How can I save a local copy of a website to show to my students in a room with no Internet connection?
You can also make a web page available offline by creating a bookmark (a Favorite) of your web page and then selecting the Make Available Offline option when the Add Favorite dialog box opens.
You can view any pages you have marked for offline viewing by choosing File, Work Offline and opening the saved web page (File, Open). In Firefox, you can save a copy of a web page to your hard drive by selecting File, Save Page As.
In order to restore the domain and continue the service you will have to contact your registrar immediately. Sometime you feel that it will be amazing that we can read the contents of our favorite website without connecting to internet.
Choose the location where you want to save this webpage and in the a€?Save as Typea€? menu select a€?Web Archive, Single File). If you want to save the webpage as well as the links inside the webpage you can follow this method. If you want more advanced optioned like how many links deep you want pages saved, schedule for updating that page etc click on customize as shown below.
A modem usually makes a lot of very odd noises as it dials the telephone number and then tries to find a common language with the modem on the other end. Steve Kovach, Business InsiderSpotify is one of the best ways to access and listen to music today.

If you're one of Spotify'sA 15 million active users, it's worth knowing how to truly master the service and make the most out of it. Even with Apple set to release a new, prettier version of iTunes today, Spotify will still have a leg up in terms of streaming music.
Welcome :-)Besides Blog Postings about multiple topics, the second edition of "Organizing Creativity" is freely available as PDF here. Filter Blog Entries & CategoriesThis blog is not focused on a single topic, or method. When you select this option, IE will save the web page as well as a folder containing any pictures needed to display it. You can also use the free Scrapbook extension (a Firefox add-on) if you need more options for saving offline versions of web pages using Firefox. There are many tools available for downloading the contents of a website and reading it offline.
Once the page that you want to view offline is fully loaded, in the favorites menu, click on add to favorites, while doing so click the option a€?Make available offlinea€?. The icon for IE is probably in the area below the folders and also in the folder named Internet Explorer. With a little practice, you will learn to recognize when the modem is having trouble and when it is just babbling along.
I guess part of the logic is in the hemingway-doubleup-obf.js and other files that get saved on your hard-disk.

As long as it is relevant to improving creativity (or allowing it in the first place), it's fair game. How amazing it will be if you can read your favorite website offline without installing any new software.
You would have noticed that whenever you save a webpage it creates lot of folders, pictures etc.
To satisfy these desires the HTML code and associated features like stylesheets keep getting more powerful, and therefore more complicated. An ISDN terminal adapter, a cable modem, a DSL connection, and a network connection do not make noises. The heterogeneity of the postings can make reading this blog a bit cumbersome, at least if you are only interested in one topic.
You can either use the search function (above), or use the categories or the tags to narrow down the postings you see.

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