Spring Grove makes nine flavors (Cream soda not pictured) and Ferndale is proud to carry them all. When Bob and Dawn Hansen moved just outside the small town of Spring Grove, MN in 1983, the company Spring Grove Soda Pop was quickly approaching its 90th birthday. When Spring Grove Soda Pop went up for sale 2001, the Hansens could not shake the feeling that they could have a real impact owning the company. When the papers were signed, Dawn left her job as a secretary for an insurance salesman and got to work on bringing the company into the modern age. Before the Hansens purchased it, Spring Grove Soda Pop had been struggling to sell 10,000 cases a year.
Custom bottling now makes up 60% of their business, adding around 45,000 cases to their yearly production.
Even as Spring Grove Soda begins to be enjoyed throughout the country, Bob and Dawn remember the company’s roots and their connection to their small community. The long hours are a testament to the Hansen’s work and Spring Grove Soda Pop’s continued growth. Reaching far beyond their original purpose of storing and preserving food, we've seen mason jars transformed into vases, votives, drinking glasses, and even mini baking dishes.
If you're looking for some easy last minute gift ideas to pull together before Christmas, a few of these canning jars could really come in handy (and save you a lot of time and money).
Explains what a Money Market Account (MMA) is, and helps you to forecast the earnings and future value of your MMA deposits.
This free online Money Market Account Calculator will calculate the compound interest earnings on money market deposit accounts given the interest rate, length of time, initial deposit, and periodic deposit amount -- plus display a year-to-year investment growth chart.
If you don't know the answer to "What is a money market account?", or you're not sure what purpose they are meant to serve, or you don't know how they differ from money market funds, it may be well worth your while to read the following definition and explanations before using the money market account calculator. The basic definition of money market account (MMA): A federally insured savings account that requires you to keep a minimum balance, limits the number of monthly transactions, and for which interest rates are based on market interest rates. The main advantage of money market investing versus keeping funds in a regular savings account is the higher rate of interest.
Also, it's important to note that money market deposit accounts are not the same as money market funds.
If you ask an investment advisor what MMAs are best suited for, they will usually tell you they are best for parking cash in between investments. If you ask me what MMAs are best suited for, I will tell you that they are my preference when it comes to building and storing personal finance emergency funds. However, before you can open a MMA for the purpose of building and storing personal finance emergency funds, you will likely need to begin building your fund in a regular savings account until you have saved up enough to meet the minimum deposit requirement (usually $1,000 or more) that comes with MMAs. Once you have 3-6 months of income sitting in your money market account, the next step depends on whether or not you have high interest debt. If you have managed to pay off all of your high interest debt, since MMAs are normally considered to be a stepping stone between a regular savings account and a Certificate of Deposit (CD), the next step might be to begin making periodic purchases of certificates of deposit.
With that, let's use the Money Market Account Calculator to calculate the amount of interest you might earn from investing in money market deposit accounts. Instructions: Enter the initial deposit amount, enter the annual interest rate, and enter the number of months or years you would like to calculate MMA interest for. Next, enter the periodic deposit amount for the selected frequency and then click the "Calculate Money Market Account Interest" button.

Starting money market account balance: The current balance of your MMA, or the initial deposit that is not part of the periodic deposits.
Periodic deposit interval: The number of selected periods (month or years) you would like the money market account calculator to calculate interest for. Future value of MMA: This how much your MMA will have grown to based on the interest rate you entered, your periodic deposits, and the number of entered months or years. Total MMA deposits: This is the total of your beginning deposit or balance, plus all periodic deposits for the entered number of months or years. Interest earned on MMA: This is the total interest you will earn on your MMA for the entered number of months or years.
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Anna’s is a high fashion store that experienced a high rate of returns on their women’s pants in 2008. Surveyonics online survey software gives you the freedom to create, analyze, and publish surveys in minutes.
Define responses as single correct option, multiple correct options, text boxes, priority lists and various other formats. Smart survey result reports from Surveyonics help you to apply various filters and parameters to your reports. Using online survey research, you can sample a vast amount of unique participants in a short time, while still receiving a complete picture in order to make an informed research conclusion. When big decisions are at stake, the best business people turn to market research to help them make successful decisions. Academic institutions worldwide use our survey software to conduct online surveys for gathering data to support funded research projects. Market research surveys are used to gather market intelligence regarding opinions, trends, and competitors. It would be another 20 years before they would purchase this local icon, but the soda had already made a strong impression on them. Less than two years in, Dawn brought that number up to 16,000 cases and had found several new distributors for the soda company.
Simply filling them with a few items, such as pieces that make up a manicure set or supplies to complete a craft, can turn these glass jars into pretty and thoughtful presents.
And because banks have some assurance that you will maintain the minimum balance, they will usually reward you with a higher interest rate than they offer for a regular savings account -- sometimes as much as 1% higher. The main disadvantage is if your balance drops below the minimum requirement, you might be charged a penalty that could offset the gains of the higher interest rate. Money market funds are products of investment and insurance companies and are therefore not federally insured. And while that might be true for people who have large sums of money to invest, it doesn't mean much to the average working family. After all, MMAs are insured, they pay a higher rate than a regular savings account, they discourage frequent withdrawals, and most come with a checkbook that you can write up to three checks from per month.
If you do have high interest debt, then your next step should be to begin investing in your debt. More in-depth explanations can be found in the glossary of terms located beneath the Money Market Account Calculator.

This field is a required field since MMAs require a minimum deposit (usually $1,000 or more). Note that money market interest rates are based on current market rates, so please enter accordingly.
Note that the money market account calculator's compound interest calculations are based on monthly compounding and assumes all periodic deposits are made at the end of each month. Easy sharing tools from Surveyonics help you link your surveys with your social network profiles.
Researchers worldwide use our survey software to send online surveys to a wide range of participants, allowing them to increase sample sizes, improve reporting, and collect better data. Data from market research surveys augment gut reactions and antidotal information to point to the best possible choices. They are also used to gauge interest in new products and service offerings, test new product concepts, and gain feedback on price points. The recipe for the soda has changed very little over the past 120 years and, as most soda companies moved to plastic and aluminum in the 1980s, Spring Grove Soda Pop kept their classic glass bottles. When we looked into it, it just kept intriguing us… so we decided we were going to give it a shot,” Bob explains. Bob was doing maintenance at the factory after working as a lumber buyer for a logging company. They reluctantly replaced the vintage bottling equipment in 2012 to bring in more updated machines. Anybody can own their own business, but if you want to own it and you want it to succeed you gotta understand that you are going to work a lot of hours.… You want it to be what it can be, you are looking beyond it… We were just so happy that we got it.
This doesn't mean that money market funds are not safe investments, it just means they are not as safe a money market deposit accounts. Most money market accounts calculate interest on a daily basis, but the interest earnings aren't added to your account until the end of the month. Our users save time and improve efficiency by leveraging our online survey software to collect, organize, and share their market research data. All SurveyExpression market research survey template questions are written by professional survey methodologists to avoid bias and can be customized to fit your needs. Graduate students also use our survey software to collect data for their student thesis’ or get feedback on writing samples.
Although the soda had a dedicated following in the surrounding area, the company had struggled to expand its retail presence.
These allowed them to bottle more accurately, more quickly, and provided them the opportunity to bottle products for other companies. Because it simply doesn't make sense to earn 1% on your money when you can earn 18% on your money by paying off high interest debt. Therefore, the result in this field may be slightly lower than actual interest earnings if periodic deposits are made mid-month. Market research, however, can be divided into three broad categories as seen in Figure 1:Exploratory – This type of market research is used by companies that want to gain more information about a specific market.

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