One of the important accessories that you can install to bring fresh air in the living space is the living room curtains. A friend of mine recently bought his first Mac after being a Windows user for his entire life. Put curtly: Apple wants you to use an iPhone if you use a Mac, or, at the very least, an iPad. Thankfully one of the most important things –– syncing your media between Windows Phone and Mac –– can be done easily, and its all thanks to Microsoft. To get the Windows Phone utility you’ll need to download it from the Mac App Store (you can grab it here). The last header in the source list is called Browse Device and it lets you browse all the media currently on your Windows Phone, preview it, and import it to iTunes at will.
Many Windows Phones have great cameras, so it’s probably little surprise Windows Phone owners who own a Mac also want to import their pictures into iPhoto. But what’s a bit annoying is by default iPhoto launches automatically every time a Windows Phone is plugged into the Mac. Once you have completed these steps, iPhoto no longer opens automatically every time you connect your Windows Phone.
While getting all your media between your Mac and Windows Phone is pretty straight forward, using your Windows Phone with Apple’s iCloud service is a bit trickier. While the iCloud basics work, unfortunately there are a lot of iCloud features that simply will not work with Windows Phone. The flight was full and two of Marya€™s colleagues, who had made their reservations nine months earlier, almost got bumped.
We again went through security interviews, at our gate, before boarding flight #34 to Orly Airport. Finally, we checked into our room, which was small but adequate, and set off on our first day in Paris.
We sought out and found the Paris Cityrama bus tour at 4 Place De Pyramids, near the Louvre. While strolling through the avenues, we encountered Vince and Pat Mancuso who had been in our French Class. After our return, we stopped for coffee at the Cafe' Soleil D'Or and then proceeded to the Conciergerie on the Ile De La Cite.
Across the avenue, we found another old church, Saint Germain DePres, where we heard part of a Mass in Spanish.
We then ambled along the narrow alleys of the Latin Quarter, with its myriad of Greek, Italian and ethnic restaurants. We walked the two miles back to the hotel and again retired early, tired yet pleased with the day. For three and one half hours, we wandered amidst the French crown jewels, sword of Charlamagne, Mona Lisa, paintings, statuary, silver and gold that words are poor descriptors for.
Continuing on, we arrived at the old Opera House, a magnificent edifice of marble statuary, carpeted elegance and subdued granduer.
The restaurant was typical of most we saw, in that it was small and all guests sat within inches of each other.
The interior rooms are lined up along connecting hallways, apparently the a€?public roomsa€?.
After returning to Paris, we walked through the Grand Palais and Montmarte to Printemps Dept.Store. We walked past the Opera again and stopped in a€?Fauchonsa€?, a storied provisioner of wines, cheeses and all other delicasies. Wandering back along the Rue Royal, we repaired to our hotel and made our own dinner of wine, cheese and bread. There are several other shrines, with statues, commemorating the death of Marshal Foch, Napoleona€™s brother Joseph and others.
There is always a line to enter the museum, but once you enter, the place is big enough to spread out.

After dinner, we wandered up to the opera district in search of Harry's New York Bar, a literary hangout for American expatriates in the thirties.
We traversed the Pont Michel and the Pont D'Artists, watching the painters ply their trade with tourists. Eleven million tourist buses, with their aging cargos of international Shriners, were parked everwhere.
The popular pastime is sipping coffee or wine, at an outdoor cafe, and watching life stroll by. We felt fairly safe, at all hours, in the central arrondisements, but like all large cities, caution is warranted.
On our next trip, I would like to experience an opera at the old theatre and some of the more sedate nightlife, that really isna€™t compatible with a full day of sightseeing.
As a final post script, I found the French, in Paris at least, to be friendly, helpful & genuinely pleasant, if you met them half way. And while switching from PC to Mac can present some of its own unique challenges, the thing my friend really had trouble getting his head around was using his existing Windows Phone with his new Mac. But in reality this is not the case, as a lot of people quite like Macs but out-right despise iPhones and iOS in general.
But you do not get the level of features as iPhone and iPad users; that’s just the way Apple likes to do things, for better or worse.
Once installed, launch it on our Mac and then plug in your Windows Phone to your Mac’s USB port. As you will once you have the software downloaded, the Windows Phone utility looks A LOT like iTunes.
Click the Music header and you’ll be able to choose to import every song in your iTunes library or just certain artists, playlists, or genres.
Thankfully, Apple has made this easy as iPhoto will instantly recognize a Windows Phone when it’s plugged into your Mac’s USB port. This happens needlessly if you’re only plugging your Windows Phone in to sync it to the utility app to grab new music but don’t want to import any photos.
It allows you to upload photos from many different sources, such as network drives, scanners, and cameras right to any folder on your Mac. When you do want to import any photos from it, you’ll simply need to launch iPhoto manually by clicking its icon in the Dock or double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder. There are some iCloud services that will work on your Windows Phone and some that will not.
To set this up go to the Settings app on your Windows Phone and then to the Email + Accounts screen.
The first of these includes iCloud Photo Streams and other methods of iCloud photo sharing. By downloading a free utility and by using some third-party workarounds you can get almost all the same functionality between your Windows Phone and your Mac as you can between an iOS device and the Mac. We found that checking in on international flights is a little different, in that you are never allowed to leave your bags unattended. The mansion was an upscale 18th century prison, whose most famous prisoner, Marie Antoinette, stayed there briefly before they escorted her to her beheading. We dropped off a role of film, from yesterdaya€™s tour, at a ' bureau da€™change', for processing. A ticket for Versailles and the Cathedral tour at Chartre was 360 F.each, fairly reasonable. But, one would do better to go without a tour, in the late afternoon, to avoid the horrendous crowds which can ruin a visit. In this area around the church of the Madelaine, there are several inviting food delia€™s, which sell everything for fairly reasonable prices. It is more like a small bazaar really, with hundreds of people wandering around the narrow streets. Artists, replete with easels and smocks, perpetrate alfresco paintings on the luckless tourists.
Then, we took one last walk along the Seine to the Eiffel Tower, to drink in the scenery for the last time.

If the wall is painted in soft hues, you can make the room look dazzling by picking the bright and vibrant colored curtain.
The home owner who only wants to have this curtain as decorative accent in the window will love to have a light curtain.
For these types of users (and there is a fair few of them out there), OS X can often feel a little unfriendly towards non-iOS-powered mobile devices.
There are methods of getting stuff to link, however, so in this little feature we’re going to take a look at how you can sync your Windows Phone with your Mac and what you can and can’t do with the various data and services on each.
It’s best to think of this utility as an app that works as a gateway between your Windows Phone and iTunes. Your device shows up in the main window and at the bottom of the screen you can see exactly how much storage on the device is taken up by various kinds of media including music, photos, apps, videos, and more. Under the Photos & Videos tab you can choose to import images from iPhoto including events, faces, and albums. Thankfully you can stop your Windows Phone from automatically launching iTunes by going into a separate app on your Mac called Image Capture.
It’s also the one place where you can disable iPhoto auto-launching when a Windows Phone device is plugged in. While iCloud Documents doesn’t work between a Mac and Windows Phone you can mimic the functionality by using Dropbox on your Windows Phone and on your Mac. Now, it has a few beautiful fountains and is overrun with traffic and dozens of tour buses. Nearby, is Sainte Chappelle, a superbly beautiful church whose stained glass windows are magnificent (36F.ea. The contemporary sheer fabric and traditional drapery are some options that you can use to bring elegance in the living area.
For example, the lime green polka dot pattern curtain make the white colored wall look alluring.
The Movies & TV Shows tab allows you to import all the different videos you have in iTunes as long as they are not DRM-protected.
To do so, launch the app and select your Windows Phone device from under the Devices header in the Image Capture source list. Any documents you can save to your Dropbox app on your Windows Phone will be automatically synced with Dropbox on your Mac. There is no need to worry that you will run out of ideas about decorating the window based on seasons. If you are afraid to combine colors in the living area, why don’t you match the color of the throw pillow and area rug with the color of curtain? On the other hand, the people who like to close the window completely like to install a long and heavy curtain. If you install a heavy curtain, don’t forget to set a sheet curtain just in case that you want some natural lights in the room. In the box in the lower-left corner of Image Capture, you’ll see a drop-down menu labeled “Connecting this Device Opens”. It can maintain your peace while at the same time you can enjoy the great view on the outdoor situation. Before you start searching for the right type of curtain, make sure that you can determine the suitable color scheme and layout of the living room curtains.
Don’t forget to change the curtain based on the season to maximize the heat and cool feeling in the room. At midnight, there were still throngs of people walking about and thousands of cars stuck in jams.
It sits majestically, astride the Montmartre hill, with a commanding view of the Paris City scape.

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