Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is a protocol used for streaming audio, video and data over the Internet, between a Flash player and a server. The raw TCP-based RTMP protocol maintains a single persistent connection and allows real-time communication. Tech Freedom Online uses YBox Streaming Server environment which is built on a high end, high bandwidth platform. Corporate: Pre-placement talks for fresh candidates, infrastructure and facilities streaming to acquire bigger projects, On demand streaming of apartments or construction projects, live sales reviews, dealers meet, investor meet etc. Live Events: Broadcasting live events over the web such as Marriages, Sales Launches, Training Sessions, CEO meets, Sales Reviews, Tele Medicine, Surveillance etc.
Training: Live training sessions and pre-recorded training sessions can be streamed using live and on demand streaming.
If your video project includes live coverage, you must use broadcasting, or live webcasting. If bandwidth is not a paramount concern, you want users to be able to receive you media regardless of connection speed, and you don’t mind if users obtain the actual downloaded copies of your audio and video content on their computers and portable devices, progressive download may be viable.
Windows Media Full Screen Button for Player using javascript and player API fullScreen(), how to make a windows media embed go fullscreen via a button. Many times, you may want to have a listener stream MP3s from your site, but you don’t have any streaming software set up. We are proud to announce the latest member center plug-in, our very own file viewer application. Downloading When a user wishes to view video on your site, there are several possible methods that can allow said user to see the video.
When streaming media over the web, it is important to take into consideration the speed at which your viewers are connecting to the internet. The GravityLab Multimedia content delivery network is comprised of best-of-breed streaming media servers located directly on the fiber optic North American internet backbone.
If you want to stream Quicktime files, you will need to encode the videos correctly so they can be played on a streaming server. There are three ways of getting audio and video files (which are usually very large) to the end user: 1.
Telestream announced an agreement by which Microsoft will now distribute Windows Media® Components for QuickTime. Want a few reasons you should be live webcasting your conference or live broadcasting your event?
Most often, a video is made up of several shot sequences, similar to how this blog post is made up of several paragraphs. While taking a course in photo and video journalism at the Harvard Extension School, I learned some tried and true sequences that I still use to this day. This is a great one to start with because it can be used in pretty much any type of video, and it requires minimal effort. In general, close-ups are really useful when you’re trying to split up shots in an otherwise static video. While we’re on the topic of close-ups, you can shoot a whole collection of them to create a portrait of a setting or a subject.
This shot sequence is analogous to a surprise birthday party in terms of the sheer joy it brings. When done well, this sequence can make your video look seamless and professional, like a tuxedo unitard.
Since I love anthropomorphized animals, I couldn’t help but provide you with another quick example.
Once you begin shooting this sequence, the spatial relationship between the two subjects needs to remain consistent. When I went out to shoot my first video assignment, I brought a whole list of shot sequences in my back pocket and experimented with them constantly. AMSTERDAM ? At last week’s Super Mobility Conference in Las Vegas, ESPN and Hulu said their mobile video audience was expanding rapidly, and said having mobile video was a critical component of their business strategy. With good reason; both have seen huge growth in the popularity of their programming on mobile platforms. Cisco recently forecast that video traffic could make up 69% of all mobile video traffic by 2018; Ooyala predicts mobile to make up 50% of all online viewing by 2016. While mobile devices see plenty of snacking — viewers spent 45% of their time watching videos of six minutes or less in length ? tablet viewers spent 23% of their time watching video of 30-60 minutes in length, more than on any other device. At IBC this week, mobile has been center stage for a number of vendors, broadcasters and operators. Increasingly, user interface and branding on mobile devices is being seen as a key part of the solution, a nod to the increasing amount of time being spent on devices other than traditional TV, and to the growing role operators expect those device to play. Equally as topical at the conference has been the role that search, discovery and recommendation will play, not only across devices, but across premium and OTT service as well.
Ooyala’s Quarterly Index also found viewers use connected TVs for a big piece of their entertainment, saying viewers of connected TVs spent 81% of their time watching videos longer than 10 minutes. Ooyala also said viewers spent 65% of their time watching videos 30 minutes or longer on connected TVs, and 54% of that time watching content longer than 60 minutes. A fascinating piece in Techcrunch this week, titled Big Data Analytics vs The Gut Check raises the most important question in today’s data-heavy world: can we really turn a stunning amount of statistics into something useful? For a successful digital video provider, the sheer quantity of data can be literally dizzying.
When we’re looking at video, there are often way more variables than we can work out by just looking at reports. With so many potential perspectives, the winners are going to be those who take a pile of data and ask the right questions. For Big Data and human intuition to come together, we’re going to need the tools that allow us to combine all the perspectives and build tangible answers to complex, multi-dimensional questions. Delivering super high power density that meets customer demands and ensures tolerable working conditions requires careful planning. To effectively separate hot and cold air and keep equipment cool, data centers use either hot aisle or cold aisle containment. In a typical data center, if the computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units go offline, you have about 10-15 minutes to get the chillers restarted before temperatures start to rise significantly. Hot aisle containment also makes a cooling outage less painful because the entire data center floor becomes a cool air pocket that can be sucked through the machines, giving you a few extra minutes before things start getting ? well, sweaty.
Internap’s high density data centers are flexible enough to work with custom cabinets if the customer prefers to use their own. Data centers designed to support high power density allow companies to get more out of their colocation footprint. Download the white paper, Future-Proofing Your Data Center Investment with Scalable Density, to learn more about the benefits of high power density data centers.
The post High power density data centers: 3 essential design elements appeared first on Internap. McAdam said there would be an on-demand component to the new service, a la Netflix and Amazon, but said Verizon also would multicast live channels from broadcasters as well as major sporting events.
In addition to having most of the technology nearly ready to roll, McAdams also said the carrier had been successfully negotiating with studios to license content, something that has been seen as a stumbling block in the past.

And, he said, the service likely would offer smaller, consumer-managed packages of channels, a bow to a la carte programming that also has been much discussed. The market is changing rapidly, he said, and it’s crucial that operators respond now. It is awesome to be able to partner with an organization that tackles two amazing desires in one: complex problem-solving and contributing to the greater good, and we would love for more developers to join. Technologists, designers, environmentalists, thought leaders and more will convene in over 40 cities to work on one of 15 global climate change challenges, which will be integrated for long term impact into partner non-government organizations and government organizations. As a Hack4Good sponsor, Rackspace is inviting developers to take advantage of $600 of free Rackspace cloud credits through the developer+ program. We hope you take notice, and participate in this awesome weekend of collaboration, care and climate change. We have been long-time believers in the power of video, and as consumers become more and more tech savvy, it’s increasingly important for marketers to understand the influence of video in the marketing mix.
The research showed that a better video experience leads to more action, higher loyalty, and more social sharing. In addition, over a third of consumers (35%) cited brand video content as more memorable if it is of high quality.
When asked how their branded video experience could be improved, three of the top four consumer responses related to video delivery ? better quality streaming (32%), faster launch times (31%) and less buffering (30%) — showcasing that consumers are really now focused on the experience that is being delivered to them, end-to-end. It’s clear video creates an opportunity for engagement and should be viewed as an integral part of a marketing strategy and not just an add-on.
Docker eliminates the friction between environments to provide faster app delivery, infinite deployment flexibility and improved service levels. Before Docker, developers and sysadmins needed to take an application, combine it with an operating system and emulate the entire server to make it portable. This post is part of our Non Sequitur Fridays series, which will feature a different Wistia team member’s take on a non-Wistia-related topic each week. There was no time to fiddle around with composing an outfit at this point, so I pulled on my jeans, still crumpled up on the floor from yesterday, and my most reliable Wistia shirt. This may sound like an innocuous task, but my sock drawer is cavernous and chaotic, and to find two that match-ish and don’t have holes is more difficult than you would think.
So here I stand at 9:00 AM, albeit lopsided, in one sneaker, surveying the room for the other. Elasticsearch cluster on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), fully managed by Auto Scaling.
Create and configure a KinesisConnectorPipeline with a Transformer, a Filter, a Buffer, and an Emitter.
Using the Rackspace Managed Cloud, offers its customers a simpler way to manage servers online by making it easy to execute commands on groups of servers from a beautiful web interface. The Rackspace Startup Program was there to help use the Rackspace Managed Cloud to simplify server management. Today at the annual IBC conference, we are excited to announce the launch of our newest product, Perform, a high performance service for creating and managing video player experiences that redefines video playback across devices. Perform powers cross-platform video playback with a full set of management APIs, the fastest performance optimization services, and the leading HTML5-first Brightcove Player.
Loading up to 70% faster than competitive players, including YouTube’s, the underlying Brightcove video player in Perform is the fastest loading player on the market today, according to head-to-head comparisons. Developer-friendly and built for the future, Perform is designed to serve the needs of the world’s leading video publishers by plugging into bespoke workflows and working seamlessly with other modular services from Brightcove, such as the Zencoder cloud transcoding and Once server-side ad insertion platforms.
As the first truly enterprise-grade player available as a standalone service, Perform is a powerful addition to the Brightcove family of products and a key driver in our ongoing mission to revolutionize the way video is experienced on every screen. He also pointed out that the connected environment gives broadcasters new ways to connect with audiences, something Ch.
The broadcaster has offered users the opportunity to register for its online product and get access to additional content, and to receive personalized recommendations, among other perks.
It’s paid off to the tune of more than 11 million registered users, a number increasing by 10,000 new users daily. AMSTERDAM — The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) at IBC2014 today launched its VidiPath certification program for retail products supporting subscription TV.
The VidiPath Certification program draws on expertise from more than a decade of interoperability testing that the organization has performed on more than 25,000 device models, enabling more than 3 billion devices to share personal content on many types of devices in the home.
The guidelines were developed through a close collaboration between service providers and consumer electronics (CE) product manufacturers, and more than 15 companies have already begun pre-testing their products to prepare for certification. We are extremely pleased to be launching the VidiPath Certification Program, and applaud service provider and CE members for developing the consumer-friendly VidiPath brand name that will simplify product shopping and selection as Certified devices become available later this year,? said Scott Lofgren, chairman and president of DLNA. One of the key issues here is that the new program helps establish a standard for delivering TV services to an array of devices, something the FCC has focused on. As part of the program, subscribers will be encouraged to look for the new brand name, VidiPath, when shopping for retail devices that deliver service providers’ full viewing experience on many different screens in home.
DLNA is demonstrating products supporting its VidiPath Guidelines and will be sharing more details about its certification and branding programs during IBC in Booth #L22, Content Everywhere Hall at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition & Convention Centre.
To guarantee smooth delivery of video and audio streams, while still maintaining the ability to transmit bigger chunks of information, the protocol splits video and data into 128-byte fragments (except for audio which uses 64-byte fragments).
For example, play list of selected songs, pre-recorded events, pre-recorded training sessions, video tutorials, how to do video manuals, movies, trailers, prayers, masses etc. This includes, live events, marriages, press releases, CEO meets, reality shows, sales events, symposiums, online lectures etc. A: Given the complexity of the Internet, it’s not unusual for short-lived problems to crop on somewhere in the system. Within each paragraph (or shot sequence), there are multiple sentences (or shots) that work together to create distinct sets. If all my sentences were the same length and style, my paragraphs would become quite boring. Pair this with a caramel-smooth voice-over, and you’re on your way to creating video magic.
As a videographer tasked with capturing this, you could use a nice, long medium shot of her reading away and call it a day. In your first shot (or shots), be sure to hide the surprise, then “jump out,” or make the big reveal, in the last shot!
As you can see in our video example above, Dave is quite comfortable with being a drama queen.
In other words, if Karen begins on one side of the frame opposite Randy, she sure as heck needs to stay on that side. Ooyala today released its Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report that shows mobile consumption exceeding 25% of all online viewing in the second quarter, and the trend is accelerating, accounting for 27% of online viewing in June. More vendors are offering electronic programing guides that include not only pay-TV listings, but listings and recommendations from SVOD, TVOD and AVOD, along with other OTT services. Many customers, particularly those focused on ad tech and big data analytics, are specifically looking for colocation space that can support high power densities of 12+kW per rack.
When designing high power density data centers, there are three essential elements to consider. With cold aisle containment, all the space outside the enclosed cold aisle is considered hot aisle, and enough cold air must be pumped across the front side of the servers to keep them cool.

Using true hot aisle containment instead of cold aisle containment creates better working conditions for customers and maintains a reasonable temperature across the entire data center floor. We have a mobile analytics customer that uses nine breaker positions in a single footprint.
As long as the cabinet can be attached to the ceiling and connected to the return air plenum, we can meet the customers’ power density requirements.
The ability to use rack space more efficiently and avoid wasted space can help address changing needs and save money in the long run. CEO Lowell McAdam yesterday told an audience at the Goldman Sach’s Communicopia Conference that the telecom plans to introduce a virtual pay-TV play by the middle of next year. This time around, the Hack4Good hackathon will focus on projects and prototypes that address global climate change. The 15 challenges are: Public Awareness, Personal Impact, Digital Activism, Compelling Visualization, International Negotiations, Resilient Communities, Extreme Water Impacts, Intense Heat Impacts, Ecosystems and Nature, Collaboration, Consumer Behavior, Energy Production, Responsible Finance, Sustainable Business and Energy Efficiency and Reforestation. To better illustrate how consumers feel about video, we embarked on a research study that questioned 2,000 consumers globally. Not only do 79% of consumers favor digital content over traditional, but more than one in ten (12%) prefer to consume content from brands on their smartphone, tablet or mobile application. By delivering a high quality, relevant and engaging video experience to end users, marketers can benefit from increased loyalty, higher brand engagement, more content sharing, and higher referral rates.
At Docker, we believe it should be quick and painless to ship application workloads across environments (dev, test and production) and hosts (laptops, data centers and clouds). I know you were up at the crack of dawn, lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, and whatever else one does before the ungodly hour of 7 AM.
This threw my morning into complete disarray because when my alarm finally did go off, I had wasted ten minutes of necessary sleep-time waiting for that to happen. Doubtfire dance-vacuuming the floor sailed onto my screen and brought back a fuzzy memory of Alex Kornetsky quoting a line from the movie in carpool. Barring any train drama, I will arrive a few minutes before my 10 o’clock meeting, with just enough time to grab a banana, a coffee, and some quick kitchen banter. We now have thousands of accounts created in over 80 different countries, and, by the end of 2014 our goal is to be profitable.? notes Keller.
A groundbreaking innovation, Perform enables video publishers to improve their speed to market and create high-quality, immersive video experiences across devices.
It supports HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) video playback across devices, along with analytics integrations, content protection, and both server-side and client-side ad insertion. The player supports HLS across all major mobile and desktop platforms for simplified workflows and uniform, high quality, cross-platform user experiences.
Additionally, Perform integrates with the Brightcove Once UX product to provide a powerful hybrid ad solution that combines the advantages of a comprehensive server-side solution with a rich client-side user experience. And, he said, broadcasters that don’t take advantage of it are missing a big opportunity, especially if they put linear and online into different silos. Fragments from different streams are then interleaved and multiplexed over a single connection. YBox Streaming Servers allow streaming in multiple mounts simultaneously without any data congestion.
You can start and run your own FM and TV channel over the web and reach millions of audience at the lowest possible cost. Or, you could take multiple brief close-up shots featuring her focused eyes, the headlines of the paper, the steaming mug of coffee, her purple nails, and any other interesting pieces that make up the whole. Here at Internap, we have several customers that need at least 17kW per rack, which requires significant air flow management, temperature control and electricity.
However, the hot aisles can become too hot ? over 90 degrees ? which creates intolerable working conditions for customers who need to access their equipment. To avoid an oven-like atmosphere, cooling systems must be ultra-resilient and designed with concurrent maintainability, including +1 chillers and separate loops for the entire cooling infrastructure.
But be sure to choose a data center originally designed to accommodate high power density ? otherwise you and your equipment may have trouble keeping cool. Almost a quarter (24%) of the consumers surveyed said video is their ?most trusted’ source of brand content. Docker leverages underlying container technology to ensure containers are simple to use, portable between environments and accessible to developers and sysadmins.
Okay, I may be a little late to the meeting, but only because my neighbor might come out of his house at the exact same time as me and we might make polite conversation about our socially awkward landlord. And, member of the Rackspace Startup Program, is looking to simplify server management.
Additionally, Perform’s plugin architecture allows for control and management of playback features in a discrete and extensible manner. The new Brightcove video player will also be available soon as part of Brightcove’s flagship Video Cloud online video platform.
Utilizing the two products in conjunction enables publishers to optimize monetization of ad-supported video and generate more views and more ad completions while avoiding the challenge posed by the growing popularity of ad blockers. With longer data chunks, the protocol only carries a one-byte header per fragment, thus incurring very little overhead. To put this in perspective, 17kW equates to about 60,000 BTUs, and a gas grill with 60,000 BTUs can cook a pretty good steak in about five minutes. This approach helps avoid the ?walking up into the attic? effect for data center technicians. Also, breaker positions are used for primary and redundant circuits ? more customers than ever are requesting redundant power, so this should also be taken into consideration.
Explaining their choice, 44% said video was more ?appealing’ to them, while engaging (28%), authentic (29%) and sharable (10%) were also cited as reasons for trusting video content over other forms of brand communication. To provide tools and resources for increased collaboration, Docker recently established a cloud-based registry known as Docker Hub. Of course, I had to hit the snooze button twice because, as we all know, the default snooze is only seven minutes, which didn’t make up for the full ten minutes lost. I spend about a minute trying to make the the shoelaces more evenly distributed so that one of the loops doesn’t drag on the ground, before relenting and double-knotting. I rolled out of bed and brushed my teeth briefly but masterfully, with quick, short strokes. This left me with some extra time to collapse back onto my bed for a moment and lazily click, while my computer warmed my stomach.
And I have one foot out the door, when I realize that my wallet and keys are not in the front pocket. If only I were male or marsupial, I would have proper pockets and this would never be a problem.

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