Yoonhye would probably make more money than all of Rainbow combined if she ran selca classes. If you're into KVariety, I strongly recommend checking out the latest episode to see if it's your thing.
Woollim Entertainment explained that the version B was actually an edited version of the original. He's not a gagman by any sense, but his greasy character is pretty funny and is often the butt of the group's jokes.

The video was edited after the unfortunate Asiana plane crash in order to show respect for the tragic event. He's small, cute, has a voice that's honey to the ears and he can also be evil and weird as fuck. I like DO too, I think he was the one who stood out the most to me when I watched my first Exo MV, History. You can always expect him to be honest about things (he was the first member to tell sasaengs off) and do something that will left you wondering about the meaning of whatever it is that he did.

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