You must have seen videos with lyrics on the screen and you will be amazed that how easy it is to create such videos.
First of all, click on the ‘Add videos and photos’ button and choose a suitable photo that can be used as a background for adding the lyrics. Now go to the ‘Add music’ button and select the music whose lyrics you are going to write on the screen. Click here to access a YouTube Channel for more step by step video guides about how to make YouTube Video. Step 3: Directly drag and drop the video clips and photos into VIDEO line from the source file list, or you can press "Add To" button to add selected video clip or photo into specified line, like below. Youtube Movie Maker provides hundreds of special transitions effects, you could press "Transitions Effects button" to view all transitions effects, and can directly drag and drop the transition effects into VIDEO line between different scenes, like below.

Youtube Movie Maker v10 or above version provides cool mask effects(Light and Shadow Effects), simply right click the item(Video, Photo or Text.) in the Timeline area, and select "Mask Effect" to add cool Mask effect, like below. You can use mouse to double click "Text" lines to input Texts(Title, Lyrics, Subtitles, Words, etc.) on the video, you can directly move the texts on the screen, and right click the text and select "Select Font" to set the font, color, size, type of the texts, font effects, etc. Simply press "SETTING" button to select a target profile for YouTube, Youtube Movie Maker predefine all YouTube SD and HD video profiles, you can simply choose a profile for your project, and here you can specify the video quality or video file size of the created video, like below.
Youtube Movie Maker Free Edition won't add the annoying watermark, but limits the length of the created single video.
Nowadays, it’s a trend to make a lyrics video of songs which help others better understand the lyrics of the song easily. Cover the lyrics that play over this part of the clip by going to the “home” tab and then click on the “caption” button.

With Youtube Movie Maker, you can easy to make a video from all your video clips and photos, and Upload this video onto YouTube.
You can do further editing such as extending the time of every clip; in this way, one photo will cover more portion of the song.

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