Marketing jobs in BC and Vancouver are expanding quickly and offer long term, secure, and strong income earning opportunities for employment. Starting in 2010, the following 10 years were judged as an exciting growth period for professionals interested in marketing careers throughout BC. A diploma or degree in Marketing, Communications, Public Relations or a similar discipline is expected when seeking a marketing job in BC or Vancouver (or anywhere for that matter). Marketing professionals are generally expected to demonstrate a wide variety of skills throughout their careers.
These marketing automation industry players are leading (in terms of capitalization) a group of smaller but no less effective MA vendors. 6 Ways to Retain B to B Customers Using Marketing Automation What Is A Marketing and Sales Service Level Agreement?
Discover how drones are changing the marketing industry, providing new ways and tools to marketers and brands to gather data, launch products and engage with their audience.
Even in such a short amount of time, marketers have been able to figure out different ways to use drones in their marketing strategies.
Drones as a physical medium: they are used to physically reach consumers in new and innovative ways. Drones as videographer tools: they are used in commercials to produce innovative video content and offer new perspectives. In 2013, a few restaurants, such as the London-based Yo-Sushi, with its flying tray, experimented with drones to serve food to their customers. The advertising agency Hungry Boys launched a drone-vertising campaign for the noodle shop chain Wokker. A few months later in Brazil, Camisaria Colombo, a famous Brazilian, men’s shirt store, flew several drones carrying headless mannequins in front of the executives working in the offices of Sao Paulo’s business district, Vila Olimpia. They use drones for flying banners, or for dropping promotional objects like shirts or gift cards, or for delivering specific products during events such as auto shows, festivals, concerts and various other themed events.
Both companies looked quite promising in 2014 when they appeared on the scene, and the market seemed to be reacting well to their services. Even if advances in drone technology and the relaxation of laws related to commercial applications of drones were to take place, allowing more experimental physical uses of drones for advertising, I agree with Neal Burns, branding expert at the University of Texas at Austin. In his opinion, quoted on Business Insider, drone advertising could become more popular, but not beyond a niche market.
I still believe that the real disruptive potential of drones in the marketing industry lies elsewhere, not in physically using drones on-the-spot or in drone-vertising. At the very beginning of their boom in the commercial and consumer market, drones were perceived as strange flying objects – and they still are for the general public! Marketers took advantage of the novelty of drones, using them as the main surprise factor in video commercials. In a sense, Amazon was among the first of the big brands to use drones in commercials, when they launched a 2013 video to create buzz around their still-to-come Prime Air service. In the last two years drones have played a key role in many brands’ promotional videos, acting as the surprise element, able to capture the attention of the audience simply with their physical presence.
Coca Cola used drones in 2014 in its Happiness from the Skies campaign, created with Ogilvy & Mather Singapore and the nonprofit organization Singapore Kindness Movement. Again, I don’t think this is the most innovative way that drones are changing the marketing industry.
From the very beginning, cinematography and videography have emerged as the epicenter of drone use within the marketing arena.
Marketers soon realized that drones were and are, not just an object able to surprise, but rather a powerful tool, able to curb the costs of traditional aerial filming, and create great and innovative video content.
The possibility to get low-cost, innovative content has been a crucial factor driving marketer’s adoption of drones in the video advertising space. In the current environment, video consumption is growing and videos are effective in engaging with the audience, so marketers are producing more commercials.
In this saturated market, marketers need compelling new perspectives in video commercials, and that’s what drones can provide, at a very manageable cost. Aerial MOB, a San Diego aerial cinematography company, specializes in aerial shoots for TV and cinema productions, and in drone-created advertising videos.
Among Aerial MOB‘s clients are some of the biggest entertainment and media companies in the world like BBC, HBO, MTV and Warner Brothers, car companies like KIA, Peugeot, Hyundai, Infiniti and BMW and consumer brands like NIKE and Converse. As Aerial MOB in the US, many other aerial filming companies, both in the US and in other countries, are taking advantage of this trend, using drones to create commercials for top brands with a more compelling and engaging message. Drones are now being seen less as novelty gadgets, and the approach to drones and to their content is getting more mature. Top brands are now starting to integrate drones and aerial content into their multi-platform campaigns.

In July 2015 GE (General Electric) launched #DroneWeek, a successful digital marketing campaign combining drones, Periscope and Twitter, created with the marketing firm The Barbarian Group. Over the course of five days, the drone flew over five different GE facilities in the US, streaming the footage in real-time. The idea behind this campaign was to tell the audience a story about GE’s innovations and the sheer breadth of technologies being worked on by the company, using the unexpected and unique perspective offered by the drone and delivered through Periscope, a channel not fully maximized yet by marketers. Overall, the adoption of drones in the production of commercials has produced very interesting results and drones are well on their way to become a mainstream tool for videographers and marketers producing video content.
Technical improvements and increased knowledge of the potential offered by drones will contribute to further increase this market. As drones mature, and other emerging technologies take hold, the integration of these technologies with drones beckons, with the promise of capturing and using data for marketing purposes in entirely new ways. Cloud, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Wearable Technologies: each of these technologies will be cross-pollinated with drones, and each of them, I forecast, will have a huge impact on the potential of drones in marketing. Drones are already able to integrate with all these new technologies giving birth to innovative ways to create content, customize it and deliver the brand’s message to its audience. Some of the integration of these emerging technologies have already produced results within the marketing industry.
Created by New York-based creative agency Firstborn, this project takes viewers on an interactive journey to Patron‘s Hacienda distillery in Mexico.
Another interesting example of the intersection of drones and emerging technologies comes from the Singapore-based firm Near. The company specializes in data-collection and location intelligence-based marketing and serves 26 million people monthly for 300 top global brands such as Adidas, Audi, IKEA, Pepsi and Pizza Hut – all looking for accuracy if they’re going to spend on custom, location-based segments. Using signal strength and other wireless data from passersby below, the firm can get the most accurate user information without GPS or Operator dependence, and then deliver hyper-targeted ads and other location and contextual-based promotions to potential customers, at the right moment and in the right place. The test was criticized for its questionable legality and for the privacy and data protection concerns it raised.
Still, the road to drones as tools for data collection for local, geo-targeted and proximity marketing has been marked. Data collection is indeed one of the most promising fields, and I’m sure it will radically change with the integration of  drones with Internet of Things, Big Data, Wearable, and Cloud technologies.
The more these technologies progress (and the more regulations set clear limits), the more disruptive drones will be in this field as they are currently, in collecting data for other industries such as precision agriculture or mapping and surveying. Beyond data collection and integration with mobile devices, more and more cross-pollination will take place in the near-future. We are now just at the very beginning of a road that will see drones and other emerging technologies disrupt the traditional ways of marketing. As a marketing professional, my pet peeve is that too many people have launched themselves as social media experts, and they get business owners all hyped up on social media like it’s the next coming. The problem is that these products are written and created so that marketing professionals like myself can understand them, but the average non-marketing professional doesn’t know what to do with them. I create products and provide services in layman’s terms, and skip the marketing jargon.
I provide individual marketing consultations (aka Borrow My Brain consult) for people who either have a non-existent budget or who’ve spent their budget on all the hype and gimmicks and now they realize they wasted their money, and they need professional advice. I continue to blog, writing in a take-action style, giving you specific action-items and to-do’s that will allow you  to market your business offline and online effectively.
I provide user friendly tips, ideas, and action items for you to use right now via social media.
I offer an ezine with additional marketing information and resources just for subscribers, plus freebies! I’m creating an education-based seminar schedule (virtual of course) on specific marketing and social media topics.
In other words, I am part of the solution, striving to eradicate many of the marketing industry mistakes.
I am the marketing professional, the social media strategist, who skips the marketing jargon and hype. I explain why you need to have a marketing plan before your social media can be successful. I explain why you should be blogging, and how to blog and position yourself as an authority. I treat each client’s business like it is my own, as in, I will surprise the heck out of you just to keep you motivated and on your toes. That’s the way I have chosen to be part of the solution, and not a part of the problem. Meet the Author Miss Kemya is a Marketing & Social Media Strategist at Phisco Marketing, a marketing consulting firm that facilitates the growth of small businesses through conventional marketing techniques merged with social media tactics.

When analyzing this industry, it becomes evident that marketing jobs in BC are either staying a constant in BC’s economy or becoming a larger part of the working landscape across the province, mainly focused in the lower mainland.
It is no different moving forward to 2020 where the entry level salary range is expected to hold steady at $15 – $20 per hour.
Certification in this industry can take anywhere from 1 – 4 years depending on the institution and certification pursued. A depth of analytical, project management, consumer behavior, researching, and organizational skills are strong starting points. Recent activity, including a $78 million Marketo IPO, a $100 acquisition of Pardot by ExactTarget, a $871 million acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle, and a $25 million venture funding of Silverpop, suggests the marketing automation industry is growing at a breakneck pace. Companies in business-to-business industries from IT consulting to manufacturing have been adopting lead generation and management applications at a furious rate since 2009. None of these big hitters is even 15 years-old: Eloqua and Silverpop were founded in 1999, Marketo and Pardot in 2007.
For example, Lead Liaison’s Lead Management Automation™ cloud-based platform is a competitive lead management solution because it allows marketers to expand their email delivery without overage charges.
PPC advertising, social media marketing, and SEO have all played a part in marketing B2B solutions.
Only in the last few years, have marketers been able to take advantage of the opportunities offered by drones in advertising brands and products. Some of these ways, while still in their infancy, show a huge potential for the future of marketing. Drones can be simply, the new physical medium to advertise a product or a brand to the public. They used drones to carry small fliers past the windows of Moscow office buildings, promoting the shop’s lunch specials just before lunch-time. Drones were used at some locations belonging to the chain to fly to tables where couples were eating, inviting them to kiss under the mistletoe.
Drones were filmed while delivering Coke cans and love messages to Singapore migrant workers forced to live away from their families for long periods of time. The ad, created by the advertising agency Venables Bell & Partners, was strongly criticized by some members of the drone community for the negative role played by the drones. This, in turn, will feed into business analytics systems that allow an organization to operate more efficiently while tapping the data for marketing and promotion”. These products are stuffed with marketing jargon, statistics, and irrelevant examples that people cannot understand and tactics they cannot implement.
New companies are popping up throughout Vancouver, the lower mainland, and BC, most offering marketing related job opportunities – making entry level positions available across many industries. Measuring the performance and ROI of marketing campaigns and initiatives is a critical and core focus.
There are several other examples of competitive advantages that smaller players have which MA vendors like HubSpot, Pardot, and LeadLander do not provide. However, marketing automation software appears to have one important differentiator from other B to B digital marketing components: while buying behaviors may change (such as reduced PPC click-through), capturing and managing Big Data for marketing purposes is not vulnerable to changing online behavior trends. The campaign was abruptly interrupted when a customer got injured by a drone in a Brooklyn, N.Y. The main reason we’re doing these tests is to see if we can use a mainstream format to collect more first-party data across markets”. Managerial or executive level positions in Marketing can see professionals earning upwards of $60,000 – $70,000 per year after 5 – 7 plus years of experience and training.
Marketing diploma programs are focused towards preparing graduates for entry into the workforce immediately and train students on foundational marketing techniques and best practices. The drones, with cameras and phones turned off, collected publicly available Wi-Fi signals.
Contract jobs in marketing are also prominent throughout the sector, which allows graduates from business and marketing diploma programs to supplement their full time income with additional contract employment outside their standard work week. With companies focusing heavily on their online marketing presence, a strong understanding of online marketing standards, best practices, and marketing tools is now considered a primary requirement for most, if not all jobs in Marketing.
Perhaps this is why companies like Marketo, Eloqua, and Lead Liaison are forging a sustainable path for this booming industry.

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