This post is all about showcasing awesome landing pages, to give you some inspiration for your next design.
Note: All of these landing pages were built using the Unbounce Landing Page Platform – huzzah! Validation: They jump right into showing off the famous publications that have featured their company.
Removal of doubt: The subtext below the CTA lowers the perceived risk, which can improve the click-through-rate (CTR). The example below shows an alternate page they created, presumably to speak to a different segment or create a different emotional trigger. Clear value proposition: The headline is very simple and leaves no doubt about the purpose of the page and the product. Highlighted testimonial: The brushed highlight of the testimonial gives it a bit of extra design zing and prevents the page from feeling too text heavy. Context of use: Their choice of imagery lets you know that the product can produce mobile-ready polls. Validation: Like the example above, they provide a strong sense of trust by including a set of logos. Remove the footer navigation: Any extraneous navigation on a landing page can lead your visitors down the wrong path.
Price: Travel is very much about price, and they get that out of the way right off the bat, so you can move on to the finder details after unerstanding if you can afford it or not. Testimonials: The testimonials shown are anonymous which reduces their impact (as they could have been made up). Use of video: There are two videos that help build an honest and open dialog with visitors right off the bat.
Visual chunking: The page is broken up very well vertically, aiding the consumption of information. Content chunking: Like the previous example, the page is broken down vertically in a way that makes it easy to digest.
Strong clarity in the value proposition: The headline is simple and inviting and the secondary block of content and CTA explain in simple terms that you can create a free site.
Major endorsements: Having testimonials from big names like Zappos and top business author Daniel Pink gives you instant credibility.
Privacy policy: You should always include a privacy policy when asking for an email address. Social proof: The decent sized Facebook following lends credibility to their appeal and the fact that they understand how to build a following which is what they are selling.
Honesty: It tells you the cost, so you can weigh up the potential value associated with extending your brand reach. Clear contact method: The big phone number increases the trust factors by letting you know there are real people to deal with. How are the logos connected: Are they just hotel names to help you understand the point of the page?
Repetition of CTA: Being a long page they are using the smart practice of repeating the CTA throughout. Teaser: The low price with free shipping placed next to the CTA is a nice way to encourage a click-through. Eating your own dog food: The offering here is all about design, and what better way to sell yourself than with a beautiful design. Directional cues: The use of arrows guides people through how they should interact with your page. Emphasis: Startup Weekend clearly got the memo that bold is a good way to draw attention to important information.
Function: About the eBook has a concise description of what the book contains, now the visitor knows what they are going to get. Trust and Action: I would also test putting the major media logos directly before asking for the action. Sharing: Test a secondary call to send this page to a friend, or share on Twitter or Facebook, instead of just following (more action oriented than passive). Tell them and tell them again: The page opens and closes with the same challenge (16 second sign-up). Benefits: I was most of the way through the page before I could answer the questions about why I would want this.
Make Two Pages: Differentiate the action Free audit and Paid Plan into separate landing pages so you can segment the traffic from channels like PPC. The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community. The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company.
Before I begin, I want to start by saying this post is completely my opinion and yours may be different.
This should really go without saying, but please, don’t just use your Facebook page as your hub for all of your information. Some of you may be thinking “well, I already have a studio website and a website for my game, so suck it Trebek!” Well, not so fast! Telltale Games is widely known by players around the world for being that studio that creates amazing story driven masterpieces for various games. Also, as we noticed from the websites above, you’re building credibility as a studio. Lastly, if you do have multiple games that are similar, there’s no better way to sell a few more copies by providing fans of your current games information on games that are similar to the games they like and are created by the same studio.
Landing Page Optimization Guide - Just a note, there will be a couple conversion popups during this guide. All right, hopefully you now have all the knowledge and resources to get out there any create the best studio website ever.
You must either be invited by one of our team member or request an invitation by email at info {at} yoursite {dot} com.
Note: If you are the admin and want to display the register form here, log in to your dashboard, and go to Settings > General and click "Anyone can register".

How to Show Only Parent Category list in your WordPress 11 Simple Steps To Make Your WordPress Blog More Secure HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Anyone that’s been in this industry long enough knows a good landing page can make or a break a campaign. Imagine a scenario where you’re advertising on a traffic source such as Facebook hoping to profit. However the same couple have a much higher chance of buying that vehicle if they get talked to by a good car salesmen. Breaking even is a good thing because I know I can split test ads, make my landing page better, test more offers, get a higher payout on the offer, etc. The key to knowing when to and when not to is to think about how much action to they have to take, and how much information do they have to give up.
I see a lot of competitors out there that direct link some campaigns and probably would benefit more if they had a landing page. Do you have any campaigns where it took you a ridiculous amount of testing to finally get profitable? I’m running 2 campaigns on adcenter ppc right now and both are getting closer to breakeven but this is 5 ads later and I could use some motivation. A lot of the guys that run that kind of stuff have it approved by lawyers that specialize in that area of law, and feature legit testimonials and pictures. Heatmap doesn’t work when I implement it on each of my LP and traffic is sent to the rotator script. As Subheadline on the Landingpage so-called of call to action, thus requests for action turned out best. In the brief description formulations function best those to the user explain which it expected. A small however effective Text snipplr, with the note, which all specification is confidentially treated. Testimonials on your landing page will increase conversion for your campaign because it indicates that to the visitor that the website is legitimate and also boost the confidence of the visitors either to buy or take some action on the site. From a design perspective, the grey monotone prevents a mishmash of colour creating any visual distraction from the call to action (CTA). They’ve gone with B here, presumably in an attempt to catch your attention and increase curiosity (or to push a particular button). And it’s nicely backed up by a well written explanation of some of the core benefits directly below. Always ask permission to use a testimonial and include the name of the person providing it for extra trust points. They have the same message and the same color to let you know which areas to pay attention to. First you get to hear from the company and then they use real video testimonials from clients – much more effective than written quotes.
Yeah, I know ugly pages convert great too, but the design here makes me want to stare at it and find out what they’re all about. I get a rough sense of what the purpose of the company is, but I wouldn’t mind a more detailed description.
They aid getting you back to the top (as it’s a long page) with the classic ^top links at the end of each section.
Here they repeat the CTA (the yellow button) in 3 of the sections to keep enticing you to sign up (this is smart as you don’t know which piece of content will trigger the sign-up response and having a CTA right there will aid conversions. Especially when doing Google AdWords as they can sometimes ban your account if you don’t have one.
The big bold headline tells you right away that you’re getting a free trial, helping to increase the no-risk factor.
This will also help with being able to assess the time, number of fans (what demographic they are) and value that you’ll get for your spend. When offering a video solution, you should really be using a video to demonstrate what your product is about. The white background with orange headers and black body text stands out easily and the action is easy to see. If you are giving something for free people don’t necessarily think about how much it would cost them to buy the thing you are giving. That makes the eBook more important than the authors, but still offers up the authors as a trust factor at the action point. Try making Create Video the Right Way more about how to connect to the people watching, or what feelings the non-profit needs to produce. Instead of three rows make the second row two columns: one with function, one with benefits. Showing the visitor you are trustworthy and legitimate before asking them to do anything is a good way to maximize your response rate. Usually I avoid second calls, but this is an appropriate use of social out links to let the person decide how they want the notification to come.
I have a lot of respect for companies that begin their journey with a conscious desire to provide excellence through multiple channels (design, UX, usability) – all of which ultimately lead to conversion. Even though this is a tool built on a more robust software let this page get people into the free version and use other pages to upgrade the user. There are compelling reasons to use them and a recent video by Moz goes over many of the pros and cons. This means that any inbound links you earn from press like IGN, Gamespot, RPS and more, benefit the hosting platforms domain (Tumblr, Blogger etc.). However, I highly recommend that you don’t use your studio site as a billboard for your current game.
Heck, in my eyes, you’re special and you’re working on a new piece of art that is going to blow my freaking mind, right? Even if your current game is on the cusp of being nothing short of greatness, you might want to continue making games in the future, right? When you create pages on your studio domain for your game(s), you don’t need to keep the same design.
Honestly, before I checked out the Unknown Worlds website, I had no idea that the team that’s currently working on Subnautica also worked on the Natural Selection games!

Once again, this is a great example of how you’re not tied to a single design when keeping all of your games on a single domain. If you didn’t know the same team that created Limbo is now working on Inside, then now you do. Any inbound links you get from press along your journey as an excellent indie studio will benefit not only your games page(s), but they will also benefit your studio’s domain. You’re also making it that much easier for your fans to find all the information they want on the same domain. One way to maximize the benefit of having your video game(s) website on the same domain as your studio, is to optimize the conversion rate of your game(s) landing page by creating an excellent design that funnels users to an action that you want them to take.
I’ve seen stale niches become hot overnight because someone came out with a new angle on their landing page. You’ll do this through an affiliate link so you can get credit for any sales you generate. The point of a landing page is they help increase the visitor’s desire to complete the actions you want. I send $100 worth of clicks at a $.20 cost per click (500 clicks) that goes to my landing page. Someone that has to pull out their credit card to complete the action will need a landing page.
Imagine you have a new niche with several countries and you don’t know which country to start. I usually keep testing if it’s a niche I know a lot of people are making money on, and the volume potential is worth it.
I read that the FTC came down hard on flogs (fake blogs) a while back, but I still see them around (so it seems they still work, but are risky).
However, it does work when it is implemented on just 1 LP and traffic is sent only to that LP.
Exactly this point leads to which readers are not diverted and so better on actual contents to concentrate to be able itself.
Here the attention of the reader begins and ends here, if the Headline does not show, which the reader expects.
Describe thus in short form, what he gets, how much he gets, which value has the whole and when he gets it.
This would help from a reporting angle (letting you gauge the needs of your prospects in a simpler manner). Aside from that, I just think it’s awesome that the Cheezburger family is using Unbounce. Non-profits in particular rely on emotional and human connections, if you are trying to speak to them you should have some human benefits attached. Try showing characters using the appropriate devices, or acting out things related to using the product. However, platforms like Wordpress have gotten so easy to use and they don’t cost much to setup and use (even if you decide to purchase a premium theme). If I was the 1 person on the planet that didn’t know about the games they make, well all I have to do is go to their website and boom! That’s really interesting and more importantly, that has added to their studios credibility in my mind.
I am like Ric Flair, I will use every trick I can in the book to increase conversion rates (Whhhhhhoooooooo!!!!). I’m going to keep things as simple as possible since I have a lot of beginners that read. I know from tons of experience that I could create a landing page for that eHarmony offer and it would do better than direct linking.
I use a strategy I call Minimum Viable Campaigns where I test the ideas with direct linking before I really invest my time. If I had a $500 budget I would set a $50 budget for each campaign and direct link them all. As is dramatically however the differences between these Landingpage with video and without video, is real impressing. The heading in the Leadbereich should be white, be centered, serifless, size 18-20 and refer in form of a call to action only to the form.
If that’s not your goal, you have to look towards the future and not the now or past. If you send someone to this page and they fill out all the information, you get $5 or whatever. Using our scenario, someone clicks your ad on Facebook and then they immediately go to the eHarmony page. If you don’t know, then you have to test direct linking vs a landing page and see for yourself. Take up thus to the Headline the predicate of the means of publicity or the web page or on the left of, from which the user probably comes. There have been many times where I have been to an indie studio’s website and completely forgotten it was a website for a studio until I looked at the domain. People need to know what studio is creating their favorite games and they also need to know where they can find more information on their favorite games. For the reader it is however likewise pleasant, since it is not diverted from many useless things and its information hunger satisfy briskly can. We found out that the start picture of the video works best, if a person, a face or a Play button, as are illustrated above, used. Our job is to offer both of those things without asking potential players to jump around the web for the information they need.
Texts, Headlines and writings reduce the effect of the actual Headline and let the whole Landingpage work again more jerkily. Define they instead a END fixed image with a call to Action or an arrow direction Lead form.

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