Studio apartments tend to have a negative reputation just because they are small but have you ever thought about all of the positive aspects to living in one?
You won't collect clutter - While we all love stuff, with a studio apartment you have to only choose what you really love; nothing else will fit! No room for unwanted guests- Living in one room without a guest bedroom can come in handy in thwarting any unwanted guests that might want to come for extended stays with you!

Smaller place to clean - Sweeping, to vacuuming and even laundry is all diminished due to your living space being physically smaller and having less room to keep clothes and unwanted junk.
Multi-tasking made easy - With everything in one room and within reach, cooking, cleaning, paying bills and even watching the evening news can all be done without having to switch rooms! The information contained within this site is general in nature and for educational and informational purposes only.

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