Add cue points to your video files to enable all sorts of time-based functionality such as chapters, polls, and timed advertisements. Upload multiple caption files (SRT, XML) and transcripts (TXT), or reference an external link. Present synchronized video and PowerPoint presentations - upload slideshows and videos, and easily synchronize between the video and the specific slides in the slideshow. With the mission to power any video experience, Kaltura’s online video platform is deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, collaborate, communicate, and entertain.
Add cue points to your video files to enable time-based functionality such as chaptering, display of related files at specific points, and timed advertisements.
Create “content packages”, including a set of video transcodes, multiple thumbnails in different sizes, metadata, subtitles, scheduling data, and more.
Leverage Kaltura’s robust API to implement custom workflows for all of our content management capabilities.
Our ecosystem of community sites brings together technology, people, knowledge, and the sharing of ideas. Launched together with Mozilla, The Wikimedia Foundation and the Open Video Alliance, serves as an industry resource on the popular topic of HTML5 video. Kaltura team members, partners, and expert guest contributors share their views on Kaltura and beyond.
Kaltura groups bring together thinkers, hackers, designers and innovators to collaborate on new projects related to online video.
Kaltura is a founding member of the Open Video Alliance (OVA), a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating and promoting free and open technologies, policies, and practices in online video.
The Most Widely Used Video Platform Learn how leading companies and organizations use Kaltura to create transformative video experiences. Create transformative video experiences and monetize your content with our market-leading video player and OTT solutions.
Explore our video solutions for knowledge sharing, collaboration and corporate communication. We leveraged Kaltura’s existing capabilities, tweaked the platform to fit our specific needs and ultimately enjoyed low implementation costs, a short time to market, and advanced technology.
Since we’ve made Kaltura available, it's spread like wildfire across the University to all departments. Download the whitepaper and learn about the usage, perception and trends of online video and monetization today. Seamlessly add video to your Sakai environment with the Kaltura Sakai Video Tool for Sakai.
Our powerful distribution and syndication services make it easy to reach your audience across the web – on destination sites, search engines and set-top-boxes.

Syndicate and track your videos on Google, Yahoo!, iTunes and other video sharing sites and social networks. Enable your viewers to easily share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and over 50 other social networks, blogs and sites.
RackForce Cloud Video provides an integrated suite of best-in-class services for the entire range of online video workflow activities. Our video services include an out-of-the-box video portal application, video capture and online video editing tools, live streaming facilities, integrated HD video conferencing, delivered to any connected device, and with full API access to all the services.
Powered by a select group of leading media technology providers the RackForce Cloud Video solution provides an integrated service that enables enterprises, educators, media and service companies, and consumers in Canada to have on-demand access to the world’s best tools and applications for developing and distributing engaging online video.
Kaltura CaptureSpace enables easy capture in class, at home or on-the-go with automated publishing and interactive viewing within the LMS and Kaltura’s MediaSpace video portal. Start by capturing a recorded video of your lecture with the Kaltura Webcam Recorder and the Kaltura Screen Recorder. Multi-source - Show both presentation and presenter by capturing video, audio and your screen. High Quality - You control the quality - use a professional camera (via USB) or a simple web cam.
Easy Sharing – Your recordings will automatically be added to your Kaltura personal repository (“My Media”). In line with its commitment to openness and collaboration, Kaltura has released the Open Capture Standard. An easy interface for any lecture capture solution to push its video recordings into the Kaltura platform, and then enjoy the same ingestion, publishing and playback capacities. Kaltura has experience integrating with additional lecture capture partners, such as Cattura, Echo360 and Crestron, and we can easily integrate with any other lecture capture system of your choice. Each clip will get its own embed code and metadata, while remaining associated to the original video. Each cue point is added to the video metadata, enabling users to discover videos more easily and engage with your video. Kaltura lets you manage all your media in one central repository, accessed centrally through our management console. You can use categories, along with metadata and filters, to create manually or dynamically generated playlists (aka Channels). Each clip gets its own embed code and metadata, while remaining associated to the original video. You can search for a specific phrase within a library of videos and find the exact point in the video where the phrase appears using the time-based caption files. Packages allows you to treat your videos in an holistic way, store related assets such as “behind the scenes” “trailers” “poster images” and even legal approvals in a single organized and searchable source.

We invite you to join any of our community activities – online, or in person at one of our meetups - and become a part of the open video revolution! There are lots of projects in progress, and they’re all free alternatives to the proprietary video management and processing applications out there. Here you’ll find tutorials, best practices, industry opinion pieces, news, hot topics, feature and version release updates, and more. The big idea behind the Open Video Alliance is that heading into this future, the tools for creating, manipulating, and sharing video must be available to everyone. Now, make it easy for your students and staff to record, upload, clip, publish, and share high-quality video from within the Sakai environment. The module provides a set of simple workflows and “connectors” for distribution to destinations like YouTube, Hulu, DailyMotion, Comcast, MSN, and others. Kaltura offers distribution to regular YouTube accounts, as well as to YouTube partner accounts.
Hosted in Canada in RackForce’s enterprise cloud, Cloud Video provides comprehensive on-demand video services for enterprises, media companies, education and public institutions, and their constituents. With one click you can publish to the LMS course, a MediaSpace channel or the entire campus. The intuitive interface gives you all the tools you need to organize your content and metadata, easily search media, edit, moderate, create playlists, and much more. Playlists can be created manually or be based on a specific topic (for instance tropical fish) or criteria, and can be automatically ordered by most viewed videos, highest rated videos, alphabetically and more. Packages also allow you to define a subset of data to be sent to distribution partners via the Kaltura Distribution Module.
Group members dig into topics such as user experience, standards,  features and code, as well as work together to create free and open source online video projects. Video has been shown to increase creativity, engagement, a sense of community, and learning outcomes; use it to enhance teaching through flipped classrooms, lecture capture, video assignments, and more.
You can also automate the creation of subtitles and transcripts through our partners in Kaltura Exchange. There are groups on various topics: business oriented, user and product groups, hackathons, and developer events.

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