If no one knows who you are, what you do, or why they should do business with you over any of your competitors, they won’t.  The good news is that you don’t have to turn into a slick salesman, learn fancy selling techniques or anything of the sort in order to Market your business. A New Definition Of Marketing – One of my mentors Dan Sullivan has a definition of Marketing that I just love.
I would suggest that you read that again because its that good.  If you reframe your mindset and adopt this new definition you would be coming from a place that is Good for the consumer.
With this new frame, the marketing of what you do is something that is serving people.  It will help them, will change their life for the better, and will help them move towards a brighter future.  If you truly believe that the products or services you sell SERVE your customers then what lengths would go to in order to ensure more people know about them today then knew about them yesterday?  Would you attend networking events, would you meet new people, would you promote your business online, would you share stories and testimonials from your customers with prospects?  What would you do?
Kyle is also the chief presenter of the NH Strategic Marketing live events and online events. The NH Strategic Marketing Program is a complete marketing system unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The exclusive NH Strategic Marketing Program combines some of the best elements of proven marketing systems and strategies to help you control your market.
Kyle is also an author, coach, speaker, product creator, membership site manager, and has trained over 3,000 entrepreneurs in all 50 states and in over 40 countries on how to grow their businesses using the internet.
If someone is on the fence about using Kyle, I would strongly suggest sitting down and talking with him for a few minutes.
If you have an opportunity to work with Kyle, or learn from Kyle, or even just observe him in action… then my advice is: Get going already! If you’re thinking of working with Kyle, you couldn’t have a better team member or manager. As a seasoned marketer, I’ve always known of all the various tactics for delivering my message to my audience. Kyle always seems to have a very good idea of what WILL work – and he’s got the unique ability to motivate me to get my butt in gear, and implement. For any small business owners who want to branch off into online marketing, you would be in good hands working with Kyle. Kyle contributes well beyond the Marketing conversation. Creating a larger audience requires a visionary skill that few possess.
Kyle has the knowledge, experience, and proven track record of being very successful with Internet marketing. Kyle has a great ability to brainstorm new ideas and strategies; and help put together the resources to put it all into action. First, he can probably help NH Small businesses get an understanding of how to best use the internet and online technology to increase their reach and generate new customers and leads into their business. Kyle is going to bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, along with real-world experiences of a seasoned veteran.
You’re going to have a blast working with Kyle and you are going to love the energy he brings to a room.
Would you like to make more money, continue growing your company, and have more free time to enjoy your life?
Starting a new business, especially if you are a sole proprietor, is hard. First, there is the paperwork and logistics of starting the business itself. What will it take to set up your business, including both your physical workspace and all necessary paperwork? It is absolutely okay to tweak this over time as your business gains shape, so continue to update it.  Your elevator speech should make you feel strong and confident. Get in front of a white board, grab a journal or iPad, or find a quiet corner and write down all of the ways you could attract your target audience: Websites, directories, advertisements, events, inserts, partnerships, networking groups, etc. Because you will be busiest providing the actual service of your business, make it easy to dedicate time to marketing.
There are resources out there for every area of your business: career coaches, accountants, marketing firms, website developers and even pricing gurus. Equally content in front of a group as she is typing from her home office, Tracy has spoken on a variety of topics from social media to fundraising tactics. A single mother to two, Tracy believes the only limitations to success are the voices within our own heads.

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Excel Spreadsheet - Makes it easy to work from a list on your computer for phone soliciting. Text or Comma Delimited - Formats commonly used to upload to a predictive dialer, marketing leads CRM or other programs. Monthly - Pay in advance for the full month and we will send you the new business sales leads each Monday for the next 4 weeks. 3 Month Subscription - Subscribe to a minimum of 3 months and and the weekly rates get even better. 6 Month Subscription - Subscribe to a minimum of 6 months and get our best weekly rate possible. You can purchase one week's list or subscribe to a 3 month or 6 month subscription to get the best prices.
Find out how many new business listings in texas are in your targeted industry, county or city and we'll give you a quote and a FREE sample list. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. He has a background in Direct Marketing, Online Media Buying commanding $150,000 per Month Ad budgets, Live Presentations, and has extensive experience designing Marketing Funnels that make money.
During these events, Kyle takes business owners of all sizes and their teams on a crash course through the NH Strategic Marketing 8-Step Perfect Customer System. This marketing system has helped many businesses become the #1 company in their local market and it is based on principles that have been proven in over 350 industries. His experience gives him the ability to know exactly how to drive traffic to our website, which has led to directly to increased sales.
I worked with Kyle for a couple of years and his ability to manage a project and keep all the wheels turning on time and in the right direction is remarkable.
He has a knack for coming up with quick and simple solutions on the fly, and he’s renowned for ensuring fast implementation of them. What that means is doing whatever it takes to reach full potential and exceed expectations in rapid fashion. I never dreamed it would be possible to actually build a relationship with a client that I’ve never seen or met.
If you’re serious about growing your business then Kyle is the guy that I recommend for the job. Second, you are taking the leap from providing a specific product or service and suddenly being required to understand the full scope of a running a business, including logistics, finances, marketing, communications and technical support. Take your mission and vision statements to craft an explanation of what your business does and who are you, succinctly. Make sure to pay attention to what comes out smoothly versus where you stumble: Do you get caught up because of the wording, or is it because you’re not sure about the scope of your business? You can find great lists for small businesses all over the web, including these 22 from WordStream and these 50 from Mike Michalowicz. Pick one thing from that brainstorming list, the one that gets you most excited, and run with that. There may another new business that could benefit from your expertise, too – and you’ll be building a great referral network in the process. These new business lists are not available in any TX business directory for at least 6 months.

We debit your credit card weekly and the list of new businesses gets emailed to you each Monday. He’s got more tricks up his sleeve than a seasoned stage magician, and his results speak for themselves. These two qualities combined make for an incredible helper and partner when it comes to putting your products and services in front of your target market.
He has helped me go from being completely unaware of the process to applying simple, easy-to-follow instructions that has taken my Online Marketing much further than I could have ever imagined. He can see what affect and impact growing a business will have on an organization and partner with Leadership to design the best plan to meet the new demand in a professional and customer-serving way.
Following Kyle’s tried-and-true principles, you will be using tools that previously successful organizations have employed to create phenomenal outcomes. Kyle quickly showed me how my thinking was flawed, and how in today’s economy there is a replacement service or product around every corner.
He’s been the largest contributing factor to my personal success, and I continue to work with him to this day. Feeling confident about how to introduce yourself and your company makes it easier to meet new people and make meaningful connections. It does not have to be something easy, just something that is enough within your comfort zone that you don’t have to force yourself to tackle it.
Through Frizz, her focus is helping small businesses and nonprofits extract their central identity and voice, cultivating compelling and authentic content.
Many of the Texas business start-ups have not opened for business yet much less ordered phone service. Our marketing leads deliver exceptional results in both mail out and telemarketing strategies. The bottom line is that Kyle can help you grow your business, streamline normal business operations, reach new customers, and build your brand in new ways.
He provides sound advice, suggestions and recommendations that can be put to use immediately.
As a veteran of Team-Building, I would have no hesitation having Kyle be part of my team, if not leading the team to the goals it has set.
If you base your investments on measurable results, you need look no further than Kyle’s track record. Texas New Business lists are often the most recent Texas businesses both large and small including many new company start-ups, new Texas locations, changes in ownership and new Texas franchises. To find out how to receive a sample to compare to your current sources ask for your FREE New Business List sample today. Kyle has had extensive, provable results and outcomes that he can point to as evidence of his abilities. Kyle uses sustainable and effective methods that have been tested and produce the kind of success that few people can achieve. This has been quite possibly the biggest component to my personal success in the market place.
My Internet Marketing dreams are coming true because of Kyle’s guidance and I am looking forward to great success as long as I follow his lead. You are fortunate to be working with someone that has already been through the battles and is bringing back to you the right way to take your business to the next level and beyond.
Make the time, make the investment and create your success using Kyle’s Online Marketing tools. One of the most impressive attributes Kyle possesses is his level of care for you and your success; he makes sure that level of care always comes first.

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