In a marketing and advertising world that has new channels appearing almost every day, it’s not uncommon to find that you need a problem solved, a question answered or an idea validated. At YESmarketing, we don’t know what your questions are, but we guarantee that when you ask them, you get our experience and insights with prompt responses to your emails and questions.
Our DNA is in helping bring your ideas to fruition, introduce you to new possibilities and offer you new and exciting options. We are an Australian owned and operated advertising and marketing consultancy specialising in traditional media of TV, Radio, Press and web, but also the explosive world of new and social media channels.
As a client, if you do not have over $3,000 as a budget, then ATL (above the line) media advertising may not be for you, and a digital or BTL (below the line) solution may be required. While we do occasionally take time out to decompress, we are never too far away from our emails to answer your questions. First things first, Adobe Premiere Elements can really make users accustomed to previous versions raise an eyebrow as they are introduced to the reconstructed environment and that is nothing less than a double-bladed cutter. The range of editing tools is quite impressive, consisting of most of the tools any video enthusiast would ever want and need, lots of tracks for your video and audio clips as well as various export capabilities to the social network and video websites of your choice.
Titles, text and audio editing are also a breeze to manipulate within Adobe Premiere Elements. Sometimes, the application does not seem to cope with the abundance of effects it has to process, so you have to watch out for any crashes - the general advice is to save your work as often as possible.
Tell dazzling stories with motion titles: When you’ve made a great movie, why not start it off right? Color Pop Guided Edit for instant wow: Color Pop for photos was a big hit last year, so we added a Guided Edit for Premiere Elements this year.
Leaving behind the corporate sales and marketing world, Jim Schaefer established The Schaefer Group in 2000 to service small-to-medium sized businesses to develop sales and marketing solutions that deliver results. Since then, we have grown from a two-person operation on the dining-room table to a fully-fledged consultancy drawing experience from a broad spectrum of industry professionals!
Tightly knit and bound by professionalism, you won’t find any other marketing agency quite like us.
With extensive sales and marketing experience in corporate, medium and small business environments, Jim brings a practical, sales and customer-focused approach to your marketing or sales challenge. From Campbell’s Soups, through to L’Oreal, Vita Plus, PhysiCAL milk and Chiquita Brands, Jim’s extensive experience brings a fresh approach to sales and marketing challenges. With an Economics degree from Macquarie University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Monash University, combined with over 30 years of sales and marketing experience, Jim can help you to focus on profitable business growth. When not masterminding cut through sales strategies, our resident car enthusiast likes to enjoy an evening relaxing with family and friends over some Chinese take-away. With over 6 years at The Schaefer Group, Emma’s pragmatic approach and impeccable campaign management skills have overseen the execution of many client campaigns over the years.

As our resident blogger and tweeter, Emma’s strong communication skills, attention to detail, and latest knowledge in marketing trends means that your project is being managed by the best. Qualifications including a Business and Commerce degree from Monash University, a course in Account Management from the AFA and Diploma in Promotional and Interactive Marketing from the IPM give Emma a broad range of skills to take on any campaign and any client. When not immersed in social media, navigating furniture stores or creating storage space out of nothing, Emma likes to spend time with friends and family. With a passion for marketing, Kelsi has experience spanning the retail, hospitality, non-profit and insurance industries. Kelsi has a broad understanding of effective marketing tools as well as excellent communication skills.
With over 10 years of marketing and events experience, Sarah is passionate about helping her clients stand apart from the competition through a combination of strategic marketing activities and creative executions. Her personable approach, has been paramount to her success both locally and in London where she organised parties for high profile celebrities and even an Indian prince! Sarah completed a Communications and Commerce degree at Monash University, and received awards for both the best graduating student in a double degree & best graduating student with a Marketing major. When she’s not researching the latest marketing trends, Sarah can be found discovering new restaurants & bars with her friends or riding her beloved ladybird bike. As an experienced graphic designer, Melissa works on a variety of projects including web, print and video. With a degree in Multimedia Applications from Monash University, Melissa’s skill set ensures the quality of her work is second to none. Away from the computer screen, Melissa loves playing tennis and relaxing with a good movie. As our web guru, Nick has over 10 years know-how in graphic and web design and development. Supported by qualifications in multimedia including print, web and video, Nick is keen to work on new websites, branding and marketing collateral. When he’s not designing awesome websites he enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, reading a good book and being a big kid with his son. With marketing, sales and event-management experience at The Schaefer Group for the past 5 years, Liz has developed events, conferences and training days for small, medium and large businesses. Multi-talented, Liz can be found on any given day negotiating with Melbourne’s best venues to put on spectacular events. When not wining and dining over the freshest seafood in town, Liz can be found following the MotoGP or taking her Staffy Zoe to the beach. Attuned to small business challenges, Belinda Rose coaches managers on efficient process implementation, staff recruitment, growth management, occupation roles and audits.
Having managed accounts for large corporate businesses right through to smaller enterprises, Samantha oversees the day-to-day book-keeping and administration for The Schaefer Group.

With impeccable attention to detail, Samantha assists to stay on top of the many projects with help proofing and checking details.
When not in the office, Samantha likes to spend her time reading a good book, watching films and relaxing with the kids. Contact us for your FREE 1 hour consultation to discuss your marketing needs with Jim Schaefer.
Melbourne Marketing Agency Specialising in Website Development, Event Management and Graphic Design.
One has to ask at this point whether these additions and transformations serve the software franchise right or not and let’s not forget about the atrocious competition, too.
Although it can be better at this by sporting more tools and effects, the basics and beyond are here.
You can use one of the predefined themes for creating the intended effect or go ahead and make one from scratch. The rendering capabilities are far from top notch and the overall performance is where Adobe Premiere Elements may lose important ground when compared to its competition. Create some visual drama by popping one or more colors in a scene and pushing everything else to black-and-white. From increasing market share to developing and launching the Bananas in Pyjamas pre-packed bananas in 1998, Jim can help your business prosper! In addition, Kelsi has completed a Business and Commerce degree at Monash University majoring both in Marketing and Management. Highly personable, Kelsi utilises her skills to assist clients with a variety of projects from advertising to market research.
Her creative, modern, and professional designs ensure clients always stand out from the crowd.
With experience in many corporate design studios, including Urban Design and Town Planning which saw him work with State Government and Local Councils, he has a wide range of skills to make any project shine.
After 6 years with The Schaefer Group, her clear, concise and logical take on HR, career counselling and business mentoring has helped businesses – corporate and private – refocus on customer and staff relations.
From Melbourne to Singapore, Berlin, Seattle, San Francisco and New York, our global, expert team of digital strategists and digital marketing consultants are here to help. The audio part, although somewhat basic in nature, brings the right tools to the workbench.

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