Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your content by understanding why mistakes creep in and why you don’t spot them. By doing one of these simple things, you’ll force yourself to read the words differently and reduce your familiarity with them. As you can see, It’s always a good idea to give your copy a read, a re-read and, if you have the time, a re-re-read before you publish it. There’s often no substitute for reading your work out loud – or silently saying every word to yourself inside your head. Doing so helps you get a feel for the rhythm and pace of the words – whether the sentences are too long, the punctuation is correct, even whether the words are spelled correctly, duplicated or missing. With the advent of various advancements and developments in the PR world, it seems that there are still debates around Advertising Value Equivalents (AVE). Big numbers trigger bigger suspicions: Unfortunately some PR agencies out there sometimes report outrageous AVE numbers and marketing managers are becoming increasingly skeptical of the large impression and AVE numbers routinely reported by organisations. Correlating PR activity to conversions is an easy way to demonstrate PR’s contribution to potential revenue.
Conversions make it easier to track leads and make an impact, and CRM systems make it possible to follow those leads that PR generates all the way through to a sale. Numerous PR organisations are demonstrating that their programs have a lower cost-per-message-communicated (CPMC) than other promotional efforts. We’re probably stuck with AVEs for a while longer, but as an increasing amount of those in the know are starting to rely on good data, the fans of AVE economics will soon be forced to adapt to change.
The omens don’t look too promising economically for the remaining nine months of this calendar year. While that dire backdrop and forecast has understandably had an adverse effect on the financial sector and the government, there is also a prospective fiscal pinch in the pipeline in terms of the resources of all sorts of communication organizations. Being as we are in the middle of the annual results season for companies listed on the UAE stock exchanges, I have a few musings on what such organisations should be doing with their communication strategies in 2016. Naturally, having a firm grasp of the attitudes and perceptions of key stakeholders – analysts, brokers, the financial media and stakeholders, among others – has to be a continual pursuit.
For all sorts of companies with limited budgets in difficult economic times, it is absolutely imperative to show that those monetary means are being put to good use. A significant cornerstone of communication strategy is ‘key messages’ – phases and words that are regularly used across all forms of communication in order to raise awareness, support and understanding among stakeholders – ultimately driving them to take action. Revenue and sales are undoubtedly vital in an economic downturn; consistency in brand and message over the long term is what should be maintained from a strategic POV. Such concerns would be unearthed in your stakeholder perception audits and you would thus be afforded the chance to develop sub-messages for 2016 to drive understanding and support from these types of stakeholders within the long-term messages overall. It is tempting to stop all but required communications for many listed companies when money is tight – limiting activity to financial results and regulatory disclosures and keeping a low profile publically until the climate improves economically. With diligent and continual understanding of key stakeholders and a staunch set of messages, I firmly believe that listed companies should continue to engage – accept interview requests from journalists, keep shareholders informed and undertake presentations to analysts – so that influencers and stakeholders remain up-to-date with the company’s strategies and status. Imagine this scenario: you are waiting for someone to finish compiling a report that you need for a meeting, as you need to finalize an urgent presentation.
In an ever-changing industry like PR, you do not want to brand yourself as an impatient person, as it can also be construed  by others as arrogance, insensitivity, or impulsive behavior.
Ask the people in your circle of trust, such as family, friends, or co-workers for honest feedback, no matter how shocking it might be – this technique could actually help.
It is important to note that the causes of impatience are not solely attributable to issues at work.
My job in public relations provided me with amazing opportunities you just can’t get in other careers.
I’ve learnt that every day is an opportunity to expand my knowledge and to learn and experience something and someone new. Securing a broadcast slot for your client on a popular TV show is great way to generate media exposure for them.
Unlike print media where you are able to insert answers on your client’s behalf- giving them full credit in the process – broadcast media requires your client to provide their own unedited responses in real time under the full glare of the cameras. There will be nothing more off-putting for a producer than hearing the words ‘er’, ‘um’ when he or she asks you why they should feature your client. Further to point number four, you should critique your own offering and do so before you pitch the interview. A lot of brands are leveraging social media channels to communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies and showcase a side of their organisations that the public and potential employees may not be aware of. Employees who engage in your brand’s CSR programme highlight the human side of its commitment. Sharing stories and images of your senior leaders actively involved in a CSR activity will elevate the credibility of your programme.
Hosting such an unprecedented event in the city will require a massive PR and communications effort before, during and after the event.
In my opinion, the PR and communications efforts undertaken to promote Dubai’s EXPO bid were excellent. The activities leading up to EXPO 2020 will most definitely, in one way or another, affect each and every one of our clients, regardless of the industry they are involved in.
I believe that there will be a positive outcome for Dubai’s PR industry as a result of the city winning the right to host EXPO 2020. Having experienced working on both the agency and client side, I know what it’s like to be in either one’s shoes, with each role having their own unique challenges; clients demanding a quick turnaround on deliverables, agencies requiring more time to produce good quality work… and so on. By default, agencies need to service their clients by always being available to answer queries, being on hand for impromptu meetings, or even handle a crisis.
For many years, I have been fascinated by the world of communication, specifically with regards to the ways in which creative individuals from various fields come together to create messages that will shape and influence consumer behavior. I chose to study Advertising while earning my undergraduate degree and Corporate Communications in graduate school. When it comes to setting budgets for getting the brand name out there, we often turn to Marketing and Advertising. Public Relations is often-times overlooked in the grand scheme of things, but its very importance lies in its definition.
A great PR campaign will add value to your company by attracting free publicity, but we do more than just stunts to get your brand name out there. With advertising sales in the region close to doubling during this month alone, brands of multiple industries intending to headway in the big race will have most likely incurred a major dent in their advertising budgets during a time when every single advertising page, billboard, TV or radio spot is going for a major premium. If you want your brand to be respected, heard or considered, then it has to make an appearance of some sort during Ramadan; as expensive as the move seems, it is essential. For him he’s told to spend at least ‘three months’ salary’ to make sure he’s proven his undying love. Back when De Beers was trying to find a way to boost sales, they enlisted the help of some great minds.
Over the past decade, I’ve had the chance to consult with organizations of all sizes regarding their need to measure, and learn from, their public relations campaigns.
Some of this new quest for higher-level measurement results from the now-famous Barcelona Principles, which were established by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), PRSA, the Institute for Public Relations and two other industry associations at the 2010 AMEC European Summit in Barcelona, Spain. The Guidelines are essentially a series of frameworks (matrices) that provide suitable metrics for a variety of campaign types, which will be discussed later.
Intermediary Effect — metrics reflecting third-party dissemination of the message to target audiences.
Target Audience Effect — metrics showing that the target audience has received the message and is considering acting on it.
If you haven’t already set measurable objectives for your campaign, take a few minutes and read “Guidelines for Setting Measurable Public Relations Objectives: An Update” from the IPR Measurement Commission. In a new AMEC template, choose at least a few key metrics in all three of the vertical PR phases. Across the horizontal axis, choose metrics from the stage that is the focus of your campaign. Once you’ve completed your AMEC template, look for the tools you’ll need for implementation. Join the public relations conversation and get connected with expert insight from our guest bloggers! Drink brand Tropicana has unveiled a 5m-tall digital billboard at Westfield, London, dispensing free orange juice.
Goodyear went viral lately when it created a video to maximise exposure for the launch of their new tyre, the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. Alcoholic drink giant, John Smith, has opened up an all gold pop-up pub in Mayfair yesterday (27th April) to launch its new Golden Ale. With Airbnb specialising in offering unique spaces to guests all over the world, it is hardly surprising that it has secured this gold listing in Rio, Brazil.
Ahead of the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship, which is scheduled for this weekend (Sunday 17th April), Aston Martin has teamed up with property developer Mount Anvil to get fans excited. PR Examples is an independent blog dedicated to celebrating the best in PR and marketing stunts and campaigns.
Entrepreneurs, authors and marketers often ask should they focus on being popular or being successful?

If you are unfortunate enough to be on a reality show, you may be popular first and leverage your 15 minutes of PR and fame into some version of success later (unlikely, but possible). Regardless if you are positioning yourself as the reporter or the story, be sure to follow these following foundational principles in order to go from obscurity to notoriety. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Social analytics is still relatively new and yet there are already many tools offering to give you the insights to empower your marketing. Often, these tools won't give you a full picture of how your social media marketing is contributing to your business since they only look at one channel like Facebook. Without objectives it is impossible to get value from analytics; you can walk away after  browsing data and reports from a tool with nothing but hours of your life gone, never to be seen again! For understanding the right types of measures to use within social media marketing, I recommend taking a look at Jeremiah Owyang's Social Media ROI pyramid to make sure you have the right blend of metrics related to brand, commercial and customer communications. Reporting requires a level of organization, which is why Smart Insights developed the RACE (Reach, Act, Convert & Engage) for digital marketing reporting. So what does this look like in practice when we report on customer campaigns involving social media.
There maybe light at the end of the tunnel though, Google is currently developing a tool that will allow data on the interactions that start on your own site but then continue off site.
PR News recognized the winners and honorable mentions at its annual Social Media Icon Awards at the Grand Hyatt in New York City on June 2, 2014. This familiarity means that, when you read through content again, you often see what you expect to see (and what you remember writing), rather than what is actually there on the page.
Don’t skip across a fact, person, place name, phone number or website link without checking it. The ugly truth is that AVEs simply haven’t gone away, no matter how much some of us don’t truly see the use for them. Data scientists and marketing analysts are being brought into the PR measurement conversation to show its true impact on business. These days, data scientists are taking their place at the table and making data-driven decisions on the overall marketing mix.
The best you can do with AVEs is show how much you would have had to spend to get the exposure, disregarding that the actual values are widely assumed to be sometimes inflated.
So today, when management insists PR put dollar figures into its metrics, you can focus on cost efficiency instead of AVE.
Company expenditure across the globe is being put on the back burner amid lingering concerns over the Chinese economy and the price of oil.
Regrettably, in periods of hardship, it’s the communication and marketing budgets that usually take a substantial hit first, resulting in many organisations just falling silent at a crucial point when it’s essential to interact with and guide stakeholders (EG: customers, investors, partners and the media).
I advocate stakeholder perception audits at least twice a year to my clients, especially before and after major communication campaigns (Stakeholder understanding is, of course, even easier than a formal piece of research nowadays thanks to the real-time measurement of social media engagement).  Understanding your stakeholders provides the bedrock to communication strategy, measurement and evaluation, and consequently the opportunity to establish success.
It’s even more important than ever as well for communicators to be able to show that you are reaching – and influencing – stakeholders and measuring their perceptions on an ongoing basis will enable you to do exactly that. It’s appealing to discard the ‘message house’ and revert to saying anything that will result in businesses buying, customers shopping, investors refusing to sell and partners agreeing to do business with you in challenging circumstances monetarily. Listed companies must concentrate on what the stakeholder perception audits are revealing and should then focus on developing sub-messages to address the shift in perceptions, while staying loyal and true to the corporate message overall. The very worst thing listed companies can do without a shadow of a doubt is reign-in communication with stakeholders. The pressure shall intensify on most communication teams, with them having to ‘do more with less.’ Listed companies must continue to engage with important stakeholders – based on ongoing stakeholder understanding and build around a set of messages that resonate during difficult times, rather than bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich.
You start panicking, and suddenly you yell at the person for being slow and putting you behind schedule. Often times, we find that irrational judgments can interrupt the workflow of others or create a bad atmosphere around the office. The more patient you are with others, the more likely  you are to have a positive attitude towards work and life. Often times, we don’t perceive ourselves in the same manner that others do, and the only way to fix a character flaw is to hear the uncensored truth from a close confidante. Since the body and mind are directly connected, an impatient demeanor and bad temper could also be caused by dehydration, hunger, or fatigue. In what other job do you get to be paid to read the news, immerse yourself in a wide range of accounts, soak up social conversations and be trusted with the deepest issues a company could have?
Networking – one of the biggest factors for public relations professionals is their network. Always look around and proactively identify ways to expand your expertise, for example, by finding new ways to get better at tasks, or by getting involved in a project that stretches you, or by learning more about a relevant field. However, it’s vital for you to ensure that your pitch to the studio is well prepared if you want to capture that opportunity.
The public wants to associate with organisations that are doing good in their communities or that are showing their more human side.
Press releases or announcements related to CSR sometimes struggle to find column inches in mainstream media (especially in this part of the world), so social media channels have become the preferred vehicle to carry these stories.
Showcasing their efforts provides an outstanding employee recognition platform and will encourage them to share the company’s activities.
PR strategies will need to follow a multi-pronged approach, with economic, social and cultural elements intertwined.
Perhaps the most pronounced impact will be on real estate and property, where prices are expected to rise exponentially, possibly leading to another boom. Given the magnitude of the event and the involvement of so many international stakeholders, it may well develop into a more structured and possibly even regulated industry. Below are some examples and tips on how clients and agencies can work together to maximise PR potential. Between e-mails, phone calls and meetings, there is plenty of scope for miscommunication and ideas getting lost in translation (pun intended). On the other hand, it sometimes feels that clients are not fulfilling their end of the deal by being unavailable for timely approvals and feedback. An agency will not be able to fulfill its commitment to a client without that client’s input, cooperation and support.
It was my goal to become part of a major communications firm, working with well-known and lesser-known clients to position their products or services in a positive light among consumers and thereby help them grow their businesses and expand their markets.
PR is about managing a brand’s image and reputation, looking at all aspects of the company from the inside out. We work on building great relationships with the media so that we can provide them with the information they need to write great stories – hopefully about your brand. Mobile spend alone is valued at more than USD200 million in Ramadan and this is by four main companies!
More importantly, she’s spent years of her life dreaming up how he will propose and what the engagement ring will look like. Fortunately, they’ve all heard PR industry teachings about the importance of accountability, which has made my job easier! Utilizing much of the language and ideas found in PRSA’s The Business Case for Public Relations™, the seven Principles primarily mandate the importance of setting measurable goals and objectives, and moving toward linking outputs to outcomes. They have plenty of guidance on objective-setting, but not as much on how best to measure outputs — and then, how best to link them to outcomes. A special taskforce was deployed to develop what has become the AMEC Valid Metrics Guidelines, a set of practical frameworks that guide PR pros through developing a holistic, meaningful measurement process. This will help you see where your focus has been, and where it needs to shift if objectives are to be met. For example, if your campaign is focused on “knowledge,” be sure to include measures that reflect “key message alignment.” However, also include metrics from the earlier stages, such as from “awareness,” so you’ll have the data you need to diagnose where things went well, and where they did not. The template will force you to think beyond your comfort zone and perhaps find require your finding new vendors or tools! Just pick a few key measures in the areas that matter most, but make sure they move as far as possible toward the bottom right hand corner. For the majority of entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers and speakers, success comes before public relations, PR or branding.
There is a formula that, when followed well, can make even make a day-to-day existence into an compelling message one can use to motivate people to action (translation=buy your stuff). Some of the most wildly successful people have made millions of dollars and impacted millions of people before accomplishing anything significant on a personal level. His success was due to his compilation of success principles he learned while researching and publishing his book. Within a few years, her syndicated show would transform her brand into an international empire of movies, magazines, books and media.
When you keep these factors in mind and apply them consistently, your marketing and PR becomes effortless and you can transform your outbound efforts (email, social media, advertising, speaking, trade shows, etc.) into inbound order processing where people contact you. I outlined these 7 because without these as the foundation, all the advertising, marketing, branding and PR in the world will continue to keep you stalled, ineffective and relatively unknown.
This combination will tip your outbound marketing efforts into effortless, inbound order taking before you know it.
As I work with clients, I find you need to use a range of tools and integrate the data to provide a unified report. As with everything in analytics, 20% of the data will generally give you 80% of the answers you need.

Objectives should stem from the business and into the marketing plan of which social will feature.
This framework allows the right questions to be asked of your social analytics, putting them in the relevant context.
Well so do we, but the reality is that unless you have the budget for a large data warehouse project, a good chunk of this reporting from different sources is currently manual. An example of this would be if I +1’s a Smart Insights blog post from the website & then Dave were to +1 and comment from within Google+ that data would typically not be reported on. Spend time getting your objectives right, use RACE to align the right & select few metrics that matter and stick to them! The brands, agencies and their respective teams in attendance were applauded for taking chances and breaking new ground in using social media as a tool for communications. Writers and bloggers can also make mistakes when they don’t know how to use words correctly. If you get bogged down with editing the text when you should be proofing it, you run the risk of adding extra errors as you work. This is because marketing managers can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that PR isn’t free publicity and can’t be measured by the column inch in a digital age. Today, some organisations are defining exactly where PR fits into the path to showing accurate and meaningful returns on the bottom line. Given a choice, most businesspeople would prefer tracking revenue generation and cost effectiveness over hypotheticals. Reports have progressively been predicting a tough time ahead and, here in the UAE, business and government spending has been curtailed, with the upshot being that projects have been put on hold for the time being at least. It will cause them to wonder if the flow of communication comes to an unexpected end and, amid the void in the back-and-forth exchanges, they will likely fill it with their own conclusions as to what’s really going on with your company and that assumption is more often than not at the very lowest end of the spectrum. Continuous communication with stakeholders is what harnesses support and understanding for the company and management team in the long term, in spite of the fluctuating fortunes of the global economy. You are aware that the person may be hurt or feel disrespected, but you cannot help yourself if they are the reason you are behind deadline! Unfortunately, the side-effects of impatience can be far-reaching in our industry, as it could lead to avoidance by colleagues for fear of suffering the wrath of a bad temper.
This is why healthy living, taking care of your nutrition, getting enough sleep, and taking breaks or “time-outs” from work are crucial to success with the people around you.
It’s an industry where we have an insatiable appetite for ideas, where the news never stops and social channels never go dark. In order to get stories covered, we need to have relationships with journalists who will be willing to write about our clients. A poor interview will reflect badly on your client and on you, with producers remembering your name for all the wrong reasons.
Phone the main switch where possible to establish when they are likely to be off-air and schedule your return call accordingly.
Go beyond just telling your brand’s CSR story and successes by developing a relationship with your followers. These components need to be unique and tailor-made to Dubai’s success story, being formulated in such a manner that they give the city the optimum exposure it deserves.
Communications and messaging will have to be very carefully identified and drafted so as not to mimic the situation of five years ago, when over optimism and exaggeration led to a fiasco that aided the 2008 economic downturn. It is also inevitable that it will expand exponentially, with the net result that there will be lots of job opportunities going for PR professionals.
Just as agencies should report to clients with accurate and timely updates, so do clients need to be transparent and keep the agency in the loop of information. This can lead to missed deadlines and there’s nothing worse than missing a good PR opportunity because of administrative or other limitations. Agencies are knowledgeable about multiple industries and have many staff members at hand who can offer assistance where needed. When the two parties work together in harmony, that’s when the best PR campaigns and projects are produced. I have found the Guidelines to be of enormous help to my clients, so I hope the following brief overview will be helpful to you. Don’t be surprised if you learn most of your metrics focus on the simplest areas — outputs and awareness! In other words, say you don’t meet your goal regarding “knowledge.” It could be that your audience reached declined and have nothing to do with key messages. However, when considering the integration of advertising-PR-marketing-branding, it’s a bit more complicated than that. For the enlightened entrepreneur, it’s a PR campaign of social media, broadcast media mentions and referral-based conversations. As the photo included in this article clearly demonstrates, advertising isn’t the same as public relations. Instead of selecting your channels and integrating them based on what you like, consider where your customers are going and start conversations on their turf. We find that there is no single tools that will pull enough of the feeds in the right formats to automate this for you. You can learn more about the analytics social hub here and it will feature in my future post on social analytics. It’s not rocket science – the slower you read, the greater the chance that you’ll spot any lingering mistakes. The good news is that the marketing and PR climate is changing, and in this new environment it will be impossible for AVEs to continue to matter. We are seeing AVEs being replaced with a custom media quality index that assesses media coverage based on the extent to which it contained elements that research showed would generate a certain outcome or meet a set objective. The key is to make these mistakes at the right time, in the right setting, and retain an ability to learn from them.
These channels create a great impact, are cost effective and are a quick way for corporations to communicate with their target audiences and get their messages across. Encourage feedback, respond to questions, promote industry best practices, celebrate successes and prompt collaboration.
It is, after all, a relatively new city that has been tasked with hosting a long-standing, traditional event that has global importance. It is a unique responsibility and one that is unprecedented, as those involved have the lengthier timelines seen for any previous project in the city.
These include brainstorming sessions, filling in for emergencies, cross-channel media relations and additional database resources. The reason a person becomes popular is because of their story…a story of success or overcoming adversity.
While that is admirable, marketing to the world is impossible and targeting women 35-55 is a marketing death sentence. No successful business flourishes without both, but rarely does a start-up have the budget for a proper advertising, marketing, PR, public relations and a branding program.
You many not understand Instagram, but if your audience is there, you need to be there, also. In this post I'll outline the process and measures I use at First 10 to enable the required level of analysis for our clients. The true art of this industry is to know the fine line between being determined and coming off as aggressive.
Even if things don’t go exactly as planned, or you face rejection, having real enthusiasm in your daily interactions and activities will help pave the way to triumph.
Some of my most valuable lessons and most beneficial experiences have come from making mistakes. If you are authentic and transparent in your dialogue you will build trust for your brand amongst your audience.
While going to the movies is a great form of entertainment, most major cultural shifts, political upheavals and disruptive new products or trends are told through a story.
Companies with shoestring budgets are well known for leveraging viral or referral-based programs. When your story is published in the Wall Street Journal, that’s akin to the lottery for many entrepreneurs. There are some that do a large percentage such as Raven Tools which we use, but that can't pull comments from your site and Google+ data for example.
There is no harm though in using tools do some of the work and then fill the blanks in manually.
This isn’t a nine to five job, this is a lifestyle where the lines blur between work and social life. To win in PR you have to be collaborative and you must like working with all types of people. If you aren’t vulnerable enough to poll your audience, the only person you are fooling is yourself. Whatever channels you use in your messaging, be sure to leverage them across as many modalities as possible.

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