To opt this appearance we have to use correcting pencil and tone cream, then use powder to make it still, remember our main aim is to make a porcelain face, which will look smooth.
Second step is to make "doll eyes." The eyes should be quite big and expressive, please recall Audrey Hepburn make up style. To finish your barbie makeup you have to underline your lips, as they should be plump and ideally traced. A nose job, or rhinoplasty, can help improve the appearance of the whole face as it provides balance and harmony to the symmetry of the facial features.  Research has shown that a symmetrical face and a nose in proportion are two of the most important indicators of what is considered most beautiful. If you want a more youthful, vibrant look, cheek implants plastic surgery may be the answer. It is an information source, and you should consult your doctor before making any medical decisions that concerns your health. I love that style with the cornrows going up all around the head and the twist out that is the sharpest syle I have seen yet.

Do you know who did the twists for the lady with her hair in the complicated and beautiful twist updo?
TheGlamourousLife compiles lesser-known intriguing information in the world of fashion, entertainment and celebrities. You can use peach or pink color shades and use it on cheeks, at the middle of the cheeks and cheekbones, yet don't overdo it. The ideal option is to make permanent make up, but if you don't have time and chances to make it, then use pink, not so eye-catchy lip liner and carefully draw the outline. Her life, and her attractiveness, improved immeasurably.  She says it quite literally changed her life. Famous celebrities like Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, and the group Floetry, wear natural hairstyles like twist in stylish up-dos and flowing twist outs. After two strand twisting the hair (best to twist after wetting or shampooing) let it dry, untwist the hair and you will achieve a wavy look.

I kept my hair braided up in cute styles for about a year…and when my hair was long enough I took it out.
If you have no chance to go for sunbathing, then there is always chance to make your skin browner thanks to solarium.
If you are attending party, then use bright shades, if you are on your way for a meeting then try to use a bit muted one.
So when you wet it, and twist it, then let it air dry, you can achieve these hairstyles with ease.

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