Powerful Reporting - so you can see exactly how each student is improving, how much time they are spending on the tasks, and exactly what they are doing. Class Spelling Lists - create shared spelling lists for the class and get students working on them individually.
Student Self-Customization - so individual students don't need to waste time on words they already know. Works With Your School Setup - Ultimate Spelling EDU works seamlessly with educational computer networks, in labs, one-to-one, or bring your own device. It's absolutely essential your students graduate with their spelling educational requirements met.
Ultimate Spelling is scientifically designed, and utilizes principles based on decades of research in learning, retention, and psychology. In this seminal study performed at the University of Toronto, Canada, the authors performed a series of tests in which they gave the study participants a sequence of words to learn, with information related to each word as it appeared in order. Students who are eager to learn are more likely to remember what they have learned, something that the authors of this study demonstrate.
Each person is influenced by a unique set of factors related to their own status and progress towards goals, but is also affected to a greater or lesser degree by the achievements and perceived standards of the people around them. In a study focusing on the influence of reward-scheme programs on behavior, the authors found that when people see visible progress towards their goals they are more likely to increase the activity required to reach those goals. Instrumental learning, also called "operant conditioning," is a method by which behaviors are learned in connection with a stimulus, a reward, or both. In this study comparing long-term and short-term memory, the study authors tested the neural activity of participants as they memorized a set of images. Spaced repetition is a memory training tool that relies on frequent and consistent review of information; mnemonics is a memory technique that involves multiple ways of looking at that information, such as the incorporation of images or story lines. Great spelling is not just about getting high grades, lovely report cards, and academic awards.
Kids who can spell well have more confidence, are happier at school, and improves results in all areas.
Great spellers get great grades, because spelling powers all school work, especially in the earlier years. Enter Class Lists Simply copy and paste class spelling lists into Ultimate Spelling to start learning them immediately.
Create Spelling Lists Quickly make your own lists from any word in the massive 142,647 word database.
Get Shared Spelling Lists Access spelling lists shared by your teachers, friends, or parents. Expert ListsUltimate Spelling comes with hundreds grade-boosting spelling lists, created with the input of over a dozen experts.
A piece of software that actually makes kids want to learn, without it feeling like a chore or like homework. The software is based on the sound educational principles of cognitive and behavioral psychology.
Ultimate Spelling includes 10 FUN games and activities that make learning any spelling list a breeze. All of Ultimate Spellinga€™s games, features, and exercises work to teach any spelling list a€“ even your own.
Depth Of ProcessingStudies show that deeper and more varied information on words speeds learning and increases retention.
Spaced RepetitionEach game automatically selects a sub-list of words from the target group to create a spaced repetition effect.
Operant ConditioningThis means that students learn much faster when they are rewarded for the correct answers. Reward SystemsStudents are far more likely to improve their spelling when the experience is fun, engaging, and interesting. Ultimate Spelling includes many of the same social and game-like features that keep kids going back to social media and games. Ultimate Spelling automatically keeps everything in sync across all your computers, even different platforms.

Ultimate Spelling includes dozens more powerful features including a dictionary, worksheet printing, vocabulary building, multimedia, visual tools and more. Ultimate Spelling includes over 20,000 high-quality audio word pronunciations, support for images, and more.
Word discover automatically connects to thousands of sources to give deep information on words.
Can you place a price on a good education, superior literacy, and the opportunities these things will bring? This program has sold individually for $60, but ita€™s yours free when you download Ultimate Spelling today. We want our guarantee to show you exactly how sure we are that our spelling software is the best in the market.
If you don’t see a measurable difference in spelling scores and skills after your child uses our software, we will not only give you a full refund of your moneya€¦ we’ll also pay you $50! A full refund and $50 in your pocket…you and your child have nothing to lose a€“ and everything to gain. Click on the green button below to download Ultimate Spelling now and see why we’re so willing to put our cash on the line!
Click on the green button below to download Ultimate Spelling now and see why we’re so willing to put our cash on the line! Within 5 minutes, youa€™ll receive download instructions for Ultimate Spelling and your FREE bonuses.
All transactions are guaranteed to be secure and are covered by our 12 month no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. I am very impressed with Ultimate Spelling and thankful for it not only helping my children but helping me! If you are a teacher or parent this program could be a great help for your students or children. Wonder if you could make the same thing with a kind of crepe paper (Like the kind used on table cloths). With Ultimate Spelling, you have your spelling teaching requirements completely under control. Simply fill out the form and we'll send you a free no obligation trial of the full version of Ultimate Spelling EDU.
They discovered that when the information provided stimulated the participant's brain to process the word on a more involved level (referred to as "deep encoding" or "degree of elaboration" in the study), that word was more effectively learned and remembered.
They used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to show real-time connections between a person's curiosity about a specific topic, and the production of dopamine, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and the brain's reward system. This analysis of past and current studies looks at the way people view and are motivated by individual goals as well as societal achievement (competition).
The study also confirms that most people are also motivated by receiving rewards for completing specific activities, even if those rewards are not immediately transferable to actual material or monetary benefits. In this research done at the University of Vermont, the authors studied the ways in which the information connected to a specific behavior is retained when the stimulus is removed, and how subsequent repetition or reward reinforces information recall and a resumption of previously learned behaviors.
Half of the study participants used massed learning techniques, in which each new image was presented multiple times in a row; the other half were given the images in a spaced repetition mode, where the images were shown in alternating order.
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University focused on the combination of spaced repetition and mnemonics in evaluating how best to train people to remember specific pieces of information: computer passwords.
With Ultimate Spelling, you can quickly enter a class list or get shared lists from your friends and teachers. But instead of wasting time on Facebook or playing useless games, they are learning to spell like champions. Each user can install Ultimate Spelling on multiple computers and has their own individual profile in the cloud. Your get Mp3 for 10 Audio CDs covering 3791 spelling words, designed to work in combination with Ultimate Spelling Software to maximize results. Students also improve academic performance, are prepared for standardized tests, and improve their confidence. With Ultimate Spelling, the user is given a wide range of additional information about each spelling word, including the word's definition - one of the key factors in enhanced memory, according to this study - as well as usage examples, synonyms, and antonyms.

The authors also concluded that a higher level of interest and curiosity in a topic or question leads to better memory and enhanced learning. The authors conclude that effective use of motivational strategies must take both into account.
Status points, rewards, and real-time progress tracking are all methods used in Ultimate Spelling to encourage frequent spelling practice by awarding points for the completion of exercises and activities. They conclude that there are two primary methods of reinforcing active memory and behavior: by creating a different way to test the subject's memory, and by providing the opportunity for intensive focused repetition of that stimulus-behavior response. Although each participant saw each image the same number of times, the people in the spaced-repetition exercise were able to accurately remember more images, and for a longer period of time. They found that by combining the two methodologies, the results in both ease of learning and retention were increased.
Or to get started quickly, why not use one of Ultimate Spelling’s expert lists, perfect for any level, grades 1 to 10.
The games are based on sound evidence-based educational principles such as levels of processing, operant conditioning, and spaced repetition. With Ultimate Spelling the whole family can enjoy the benefits of amazing spelling skills together. I love the idea of fireworks and sparklers, but with small children I don’t like the idea of anything flammable around them. So, I put together a step by step tuTORIal on how to make these with your own kiddos… Take a look! I spaced the silver about 1 inch apart starting from top and going approximately 2 inches down. Just that the material used, while pretty and shiny isn’t biodegradable (yes, into the landfill). Including exercises that stimulate curiosity, and providing reward mechanisms as part of the study process, also increases a person's ability to absorb and retain information, as the researchers found.
This is something that Ultimate Spelling accomplishes by providing each user with the ability to set personal goals, earn reward points, and view their own progress tracking reports, and also to publish all of those results on public social media platforms. Because the user can access their progress charts at any time, they will always be able to see how close they are to achieving their personal typing goals for increased speed (wpm) and accuracy. These two methods are widely used in the Ultimate Spelling activities and games to create the link between instruction and memory that is so crucial in effective spelling learning on the student's part. Repetition is a key technique in learning spelling, and Ultimate Spelling incorporates spaced repetition in two ways. Ultimate Spelling uses each method separately and together to help users learn and remember new spelling words by using the same words in multiple exercises, presenting spelling words in a variety of formats, and encouraging users to add information related to each word to make a personal connection that helps them to remember that word and its correct spelling.
It feels great to be ahead with an essential skill, and fully prepared for success in all other areas.
For example, here are some of the things you can spend money on (other than Ultimate Spelling) that can improve your child’s literacy. Your access includes 5 users, installs on unlimited computers, 3 full years of access, all for the limited-time price of just $29.95. Ultimate Spelling has a text import feature that allows each user to include and incorporate practice material that matches their interests, while learning the spelling of words in those texts.
First, the system uses randomized selection of spelling words from the user's current list to populate the activities and exercises, ensuring an interval between word reviews. The system also uses several different reward systems to encourage users to continue working towards their defined goals.
Second, the system's Word Discover feature provides pop-up instant review of the words on that list, again in random order. By providing users with multiple opportunities throughout the day to read and review their words, Ultimate Spelling provides all of the benefits of the spaced repetition methodology in its spelling instruction.

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