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As you might have gathered from early impressions here at CraveOnline or other outlets, this is a Call of Duty game looking to shake things up. A lot has been learned from previous releases, and now the franchise is taking its biggest step in the past decade in content, gameplay, and story.There are both familiar and unfamiliar qualities to Advanced Warfare, which will make the transition for some Call of Duty fans a bit of a learning experience.
Marine who has just joined Atlas. The future setting means that there are new threats to deal with that the series has never seen before. Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey plays the role of Jonathan Irons, the founder of the Atlas corporation that the single-player campaign is based around. This, along with Sledgehammer Games' expressed interest in delivering a great narrative, is promising for the game's single-player mode. For example, the BAL-27 is an assault rifle that fires faster the longer you hold down the trigger, while the EM1 shoots a constant beam of directed energy.

There are a ton of different options that range in ammunition type and firing style.You can see a list of weapons in the game here. You can then switch between which you'd like to use, including a flash bang, sticky grenade, and EMP bomb.
The game is faster paced than any Call of Duty before it thanks to higher jumping, quicker running, stronger melee attacks, and more.This isn't some far-fetched sci-fi technology, though. The impressive technology used in Advanced Warfare is based on current research and development in the United States military. It's a neat idea that condenses important information into a smaller, less obtrusive area on the screen. It's similar to Ghosts' Extinction mode in that you'll combat battle waves of enemies and tackle objectives. Utilizing these tiers is critical to success as a team.You'll also be able to upgrade and earn abilities between waves, adding some flexibility to the experience.
For the most part, perks are similar to what we've seen before, but there are some new ones. Take for example the Overcharged perk, which extends the battery life of the Exoskeleton.You can see a full list of perks here.

They add a random element to the progression, something Call of Duty hasn't seen before.Just to be clear, these aren't drops that you deploy when in a game. So, there's a lot of decision to be made, and chances are your loadout won't be quite the same as anyone else's. You'll earn new models, clothing, armor, and even Exoskeletons as you progress through the multiplayer portion of the game.
Other players can easily see your operator outside of combat through the game's Virtual Lobby system. These allow you to see the Create An Operator of each player in your game, as well as their progression.

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