You may think what you eat only affects your digestive system and your waistline, but you’re wrong. The especially scary part about this is that researchers are finding that the effect can be passed on from one generation to the next. You have probably heard of that Kansas State University professor who went on a Twinkie Diet a couple years ago and lost weight. Underlying Metabolic Imbalances QuizTake this quiz to see if you have underlying metabolic imbalances! Tears are necessary to give you good vision, keep your eyes healthy and protect them from irritants. Crying might make your eyes red and puffy, but they won’t affect your eyesight – you can’t literally ‘cry your eyes out’!
There are three types of tear, with each containing a combination of water, fats, sugars and proteins. This is the liquid constantly present in the eye, which ensures that the cornea is always wet and nourished. The cornea itself has no blood vessels, and is dependent upon the tear film for its oxygen supply, which it gets from the air when the eye is open. The washing action of the liquid tear film reduces the ability of bacteria to adhere to the surface of the eye, while the antibiotic proteins in the liquid help kill them off. These tears are essentially the same as basal tears, but are a result of an increase in the level of liquid the eye produces in response to a sudden external stimulus. Crying due to pain, grief, anger or happiness, is often accompanied with spasms of the whole body and interrupted breathing patterns. Tears brought about by emotion have been shown to contain a different chemical make-up than to those of basal or reflex tears in that they have more protein.  A high level of emotions can trigger the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic system (the part of the body that acts as an unconscious control system), and will cause the glands near your eyes to produce tears. The video below should be viewed in conjunction with the text beneath it and preferably watched while your optometrist discusses it with you.

The article talks about different leg recovery methods.  At the end of each one, I give my take on them. Science: Some studies suggest that a cold water dunk after a hard ride helps clear lactic acid and reduce inflammation.
Science: Research suggests that compression tights can help reduce blood-lactate levels and speed recovery. Science: In a study of cyclists who rode until fully depleted, the pedalers who chugged chocolate milk afterward were able to hammer about 50 percent longer on their next ride before fatiguing than those who consumed a commercial carb-protein recovery drink.
About Coach O’BO’Brien Forbes began racing a University of Cincinnati student in 1986. And if you hold the bow and arrow like this and put your shoulders back, it makes your tits look better. Back in the olden-days when food was scarce, we needed to store up energy whenever we could get our hands on it. You can actually create such a deficit of neurotransmitters that you can’t correct it without supplementation for the rest of your life. Eating too many Twinkies can leave a permanent mark on your brain that you can pass to your children!
The more pop you drink, and the slower you drink it, the greater your chances of getting cavities.
This is the yellowish-brownish hole you can see once the acid has really broken through the enamel of your tooth. The thin layer of liquid also smoothes out irregularities and creates an even surface of good optical quality, which is re-formed every time you blink. Basal tears also act as a lubricant to limit the impact of friction on the eye caused by movement of the eyelid. This could be due to the irritation of the eye by foreign particles, such as dust, or from irritant substances like onion vapours, tear gas or pepper spray.

One researcher has suggested that by excreting these hormones in the form of tears, the body is helping you feel calmer and less emotional afterwards.
This can be reflex or emotional (as above) but can also be a result of a drainage failure, where the small draining holes in your eyelids fail to drain the tears away efficiently into your nose.  This can lead to leakage and an excess of water on the surface of the cornea, which can cause a ‘watery eye’ and blurring of vision. But now that we are surrounded by endless options of these high calorie foods, our wiring is really working against us. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter (a chemical messenger) that activates the happy and pleasurable centers of the brain. Your body tries to compensate the deficit by sending you signals to eat — which leads to overeating and weight gain. If your brain is constantly telling you to eat a Twinkie, you are eventually going to eat it. By creating a sudden increase in the level of basal tears, this reflex serves to immediately wash out irritants that may have come into contact with the eye, and makes your eyes ‘water’. To me, the thought of putting my legs, and other body parts, in icey-cold water is NOT appealing!
In other words, you have to eat more Twinkies to feel as satisfied and as happy as you’re expecting. Neurotransmitter imbalance is one of the main underlying metabolic imbalances that prevents people from losing weight when they think they are doing everything right. You have to fix the underlying problem — rebalance the neurotransmitters before you will be able to reach your health and wellness goals. You can share any Mead Family Dental post with a “Like” on Facebook, a “+1? on Google+ or you can even “Tweet” it with Twitter!

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