Gift Certificates can be a great revenue producer during the entire year, but your purchases will really increase around Birthdays and Holidays especially prior to Christmas. This is designed to drive your business on the first three months of the year which are traditionally three slow months. If you have 100 clients and only 10% participated in the purchase of gift certificates at the minimum purchase of $100.00, this would be $1,000 in purchases. Fill out the form below and click the button to get free, instant access to Seven Success Strategies for Massage Therapists.
This entry was posted by creatingaprosperouspractice on September 4, 2011 at 3:00 pm, and is filed under Business Practices. Optimistic views enhance eagerness to serve with customers and vision that individual can appreciate quality services and modernized gadgets and convenient place where you can find peace.
Guest Post by Gary Blackden of GTS Therapeutics I began my massage adventure early in ‘massage as a career’ timeline.
Guest Post by Julie Onofrio of Downtown Seattle Massage If I were to start my massage career over today, I would do these three things differently…. Guest Post by Bobbi Payne of Bodywork by Bobbi If I could start over on my journey with massage therapy, here are 3 things that I would have done differently or realized sooner: 1. Guest Post by Tiffany Blackden of GTS Therapeutics, LLC If I started my massage therapy business over, what I would do differently… When I started my massage therapy business, I was in my late twenties.
Why not take a moment right now to create your email signature block and also add a to-do item on your calendar at the first of every month to update your email signature? This entry was posted by creatingaprosperouspractice on August 16, 2010 at 2:36 am, and is filed under Email Marketing. Based on your specialty, who are the other professionals in your community who also work with the same clients? If you want to build a successful massage practice in today’s economy, you must have a powerful online presence. The BEST way to build a sustainable massage practice that attracts many clients is to develop a practice specialty. I want to share a short and fun story with you that may change the way you name your services and products. Do you have old business cards that you don’t know what to do with besides dump them in the recycle bin? Often times when I am meeting with client about building their business online, I?ll ask if they have a Facebook fan page. Think about this: your clients are not going to log onto your website everyday, but more than half of all users log on to Facebook in any given day. If you’re not sure how, check out this video tutorial on how to create a Facebook Business page. I know some of us haven?t reached the digital age and are uncomfortable with the idea that we must be online to build our practices. A big mistake I see my clients (heck, other businesses for that matter!) make is thinking that social media marketing (SMM) is not as important as other parts of your business. This week, let go of the guilt of what you “should” be doing but you?re not and stop resisting integrating SMM into your business model. With over 500 million users on Facebook, you are missing a huge opportunity if you are not marketing your business using a Facebook Page. In this video tutorial, I walk you through step-by-step how to create one for your massage practice. It also includes what is the difference between Profiles, Groups and Pages and which to choose for your business and why Pages are very powerful way to market on-line. It is a great idea to feature this gift certificate sale right after Thanksgiving.  December can be the busiest month of the year if you effectively handle gift certificates. This promotion brings business in during this slow time and it encourages and drives the sales of gift certificates during December and a minimum of $100.00 increases the transaction size.

But, you need to understand that ultimately 50% of the Guest Certificates do not get redeemed. I would recognize the value of high quality massage lubricants, not just for my clients’ well being, but for mine. From the very first day I start my business or begin my employment, I would automatically put 10% of my gross away for savings and retirement. After 7 years as a peon in retail pharmacy, she went to massage school, graduated in 2005 and started a small, general practice. Tuck it into your pocket or holster before the appt so that you don’t have to dig it out of your bag. If I started my massage therapy business over, what I would do differently…Sometimes I think back to the days as a new therapist and I shutter at the thought at the things I have done and said to clients and employers.
Alternative medicine wasn’t as common as it is today, and early on I often found myself explaining benefits of massage to someone who was looking at me like I had three heads. In 2010, Pew Research Foundation reported 62% of Americans search for health information online. Today, people have money they?re willing to spend, but they?re going to be much more selective on where and with whom. Let me outline the reasons why a specialty niche is the only way to establish a thriving business. Most of us just name our services by the name of the modality — Hot Stone Massage, Swedish, etc. Online is where people are and all business, commerce and marketing is moving in that direction (this is why newspapers, traditional TV and radio are struggling to survive). So here?s the deal, just as you put lots of passion into giving massage, put that much passion and energy into your SMM (into the times you?re on any of the SM platforms and engaging with your clients). It took me a few years to get active in my professional organization and seek out friendships with my local colleagues. I did this in my previous career, I don’t know why I neglected it when I became a massage therapist.
She writes a blog at Writing a Blue Streak, a forum for discussion and a resource for other massage therapists. I think everyone comes to that conclusion one smelly massage too late…but with your help Allissa we can bring this important issue to people’s attention and raise awareness! Many times when working in people’s homes you will wash your hands in the guest bathroom which they never actually use themselves.
Social networks and social media are a great venue to provide more intimate details about your organization and yourself. The commercial has an interesting visual style with all the special effects but what really grabs attention are the words being said: “Hello ladies. Meaning, if someone does an online search of your company, this is one more link that will come up. Blogs are a wonderful way to post helpful information for your current and prospective clients. People remember images more than words… so if your name, need, product or service comes up, your logo should be one of the first things that come to mind.
Friendly images such as cartoons help you build a connection and bridge a communication gap oftentimes difficult to achieve without a conversation.
This might not be a huge thing if you are just starting out, but always plan for your growth. Social media is all about building the trust over time and Facbook is a great way to do that. If you are not present where people are hanging out, looking for you, it makes it that much harder for your practice to grow.
A blog that you can edit and update independent of a designer allows you to optimize your marketing and multiple income streams.

Used effectively, Twitter allows you to communicate your ideas to thousands of people many times per day. It?s one thing to know the latest and greatest tips for SMM (and I will be teaching those in the future), but it?s an entirely different experience when you have values that are aligned with your SM strategy. Once you answer this, you will definitely be able to up your game and spend less effort and enjoy the process.
Plus, if they like what they see, they’ll pass it along… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube are among the most popular.
Fink attended undergraduate school at Skidmore College where she graudated Cum Laude and was inducted into the National Honor Society of Phi Beta Kappa in 1991.  In her years of experience, Dr. It will tell you if they are male or female, their age range, where they are located and what language they speak.
Those who embrace SMM as an extension of their personality and as a way to penetrate the thoughts, feelings and desires of their audience, they?re the successes because they?ve embraced SM, not resisted it.
As a bonus, a LinkedIn profile link helps people learn more about you, your background, and provides another opportunity to connect. Fink has had the privilege to work with patients who range in age from new borns to great-grandparents.  Dr. I?m planning on pulling together a class teaching the ins and outs of Twitter for helping professionals.
If you are resisting it, believe me your competition is right there using social media to connect with their clients…and possibly yours. Fink has been a certified NAET practitioner since 2000 and specializes in cases associated with food and enviromental disorders such as anaphylasix, ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety and depression, dermatological issues, chronic respiratory issues, seasonal allergies and multiple physiological and digestive disorders.  Dr. Fink is board certified in Acupuncture, Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Homeopathy and is a trained Reiki Master.  Dr.
Trisha Becker specializes in providing quality physical therapy to patients with chronic or difficult to treat musculoskeletal conditions and clients interested in overall health and wellness.
Trisha has been practicing physical therapy for over 20 years, having graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from Rockhurst College in 1992.
Additionally, she earned a MHS in Physical Therapy from Washington University in 1998 and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Regis University in 2012. Throughout her career, Trisha has specialized in treating orthopedic injuries and has accumulated over 900 hours of continuing education in skilled manual therapy and therapeutic exercise. In 2000, she obtained Board Certification in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy and is considered an advanced Clinical Specialist in her field. In 2002, in order to enhance her manual therapy skills, Trisha obtained her state licensure and national certification in massage therapy and bodywork. In the clinic, Trisha uses a comprehensive approach, including a full body assessment, focused interventions and individualized evidence based exercises, to ensure effective treatment and better outcomes for her patients. At home, patients are expected to perform a home exercise program to support the clinic treatment and promote independence between needed visits. She is a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Clients find her loving, gentle manner to be a healing respite in times of chaos and stress.
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Such as breath control, playing with accompaniment, letting the notes a€?falla€™, bending notes, tonguing, scales and vibrato. Students will have the opportunity to ask Mary questions and see up close and personal, the techniques that Mary uses in performance and recordings. She teaches that even embellishments have embellishments- Mary will share advanced details of these special embellishments such as breath control, vibrato, bending the notes, and a€?the bark.a€™ Students will have the unique opportunity to a€?pick Marya€™s braina€™ about how to further advance their own flute journey.

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