I have had the pleasure of working on several recent projects with All Marketing Solutions. Ileana R.All Marketing Solutions built an excellent Facebook application for one of my clients that attracted new fans and improved revenue.
Jason BrooksAll Marketing Solutions team has been very reliable, which is rare these days, and has delivered exactly what the project required.
Miso G.We have worked Ijaz and his team for almost a year now and think they are fantastic! Lisa P.Ijaz and his team did an amazing job on an intricate, custom designed WordPress Genesis framework. They are committed partners who will make sure your job is complete even after it’s completed. Wea€™re passionate, fresh college-enthusiasts dedicated to connecting the campus community. With a communication background, Virginia ensures the satisfaction of our clients, oversees summer interns, and manages over 30 publications! Anna loves the process of pulling all of the pieces of a project together and marveling at the final result.
While having a few roles within The AroundCampus Group, Joe has used his customer service skills to make sure his clients truly enjoy their experience. Alexandriaa€™s keen eye for design and love of art has led her to a professional career with AC. Nate's years of experience and enthusiasm for helping students launch their careers make him an important member of our team. Laurena€™s dedication to detail and design ensures the top quality production of more than 20 university publications. Madissona€™s competitive edge and drive to be the best have been the fire beneath her success here, in both sales and management.
With a background in Marketing and Editing, Sam strives to excel in a newly founded career at AC.
Natalie is excited to have the opportunity to mentor and help change the lives of students through our internship program! Leanna's dedication to detail and her love of organization ensure each project she works on becomes the very best it can be. Neely enjoys talking with our customers and helping them develop a marketing plan for their year. Keri's love of checklists helps her organize company events and manage project deadlines for over 40 university publications. Julianna draws on her event planning experience to find exciting ways to bring brands and students together. Miranda's expressive and meticulous designs bring a lofty and modern edge to all the creative products she works on at AroundCampus.
Working for her talented team of sales managers and college students, Alex loves the thrill of providing a direct campus pipeline to local, regional & national brands! Sade, First of her name, Defender of the Vale (aka Sales), Slayer of Dragons (aka Objections), Master of Coins, House of Gilbert. Sean has a fun and can do attitude when it comes to work, leading to his success at The AroundCampus Group. Rachela€™s relentless work ethic and determination push her to go above and beyond with any task. John's knack for building relationships and friendly sense of humor allow him to connect extremely well with potential clients, students, and his fellow coworkers. Rebecca combines 10 years of event planning, marketing, and management experience to bring brands directly to students through relevant, impactful strategies.
When shea€™s not busy crunching numbers and running payments as ACa€™s accounting extraordinaire, Sherry can be found traveling the back roads and participating in adventure sports, like skydiving, whitewater rafting, and caving. Melissa's people-centered approach to customer service has lead to strong relationships with both co-workers and customers.
Brienna is a tornado of facts, working diligently with our customers each year to re-ignite their support in our publications and find the best fit for their needs. By leaning on his customer service and sales experience, Bryan makes sure everyone is satisfied with their AC experience. Ron oversees campus programming quality and operations for the Digital Signage department in addition to print and video creation. Jerome has over 7 years of inside sales experience, he enjoys building long and lasting relationships with his peers as well as customers he works with.
Rob brings a collaborative approach to finance by building strong relationships with business partners, focusing on growth, operational improvements & developing strong teams.
With a background in print and marketing, Hannah brings to AC a wide range of skills to ensure the successful completion of every project she manages.
Teddy's tenacious work ethic paired with his gleaming sense of humor blend together to make a savage combo. Kade enthusiastically brings a range of digital design expertise to the team and loves learning something new at AC everyday! Kathryn works daily to help produce high quality publications for our schools and advertisers.
Chelseaa€™s upbeat personality and dedication to customer service create positive relationships with clients and coworkers. Gabriel's tenacious attitude and passion for sales drive his natural ability to lead and teach students what it takes to be successful.
Erik's hard work and passion for improving himself and the people around him have led him to become a successful sales intern and now a regional manager with AC. Stephanie enjoys using her background in marketing and organizational skills to manage the production of several school publications.
Mike's fresh and innovative approach to marketing strategies has enhanced his relationships with advertisers, students, and coworkers.
Natalie's eagerness in helping customers and past experience interacting with students as a college RA makes her a great addition to the team. Ahmad's past experiences, personality, and rapport-building skills has given him the tools to successfully relate, communicate, and bridge the gap between business owners, college students, and his coworkers.
Mary has a passion for working with team members and companies to create solutions to challenges and achieving goals. Nic enjoys using technology in order to help solve business problems and automate processes. A lot of people do not know Microsoft has a set of technologies that can help business winning customers in the digital space. A leader in providing essential information that helps customers in all industries including government predict, assess and manage risk.

This is a sales position that exists to acquire and grow revenue within established enterprise sales accounts through sales of our client’s data, marketing products, and solutions in an assigned account structure. Develop gap analysis techniques to determine incremental opportunities within existing accounts.
Contact and meet with account decision makers to determine the business needs to penetrate new business opportunities. Develop planning regimen to identify and track revenue trends, recognize sales opportunities, target specific sales activities, and analyze competitive threats. Clearly demonstrate your understanding of client’s pricing, administrative procedures, and organization to effectively answer customer’s questions or implement solutions in a timely fashion. Work closely in a team environment with sales support and technical implementation employees to satisfy customer needs. If you know of someone that may have an interest in this position, please feel free to share this link. Over the past few months, I’ve studied digital marketing strategies for construction companies in the region. Nowadays, the Internet is almost everywhere in our technologically driven society: at the office, home, on our mobiles and even at our favorite cafe. When you make a business on the Internet, you want people who don’t know who you are to be able to find you rapidly and without difficulty.
Your website not only helps you to attract new customers, but also cares for strong relationships with existing ones.
Digital marketing gives you an unlimited platform on which you can determine yourself as a manufacturing expert. After having chosen a dependable design company, the next step is figuring out the different elements that need to go into creating your website.
I’ve visited many construction websites full of some lovely pictures of completed buildings, which are all beautiful and catchy, but what the clients want to see is the team that builds a magnificent flat, house, or shopping center from scratch.
Commonly, the clients have many questions in mind and they want to know more and more about your company. You should allocate a page to clarifying the services you offer and a bit about what’s involved. The clients are enthusiastic to see lots of beautiful and attractive images of your best construction projects and a bit of detailed explanation about each one. There are some common mistakes building & construction companies make with their websites. We had very smart people working on the project and all the teams working with me were very prompt & able to respond quickly to the changing project requirments. Even though we worked with them remotely on all our projects, but they were responsive & easy to work with.
No request is out of the question and usually can be accommodated within the current budget and in a reasonable timeframe.
The constant, professional follow up and feel of responsibility to handle every aspects of each project up close and directly caught our attention right away and that shows how motivated Comelite’s employees are to achieve and obtain their clients’ satisfaction.
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The creative and technical work was top draw and the project was delivered on time and on budget.
I appreciated the flexibility and quick turnaround time in terms of little fixes and last minute edits -they have been quite resourceful and able to come up with a right solution every single time. Their ability to create EXACTLY what we need is a very special skill, as they have done some wonderful projects for us so far!
They answered all my questions, met all my requests (and I had quite a few!), and then the biggest part, have even helped make changes and tweaks after the job was complete.
In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, exploring new places, and playing with her dog!
Since then her passion has grown exponentially and she is excited to work with the Atlantic region interns to help them grow.
Outside of the office, she enjoys cuddling with her cats, riding motorcycles, and attending music festivals.
If he gets some free time, you'll find him hanging out with his wife, Lisa, or playing any sport that involves keeping score!
She takes great delight in speaking Spanish & Portuguese, practicing yoga, and all types of dancinga€”especially contra! When shea€™s not working, shea€™s either playing soccer or watching Netflix with her dogs, Happy and Zeus.
When not working with sales reps, or the inside sales team, she enjoys painting, exploring the area, and binge-watching Netflix.
She spends her days on the phone developing relationships with communities all over the country. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, eating, and watching UNC basketball (sometimes all at the same time). She loves a good cup of coffee, finding herself on planes to new places, and a well groomed Pandora station. Outside of work, and like a true Gryffindor, she can be found saving the universea€¦one video game at a time. Leisurely, she enjoys watching the latest movies, crafting, walking her dog, T-Rex, & trying new restaurants.
When not in the office, you can find her running on the ATT or planning her next adventure.
He couples this experience with his passion for his clients to ensure highly successful marketing campaigns. He has a strong passion for helping students jump start their career and enjoys an occasional pick up game of basketball. When not working with the Chesapeake region he is likely either in the gym or in the kitchen making food for the week. An artist on and off the clock, Ron is also an Actor, Writer, and Pro-Wrestling Enthusiast (that counts right?). Ever since, he has had a passion to help college students grow through the same incredible program. Although that was decades ago, many of the fundamentals gained from that experience are deeply engrained: work hard, help others, show up, speak up and read. When he isn't leading a team of bright interns, he can be found hitting the dusty trail on his enduro. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family a€“ her son Declan, husband Shaun, 90lb lab Lexi, and daughter, expected in May! She has a diverse professional & academic background, making her a versatile member of the AC Team.

In her free time, she enjoys painting, relaxing at the beach, and volunteering with her sororitya€™s local alumnae group. Shea€™s excited to manage a team of interns, helping them recognize their potential and gain valuable experiences.
With management experience in sales, retail, and hospitality, Brandi is ready to ROCK the Rockies Region. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing with friends and family on the lake and cheering on her beloved Tar Heels.
Whether it be clients, students, or co-workers, Nico finds his best work comes from collaborating with others. When he is not out closing sales, Gabe can be found cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen. His use of social media helps connect students, campuses, and advertisers across the board. He fills the time in between by giving 100% at everything he does, and listening to funky music. In his spare time, he tries to relive his collegiate athletic career on the soccer pitch and basketball court. All of which she experiences daily while managing the Customer Relations & Production departments.
Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, they provide products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy.
It is anticipated that account executive will insure and grow additional revenue opportunities and protect revenue base via a total solutions strategic approach. This encompasses driving revenue-generating activities throughout the household account including subsidiaries. This position is part of a strong comprehensive sales team including a Customer Manager and Product Solution Specialist. You can also keep track of industry news and career updates by following us on Artemis Consultants Facebook  and Artemis Consultants Twitter. Most construction companies don’t have any digital marketing strategy and some of them have a digital footprint that’s outdated and underutilized. Whether you’re eager to use online marketing to startup a new construction business, or you’re working in a well-functioning and years’ old enterprise that let’s its reputation work for itself, there are three main reasons why you should definitely begin considering the online vivacity of your construction company. One way to demonstrate yourself as an industrial knowledge specialist is to help consumers comprehend some of the more complicated parts of the building industry and share them with your audience. Are you a residential company, do you do new builds, renovations, decks, bathroom and kitchen remodels? These projects are representing you and that’s what you are going to sell to potential clients. Do you want to have to call the web company every time you need to change a simple text or edit an image?
Their one of the most flexible companies in modifications than any other company we’ve done business with and they’ve been able to give us more than we expected.
We generally have tight timelines and complex requests and they always do their best to accommodate the timelines, trouble shooting and provide workable solutions. Communications was excellent and head and shoulders above any outsourcers I’ve worked with on similar projects. They have turned out designs into pixel-perfect creations and we really feel this is a long-term relationship. In her free time she enjoys hiking, creating art, and listening to her grandmother's vinyl records.
In her spare time, she enjoys attending concerts, going to the beach, and participating in athletics. One interest of his that rivals work is watching the NFL on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. A true Minnesota Vikings Fan, you can find Nico spending his free time watching sports with friends and family.
They are a leading information provider that serves customers in more than 100 countries with more than 30,000 employees worldwide. When you’re setting up a website, make sure it functions in a way that its services satisfy visitors and turn them into potential clients in long run. Real estate owners know how hard it is to run such a business and this industry is branded as “high risk”. The clients want to know about your background, your experiences and qualifications, the projects that you have completed and your awards. So make sure the web company permits you to edit the text on your site, and that they show you or your admin user how to manage the site and edit text and images. When the clients land on your contact page, they want to find more ways to contact you than just an exhausting fill-out form. Develop a reasonable strategy for your company’s online marketing growth, and then hit the ground running. I would recommend working with this team as their experience and expertise have added great value to every project they work on. I’d be happy to recommend the All Marketing Solutions to team anyone looking for high quality products.
Outside of work she enjoys being able to stunt, hanging out with friends and listening to music! There are hundreds of factors that can bring such a project to a halt and for investors it’s very hard to distinguish whom to work with. This means that when you want to change an address or you want to add another job to your portfolio, you can do it by yourself. You should put your contact details on every page of your website; Phone number, email address, Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube channel links, etc.
Having social media links and other apparatus that enable people to connect to others through you, makes everything easier and in no time, clients tend to refer to you for your great customer services. By guiding people to others, you might think you’re serving with no revenue but that’s quite the opposite. You’re showing them how you’ve coped with issues and you’re telling them how you’re going to do that, months before you even wanted to sign the contract.
By telling people where to find great building material and great contractors, you will reach 2 goals. You win trust, you satisfy the visitor, you make a contractor or a supplier owe you and finally you prove your generosity.

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