Our new leotard is great for clubs and schools that need matching leotards in their club colours, and if you order in bulk we can offer you a special discount.
If you are a club or school leader and require a bulk order or something a little different then contact us and we will be happy to help. The next thing you have to do is to remove fold line and wrinkles as well as iron the pattern.
Before you sew your leotard make sure you use the right pieces and they are assembled together in a proper way. At leg openings areas elastic is usually indicated, so you have to have to use a zigzag to finish edges prior to the moment you attach elastic.

Sure thing, in order to make a nice leotard with your own hands you should have some experience.
In you have never held a needle or a pin in your hands you have very few chances of doing a satisfactory job.
If you have got ready to use pattern you have to measure your body and check info on pattern envelope.
If you want to make a traditional sleeveless leotard, you will probably have two parts of a pattern: front and back.
You have to make sure you have removed all pins before using straight stitch sewing machine.

If you are not satisfied with it and in case you used conventional machine, take a seam ripper to remove stitches and review instructions to find out mistakes. Make sure you use some weights when you sew since fabric may move and you will do the wrong things. In case you opt for a serger the pins must not be around blades of the serger, otherwise you can harm blades.

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