Cyberbullying – 68% of children do not tell their parents about cyberbullying or related incidences. Hiding behind the glass and electronics of their computer or mobile phone, so many children now perceive themselves to be anonymous and untouchable – connected yes, but strangely disconnected from the consequences of inappropriate actions and so often feeling little empathy with the victim. Only 4% of this online ( cyberbullying ) according to the EU online kids survey (however, from eSafety’s experience in schools we believe this stat is higher). It is important to sit down and talk this through with your child, making them aware that if they are experiencing cyberbullying, they need to tell someone.
We're very excited to unveil our new range of stylish online family tree charts and features - check them out in the 'Charts and Books' section on your family site!  Create a beautiful family tree chart in only a few clicks and share it with family and friends for free.
New Chart Types and Styles – More chart formats are now available, such as the Bowtie and Hourglass formats. Professional Poster Printing Option – Order a poster of your family tree and with international shipping, have your chart delivered anywhere in the world. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog post (now available here) on how to create and customize your own stunning chart.
Have too many names in my tree and was looking for a way to delete some so I can make a chart. I've created a tree with almost 900 names because I've done expanded branches for everyone who married into the family. Re: the CDs, it should be possible to do an all-in-one chart and save it on a disc as a PDF file.
This is something I would like my son Michael Jonathan Moffatt to do for us while in our home using our resources to get the job done.

I would like to print 8x11" 3 (three) generation charts off of my family tree- any chance of that? It is wonderfull living history to keep ancestorial lineage in prompt .A great experience to share with our blood.
Hi my name is Dave Copeman and I would love to here from any Copemans out there , My father was Horase Trever Copeman ,he was born if Whales England ,his dad was James, he had 1 brother Charle, and 2 sisters.
I was born in 1965 in Russia, Kirovskaya Olasty, Darovskoy District and would love to have my own one but found dificulty to get information. My family here in NZ are so grateful to MyHeritage for enabling me to create beautiful charts for them & they give them pride of place in their homes. When talking to children in school’s eSafety has found that most of them are scared that there will be negative consequences at home. Because there is a digital trace of the evidence it is so important to save a copy to show to a school or parents of the bully.
To see more about our primary school work click here, to see more about eSafety’s work in Post primary schools, click here.
You can choose from 18 enticing chart styles that will beautifully present your family tree.
Prints can be ordered in a variety of paper types (including standard paper, matt photo, glossy photo, vinyl and canvas), in almost any size and with optional lamination. All the styles, formats and unlimited chart generation is free, so you are more than welcome to create as many charts as you need. You should be able to select only to have descendants or ancestors included in the chart, which can reduce the size of the final product significantly.

How this is done, however, depends on your computer's setup and the disk burning software you're using - which should contain instructions.
If any body new them ,or of the family I would love to no more about my ancesters, and there past.
Could not get any information about my dad and his side from my mum and auntie and just a little about my mother's mum side, would very grateful for any infomation or direction. One daughter has it so you see it as soon as you walk in her front door,- many impressed visitors!
For instance that they will no longer be allowed use the internet, or have to cancel their account on a social networking site. However, it may be your child’s first (and understandable) reaction to delete this, so it is important to chat through the steps with them on how to save the information.
Or personalize your chart by handpicking from the many background images, fonts, color schemes, photo frames, border decorations and titles available. Below is some information that might help inform you about cyber bullying and also what to do if it happens to you.
Further customize your chart by selecting the information to be displayed such as names, birthdates, wedding anniversaries, personal photos, notes, and other biographical data. Save as a PDF document and share with family and friends via email. You can also check out eSafety’s Online Code of Conduct Contract that a lot of parents find useful when working through these topics with their children.

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