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What Are The a€?4 Csa€?? The a€?4 Csa€? marketing mix definition seeks to turn traditional marketing thinking on it's head by looking sales and marketing in a customer-centric way. Do you have insights, strategies or a story about the marketing mix to share with other readers? Mental Accounting & Marketing Mix Marketing mix forms the entire promotional campaign for any products. As with many aspects of traditional business, today's market demands an adjustment to see things from your customer's perspective. The a€?4 Ca€? approach to marketing is described below and follows the a€?Youa€? Marketing philosophy of putting the customer - a€?youa€? - first.

Instead of looking at how each aspect of marketing is seen by the business, you look at these from the customer's perspective. Rather, key into the thinking behind the exercise which is to get you to see thing from your customers' point of view. Customer Value (Not Product!) A product is something you make which people come and buy. Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into how the market mix today is different from previous decades! These are to blended effectively to form a marketing program that prove want satisfying …Click here to write your own. The a€?4 Csa€? changes marketing mix definition from Product, Price, Place and Promotion to Customer Value, Cost, Convenience and Communication.

However, today, you can no longer succeed by making what you want and must instead find out what customer's want. Focusing on Customer Value allows you to reset your perceptions around what it is you are creating and bringing to the market, be it a product, service or some other value. Everything begins and ends with your customer and you exist to serve their needs. Value is what your customer is concerned about, not you, your fabulous product or anything else you do.

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