Interviews are one of my favorite ways to create content, but good interviews don’t just happen. As a former news producer, I’ve spent years asking questions and learning how to glean as much information as possible from an interview. Here are a few of my top tricks that can help content marketers get the most out of their interviews.
Every conversation resulted in an engaging piece of content, the chance to showcase the internal talent, and frankly, really enjoyable conversations between myself and the designers.
People can cite a statistics while giving their opinion, but they may give the wrong qualifying information, swap numbers around or simply misspeak, we’re all human.

Filed Under: Content Creation About Cate ConroyFounder of Concentric Content Marketing, marketer, writer and lover of all things media. Join the hundreds of marketers and business development professionals that receive our insights. This creative dome-shaped serving rack can be placed on top of any 8" flower pot, allowing up to 19 cupcakes to be arranged like a bouquet of flowers.
The rack can be purchased by itself or in a package that also includes a plastic flower pot, a decorative band and flower, and a pastry bag and tip.
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Just be careful not to get any frosting on your nose when you attempt to smell these edible blooms.

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