In the context of affiliate marketing, the first three purposes are usually the most important. Mobile phones and tablet PCs are increasingly becoming the platform of choice for accessing the Internet. No matter how persuasive your copy, the fact is that most of your visitors will not convert the first time they click your links. Testimonials help to build trust, and will make it easier for an on-the-fence consumer to make up their mind about buying your product. Landing page is considered as one of the common page to track any page and results with the help of HubSpot tracking code. Once the tracking URL is created then you copy that tracking URL and use it as your hyperlink in Google, email, banner advertisements, Adwords destination URL ad many more. By conversion tracking you can test multiple landing pages, advertisements, keywords and many more. The presence of a video in your landing page can be a very stimulating SEO act to rank better in google. Here are some of the known facts of using a video in your landing page that helps to rank better in google. Dwell time is the time taken by the visitor to stay on the website after a click through SERP.
The impact of dwell time on SEO is significant and one must not overlook this important facet of SEO.
Back in 2011-2012 , Google gave the public the freedom to “block” or “plus” in your google search domain . Later, apart from blocking the sites you chose to click back from, you were given an opportunity to “plus” pages where you spent a considerable amount of time at. This is because, google sees ‘dwell time “ as an important metric known to weigh the website’s performance by google .
For a successful SEO performance and to increase the “dwell time “ of your page, an interesting video on the landing page can work wonders. If you are successful in integrating your video with the landing page “,people tend to stay longer which will in turn increase the “dwell time”. Bounce rate is an important metric which determines your website’s performance and shows how you resonate with the viewers.
So, in order to reduce the true bounce rate, you have to attract the right visitors, enhance usability, use a good layout and obviously a good content.
Entertain the audience by making an impactful storytelling video on your landing site, which can be either a promotional video , explainer video or a call to action video and keep your viewers hooked till the end.
A video can convey more than its scope to the audience , and that is why video in landing pages can be very effective. Create compelling thumbnails with good content which are of high quality and also eye catchy. It has been recently researched that when a video is present on the landing page, it has a 41% higher click through rate than plain text.

Due to the presence of a video in your landing page, it is more likely to be listed higher in the organic search results than the pages with text. Usage of an embedded video rather than a snippet, it can increase the number of clicks on your video. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize your page and carefully analyze the elements of your page to increase your CTR.
This is because only a video has the power to communicate your message in a few seconds rather than a wall of text or an image .
It was found that replacing image with video on landing page increases conversions by 12.62%. This is because video in landing pages can convey the brand message better and gain the trust of the audience.
The presence of interactive elements in your video can further enhance the conversion rates.
For example, a “sign up” feature or an “add to cart” button have shown significant increase in conversions.
Just the presence of any video on your website can show you a significant improvement in the SEO performance.
You already know how powerful advertisements were in persuading the audience to buy the product. The presence of a human face or a higher cadre professional attracts them and they start to trust the product.This way, your brand also gains brand recognition.
You could make your video more appealing by using the caricature or a photo of any popular personality using animation and amuse your audience.
Though the presence of the video in the landing page is highly successful, it can be a downfall if done wrongly.
Place a high quality video in your landing page, if the quality is low, it will tend to increase the bounce rate.
For making your videos in landing pages, you must plan, test, and optimize step by step to become successful. The landing page is the first page that your prospective customers see when they come to your site, so the page must load quickly and be eye-catching and attractive, otherwise you will lose those visitors.
If your visitor leaves your site without doing one of those three things, then your landing page has failed in its job. However, if you give them something – perhaps a free ebook or a short video tutorial, they will remember you, and it will be easier to convert them when they come to your page a second time. Use charts, cartoons and simple illustrations to explain your points and help the visitor get an at-a-glance understanding of your message. You can also use this tracking URL from the shortened link or other tracking link for many purposes such as Google Adwords. If you want to make your marketing successful, you must incorporate some clever techniques to rank better in google.
It can impact a huge number of audience to get inspired and take the resulting action on your landing page.

You must highlight the presence of your social share buttons in your video to let the viewers know about your page.
Invodo reports that 92% of mobile video viewers share video.” Increase in social shares enhances popularity and increase in google ranking.
Similarly, the presence of a video in your landing page subconsciously builds a trust factor within the viewer to give more importance to the product. It can be used as a success strategy in the present marketing scenario as the marketing trends have shifted from text to image and presently video. In addition, Google uses your bounce rate and the quality of your landing page as elements in the Quality Score calculation. The more information you cram onto one page, the bigger the chance of losing or confusing the visitor. Some users will click your link fully intending to buy as soon as the page loads, others may convert after reading your list of features and benefits.
It is important to know about the data of your website as it helps to grow your business to next level.
You can use this URL at the time when your landing page is facing traffic from other websites through e-mails, banner advertisements, PPC campaign and many more. Implementation of URL is also important so you have to copy the link and paste it into the desired box which you can find on Tracking URL builder page.
Tracking the results allows you to make return on investment and you can also find how much do you get from each visitors. If your landing page is poorly optimized, you could end up paying more per click in your AdWords campaigns.
This URL works on visitor’s presence as when visitors reach through tracking URL and HubSpot’s Sources tool separates the traffic and looks how it performing.
For generating another URL for the landing page or website you just have to select “Generate another”. Tracking landing pages helps you to discover what kind of campaigns, advertisements and keywords are more profitable for your website, you can also test new ads for effective results. Tracking landing page can be done by placing small piece of code in advertisements which helps to track the report of how many people visit your websites.
For tracking the landing page first step is to determine the page of the website which is landed by visitors often. With this recorded data you can easily identify what aspects of website design and advertisements are working.

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