Brandeo's popular, free marketing calendar template has been updated for 2011 and is available for download. Marketing plan - slideshare, Excellent presentation slides on how to develop an effective marketing plan. Digital marketing plan - smart insights digital, Digital marketing plan digital strategy structured race planning framework create plan.
Is there a way to export the calendar as a PDF that we could email to others in the company who are not Pardot users? I checked with one of our product engineers, and as of now, there are no plans to add a reminder check box — but they’re taking note of your suggestion for the future!

The easiest way for now is to take a screen grab (very easy on a Mac; a bit more of a pain on a PC). If your account level includes Custom Roles, you can create additional user roles with calendar access. No API endpoint yet but we are going to add the ability to manually add your own events (e.g.
We keep an editorial calendar in our project management tool (SmartSheet) and I’d love for all our users to see what we have planned down the line.
It would be nice if I manually create an event that I could set it to send an email reminder either 15 min, 1hr, 2hrs, etc.

Clicking View Full Calendar will show a fuller view that is adjustable to show a day, week, or month view and allows you to page through the dates you want to see.
Scheduled emails (past and future) will show up, webinars (if you use one of our webinar connectors), events (if you use Eventbrite), and social posts will show up though.
Hovering over an event will show you details about the item (event tickets sold, webinar attendance, email click through rate, etc.) and allow you to click in to either a report (for items in the past) or to a detail screen (for items in the future).

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