Yet, I’m going to take a guess one of your biggest worries and constant concerns is how to attract new customers to your business – and how to get existing ones coming back for more. What I DO believe is anyone who doesn’t have an online presence and strategy is making it much harder for themselves to reach their potential – not to mention of course, their customers! It’s about enhancing, not totally eliminating, your current offline sales and marketing strategies. A great product or service, plus a regular flow of new customers, plus a loyal band of clients who buy again and again, equals a thriving and profitable business.
Getting Local Business Online is not just about building your website, handing it over and disappearing off into the sunset! I will keep you regularly updated and informed with my free Monthly Newsletter – showing you more and more ways you can use your website and a targetted online marketing strategy as a hugely effective business building tool. I have a Money Back Guarantee which means if you don’t like the website I create for you, there is no charge. We are putting together a shopper’s guide to local small businesses for this upcoming Small Business Saturday and for holiday gift ideas.
Katie Friedlander Airport Valero has a selection of holiday items and assorted toys for those last minute gifts. Dustin Walsh Evolve Training Center to help on you on your way to keep those new year resolutions.
Brittany Banning knows that every real estate purchase or sale is potentially the most important transaction a person will make. With a love for real estate and a passion to help others, Brittany portrays the valuable characteristics crucial for success in today’s volatile market. Small, locally owned and independently operated businesses are the lifeblood of our economy.

We mention this subject because today is a day to recognize one of the staple groups of people who help provide that small-town feel. It’s important that we celebrate small businesses, that we help contribute to their success.
It may have taken you quite some time to make the decision that your old flooring needs to be replaced.
A thing to remember when installing hardwood floors is that the first three rows of the floor are very important. Use glue as the adhesive to attach planks when you are installing floating hardwood floors.
Leave enough space around the edge of the room so that the hardwood floors have room for expansion and contraction. You can add transitions and do some trim work once you are done installing hardwood floors. Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.
A business you know provides great service – and a genuine benefit and value to your customers. Each month I sit down with a local business owner to get their story and find out what makes their business unique and how they play a part in making Folsom a great place to live. Because of this, she will strive to understand the unique needs of each client and provide them with superior service that exceeds their expectations. With that being said, it gives me great pleasure to celebrate the small business owner on their own day. Here you are in front of planks of hardwood floors, waiting for hardwood floors installation to commence.

Consider the room’s entrances and exits, density and intensity of human traffic, and your personal artistry. Tapping blocks are pieces or scraps of hardwood floor that you use when hammering so that the planks that you are installing are not damaged. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Early in the morning to late in the evening, someone needs to open the store, take care of the financials, order merchandise, and do everything else that keeps their business running.
There are not as many Mom and Pop businesses around us as in decades past, but look around.
Head over to the bike shop or boutique that doesn’t have any employees and thank the owner for all the hard work they do.
Lay a plank of hardwood on its edge, and if you see a space of more than ? of an inch, you need to level the subfloors. Make sure they are straight, the joints fit snugly to every connections, and they do not open up when the next set of planks are put into place. I’m active on several boards and community groups including Wausau Noon Kiwanis, Samoset Council Boy Scouts of America, and Wisconsin Valley Radio Association.

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