The making of game artWorking as an artist at a game studio often requires more from you than drawing a pretty picture or making sprites in Photoshop once in a while since a lot of games these days are in 3d.
For a lot of people, making 3d objects for games and films is pretty hard to wrap your head around and it is also very hard to explain to people how it works, as Rob wrote in a previous post about Visual effects for games.
With this post, I’m going to try and cover another part of game graphics and hopefully straighten out a few question marks around the modelling of a 3d object. I always start the process by choosing one of the primitive models in Maya;┬ácube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid etc. The actual modelling process is all about me moving the corners of the primitive model to change its shape.
After a while of pushing, pulling and adding these points on the basic cube, the result can look like this!

The image below is an unfolded papercraft model of Pikachu, it’s pretty easy to see how it could be assembled. To be able to paint the car, we need to unfold it to make it flat, like Pikachu on that image. Inside Maya we can cut the car up, just like you would if you unfolded a papercraft model, and make it a flat image. Next thing we do, is that we take the flat image of the car and paint it, inside of Photoshop.
After that, we load the painted flat image onto the model inside of Maya, and it’s done! Also keep in mind, that this process covers the most basic but at the same time the fundamentals of an everyday workflow as a game artist.

Hopefully, if you didn’t already, you now have a better understanding of how it is working with 3d modelling as a game artist! This step in the process is called texturing, and is often pretty confusing to a lot of people.

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