Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Civil Engineering Objective type questions1.The performance of a specific task in CPM is known as a) dummy b) event c) activity d)constant2. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The final technical authority of a project isa) Assistant Engineer b) Executive Engineerc) Superintending Engineer d) Chief Engineer3. As per IS-800-1974, the maximum longitudinal pitch allowed in bolted joints oftension members is abouta) 12 times thickness of plate b) 12 times diameter of the boltc) 16 times thickness of plate d)16 times diameter of the bolt35. Time and progress chart of a construction is also known asa) Bar chart b) Gantt chartc) Modified milestone chart d)any of the above4. In a prestressed member, it is advisable to usea) low strength concrete only b) high strength concrete onlyc) low strength concrete but high tensile strength d)high strength concrete andhigh tensile strength36.

An invar tape is made of an alloy ofa) Copper and steel b) Brass and nickelc) Brass and steel d)Nickel and steel5.
If the thickness is small in comparison with length and width, such structuralmembers are called asa) one dimensional b) two dimensionalc) three dimensional d)none of these45.
The drop manholes are generally provided in sewers fora) industrial areas b) large townshipsc) hilly townships d)cities in plains6. Number of unknown internal forces in each member of a rigid jointed planeframe isa) 1 b) 2c) 3 d)646. The first stage of natural process of sludge digestion isa) acid fermentation b) acid regressionc) alkaline fermentation d)none of these7.
In case of eccentricity loaded struts, the section preferred isa) solid b) hollowc) tapering d)composite47. Trickling filters are used to removea) suspended solids b) colloidal solidsc) organic matter d)pathogenic bacteria8.

The thickness of the flange of a tee beam of a ribbed slab is generally assumedasa) depth of the rib b) width of the ribc) thickness of the concrete topping d)half the thickness of the rib40. Points of contraflexure are the points wherea) beam is supported b) bending moment is zeroc) shear force is zero d)bending moment changes sign48. The danger for workers descending into a deep sewer is due toa) deficiency of oxygen b) toxic gasesc) inflammable gases d)any of these9. Geologically marble is known asa) sedimentary rock b) igneous rockc) metamorphic rock d)stratified rock49.

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