel room was gonna look like when you arrive. But, IHG strictly requires that we not use models, that we not prop the images, that we simply show what the property will look like when the people arrive.
They wanna see immediately if they have the type of fitness equipment that they expect or they use daily, and if they don’t, they simply move on to the next hotel.

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