Concept2Market can help your seed-stage firm develop a strategic business plan to help you secure angel investor seed financing or other forms of debt or equity financing. If your firm is an early-stage, development-stage, or growth-stage, you may be able to benefit from a Market Opportunity Analysis to expand into new markets, a Product Line Plan to sequence the rollout of your value added features, or a Product Development Plan or Market Introduction Plan to execute your plans in the market.
Concept2Market takes a holistic view of the product and will help you fully realize your vision.
Despite vital neighborhoods like Chinatown and Washington Square West, an outstanding transit infrastructure, and attractions like the Independence Mall and the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia’s Market East District has never lived up to its potential.
Developing a marketing plan provides a better line of sight to both current challenges and new business opportunities.

For innovative and technologically savvy markets, we investigate the most attractive growth strategies. This framework is the basis with which we work with our client firms to define, organize, and prioritize business and product strategy and execution efforts. EE&K’s plan for Market East creates a vision that is integral with strategy--one that is not dominated by one use or project, but is characterized by the diversity of forms and activities that have marked Market Street’s colorful history.
The plan also creates opportunities for Chinatown and Jefferson to expand, and envisions bold new connections to the Delaware River Waterfront and the adjacent loft district. We support you by providing an outline of the plan, formulating and conducting surveys, research and any other specific task required to put in place a clear and robust plan for management and team.

It is a complete mix of attributes that include what we refer to as core, layered, indirect and source values. It seeks to position the Market East District to play a part in a more sustainable future for the City by promoting transit ridership, leveraging the city’s existing investment in one of the richest transit hubs to be found in an American City and improving street-level air quality. To follow through, we offer market insights and recommend innovative strategies which address challenges and exploit opportunities.

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