It’s a well-known best practice that landing pages improve your campaign conversion rates, but did you also know they’re the stage in the conversion path most vulnerable to abandonment? Download our exclusive infographic, Landing Page Optimization: What You Should Be Testing and Why, to find out why landing page testing is so important, and which landing page elements to focus on.
The difference between a successful and unsuccessful marketing campaign can often come down to the conversion rates of your website.
Finally, the overall goal for landing page optimization is to ultimately increase your conversion rate, whether it be sign ups, sales or form completions. All the copy that you include on your landing page should be carefully thought out and planned. A good balance of content and images can be the difference between a high converting landing page and a poor one. Asking for too much information creates a lot of friction and will often scare visitors away. Trust can be built in a variety of different ways and is effective in increasing conversions. Alaister Low Alaister Low is a co-founder of Growth Giant which is a tool that uses the Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithm to continuously test landing pages. The process of Landing Page optimization requires more than just adding good copy, a flashy design, or simply scattering a few calls to action throughout the page. Santa Barbara Marketing spends as much time developing landing pages, as we spend generating traffic to the site. We’ll collaborate with your web team on how to best optimize your landing pages, or we can execute the changes with our team.
This is why testing your landing pages is so crucial, and the more resources you devote to testing and optimization, the better your conversion rates will be. You can also directly host the infographic, as long as you credit this page and link back to it in some way that seems reasonably appropriate.
It covers a lot of interesting points about website optimization and we wanted to elaborate on the main points in the diagram to give you more details on how to get the most from your website.
There are literally millions of different websites online and it’s difficult to stand out from the others. Optimizing your site and landing pages allow you to potentially make more revenue with the same traffic. Each bit of text should serve a purpose of either informing the viewer about something or convincing them to do something.
Make sure the message and the content on the landing page matches the copy in your ad creative. The purpose of this landing page is to get viewers to do one thing and that is take action on your CTA. This will make visitors feel a lot more comfortable on your site and increase your conversions. Ask for only what you need and you’ll find that more people are willing to fill in your form or survey. Building trust is a way to make customers feel more comfortable and secure spending money on your site. User or customer testimonials work well to increase conversions as they provide comfort for people who are on the fence considering whether or not to invest their money in your product or service. Each landing page should have a single purpose and everything on that page should be organized in a way to promote that goal. It automatically directs traffic to your better performing pages to ensure you get the maximum conversion rate.
Your landing page succeeds when all of its elements work together to persuade visitors to take an action. Each dollar spent can be measured and assessed through the various online analytics and assessment tools available, so take advantage and track everything.

When people click on an ad, a link, or an email newsletter, they’re being transported from one medium into another. Some customers click on the first link they see, while others read everything before taking action. Visitors who have already taken action on your landing page are more likely to take more action, but you need to ask for it.
Repeating something can provide clarity and is usually appreciated by those who are confused, and ignored by those who already know what you’re talking about.
Before we can recommend a new page design, we evaluate your existing performance data, digging deep to understand what worked and what did not.
The choice is yours. So call us today to discuss how we can generate more traffic, while converting more customers.
Visitors will be able to more intuitively navigate and use your site which will work to improve the overall experience. This allows more budget to be placed into marketing and gives your team more scope to try creative marketing campaigns.
Make sure the content you use is relevant to what the landing page is about and emotive enough to get them to take action. Use contrasting colors, large font sizes and prominent placement to emphasize your CTA buttons or text. Adding a Facebook widget that displays peoples friends that have also used a product or service is also a great way to build trust. There is only one group of people that will tell you what converts best and they’re your own customers and visitors. You could have the perfect landing page with an incredibly high conversion rate, but if visitors have to wait too long they may just leave. This will ensure that you’re getting the most from your website and not loosing valuable customers and revenue. If your page has multiple actions, you may paralyze your visitor resulting in them taking no action.Ensure the landing page headline matches the messaging from the ad that was clicked.
In fact, Landing Pages are critical to just about every Internet marketing campaign because they persuade a visitor to order a product, sign up for your services, register for a newsletter, or just fill out a form; which after all, the entire purpose of the marketing campaign is to get the highest percentage of visitors to take the desired action.
If a person contradicts himself, and does not seem to be consistent, that person typically does not earn your trust.
Putting language at the top of the landing page telling them they’ve landed in the right spot, takes away their first question. Visitors just regain control by closing their browsers or clicking their home button – and never return to your site.
There are a lot of specific ways to build trust which can also help with increasing conversions. Helping users effectively and quickly use your site is crucial for conversions and website optimization. Answers to these questions will help you figure out how to go about creating your landing pages and what content to place on the page. Generic landing pages used for all of your ads is a waste (like sending visitors to your home page). Persuading your visitor to make a purchase through a single page requires a deep analysis of whom you are targeting, what they are looking for, and the art of delivering a message that will appeal to the masses, yet feels personal enough for a specific visitor. If you have a multi-stage process, like a survey, shopping cart, or registration form, see where you lose people and improve that section. You want visitors converting into customers, not clicking somewhere else or getting side tracked. Start by getting a name & email address so you can generate as many new relationships as possible, then ask for more info down the road.
But how many of you really go thru the trouble of creating 5-10 landing pages to test different headers, pictures, colors, text, bullet points, calls to action, etc?

Make sure your landing page matches the specific call to action you put into the ad itself.Clarify your value proposition. Also some customers prefer to purchase online, some customer have questions and prefer email, some prefer live chat, some prefer phone calls….so let customer communicate with you however they feel most comfortable. Your landing pages should look similar to your website, but ultimately a landing Page is a stand-alone page where all click paths lead to the desired call to action.
It is highly focused on a single objective and in most cases, its goal is to collect information about your visitor that will allow you continue to contact them. It’s the promise of value you deliver, explains how you solve their problem and why they should buy from you.Include a clear call-to-action. Your landing page has to simultaneously create a great first impression, meet the visitor’s expectations based on the ad they clicked, communicate trust and credibility and convert these visitors into leads.Why should I use a landing page?Many think just creating a page on your website for the advertising is enough to capture leads. If you are trying to collect contact information, make sure what you want the visitor to do is very simple and easy to find.
The more specific the offer, the higher the response rate and the more qualified the prospect.
Put the form where they can easily see it as soon as they get to the page and define the action you want them to take through the button text.Write simple and succinct copy, using bullets, headings and white space.
This is good news for the savvy Internet marketer because it allows us to generate higher qualified leads resulting in a higher return on investment. But in most cases, successful campaigns use a landing page that aligns with the ad to reinforce your message and dramatically increase its conversion rate.When should I use a landing page?Although landing pages can be used for any promotional marketing activity where you want someone to take some action, you absolutely should create a landing page when you are paying for advertising and want to measure your return on investment. By focusing on a single objective that matches the intent of the ad that your visitors clicked, you help your visitors make a decision to give you their contact information without all the usual distractions of a general website page.What is landing page optimization?Landing page optimization ensures that all of your landing page elements work together to engage your visitor and maximize the conversion rate of visitors to leads. If there are too many things to do on the page, they’ll get frustrated and leave.Include directional cues to your call-to-action and put it where it can be seen.
In addition to making it congruent with the ad, font size, prominence and clarity of the headline can keep the visitor on the page longer.Content and copy. The combination of clear copy, visual cues and contrasting colors can guide your visitors to the action you want them to perform.Eliminate distractions and unnecessary components. Too much content can distract the reader and cause them to lose focus on the value of your offer.Image or video placements. Remove items such as navigation, social widgets, blog posts and any content that is not specifically aligned with the ad.Encourage visitors to give you their information. Using an image that captures attention, visually illustrates the offer and directs the visitor to the call to action makes the offer more real and inviting. Videos on landing pages keep people on the page longer and increase conversions.Colors and contrast.
If you are giving something away like a paper or free product, send the link to the fulfillment in an email rather than including it on the thank you page. At a minimum, you will get a valid email address.Include social proof to demonstrate your credibility.
You may be the best at what you do but without social proof, people won’t want to take a chance. Showcase key customers and get testimonials to increase your credibility and prove that you are trustworthy company.Design your landing page to work on mobile devices. Make sure your landing page aligns with the advertising, delivering on the message that drove the visitor to that page.

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