Recently, as Adobe ceases development of Flash Player on mobile platform, HTML5, again, has been mentioned over and over in the community. At present, although mobile games market keeps the rapid development, it has reached its bottleneck. Instead of the unopened mobile app store, HTML5 mobile game is running on the platforms of web and browser, which broaden the publish channel of game; as far as publicity method is concerned, HTML5, on the basis of rich internet resources, could either combine the traditional model, or cooperate with the social media platform, and also, create a new publicity method. Web game includes leisure single games, social games, large multi people online games and etc.
Web and social game attract the PC users who never play games; a lot of OL have great enthusiasm in those games, and social media platforms maintain their users through games.
Despite the great future of mobile web game, but its development was trapped by technology restriction and poor experience of Flash on mobile. 1.    It is able to realize the complicated effects through web which are as good as Flash games on PC. 4.    It allows offline operation and local database, which save the mobile flow consumption.
5.    HTML5 web game is compatible with smart mobile phones, tablet devices and PC, which realizes the trans-platforms compatibility of games. 7.    It took place of Flash as the first choice of social game development on mobile devices.
Because of the above features, HTML5 is able to become the standard technology of mobile internet development, which points out the direction for developers.
On August of this year, Rovio—the developer of “Angry Birds” published the HTML5 version of this game.
As the key link in strategic development of micro-blog to comprehensive SNS community conversion, micro games on mobile began to appear in our sight, in which HTML5 is the main product.
According to the market response, platformers and developers have great interests in HTML5; a huge HTML5 game wave is going to come.
Due to the establishment of HTML5 standard, positive market prospect, inspiring technology and development model and support from the community, HTML5 mobile games will probably break the present pattern and traditional restriction of mobile game market, and develop in a open, free and inspiring way. Development – There are tons of books, tutorials and other guide resources if you want to develop a game using Flash.
Platform stability – HTML5 standard is under developing, so any minor modification may affect the performance of the game. While a game is the kind of product that needs to use so many system resources… (sound, graphics, heavy IA, net communication…), Which are the pros of making it in html5 than in native language? Why do you think people will change its development language and environment to HTML5 versus continue it with native language.
The mobile game market has realized a significant growth during these twelve years,  incrementing its revenue from 20 to 211 billions of dollars on US market. First of all, the infographic analyzes the imposing growth: mobile phone is now used daily, according to data for almost the half for relax playing.
The common user of mobile game is part of  a varied public: is true that the leading segment is men until 35 years, but from 35 to 65 the women are the majority. Mobile Games Marketing research company Newzoo has released some interesting figures about the UK’s mobile gaming market.

Figures released for March of this year show that Apple iOS devices earned 94% of mobile revenue generated by the top 200 grossing games across Apple and Google application stores. Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo, said “When analyzing Apple’s successful monetization, there is one dominant factor outside of differences in audience demographics and preferences: Apple requires users to connect their credit card information directly to their account, thus creating a seamless purchase experience. The success of Game of War: Fire Age developer Machine Zone has allowed the company to open a second studio called Epic War, which is focusing efforts on the recently launched Mobile Strike.
The Epic War division of Machine Zone has been working on Mobile Strike for some time now, but it didn’t see a global launch until yesterday.
Mobile Strike features similar base building mechanics of many other mobile games and appears to use a modern warfare setting. It seems that Machine Zone is expecting the Game of War bubble to burst eventually and has prepared a new title for players to get hooked on. We recently had the opportunity to discuss The Skies launch, content, what makes it different, and future direction with developer Eforb. As it's developer appreciation week, we would like to thank the Daum Games team for their hard work but also discuss a few problems in Black Desert Online. Despite its casual nature, Star Wars: Battlefront could have been a successful eSports title if it had been given the chance.
Beta Data is MMOGames' weekly look at all of the latest Beta, Alpha, and Kickstarter events and news in the MMO industry, with a new post every Friday. If you need game suggestions, check out our recent look at what games ROBLOX users are gravitating toward on mobile. Can you fix the bug when you receive a notification or battery reminder, it will just exit you out automatically? I think it would be cool to see Roblox come as like a downloadable app thing for consoles (which I know is very unlikely).
A lot of people predict that the development of HTML5 will bring fundamental change to mobile internet industry. On the one hand, the developer is suffered from separate hardware platform, monologue channel and publicity method and high expenditure.
For instance, the social game model of Facebook and Zynga is a perfect combination of web-based game and social media.
Likewise, web games attract large amount of traditional non-gaming users through easy-to-get mobile devices, which gain huge development space.
Trans-platform and cloud maintenance save large amount of money and promote the efficiency of game update, thus, the developer is able to launch new project and promote user experience. The game based on HTML5 development is able to realize intimate connection with mobile social media platforms. We believe after a period of technology adjustment, highly qualified HTML5 games will spring up like mushrooms. Users can experience the bird-hunting fun on webpage after log in to Google Chrome Web Store, there is no download. In the upcoming year, we are going to witness an explosive development of mobile game lead by HTML5; and mobile game market is going to embrace a bright future than ever before. An app for any device (tablets are not so different from mobile phones) is used at least once a day, surpassing the use of television.

It seems that the number of mobile gamers in the UK has increased by 18% year-on-year to 23.9 million people, with 75% of gamers playing on smartphones and 17% playing on tablets. Most of this money is spent on in app purchases instead of the actual purchase of the game. I can hardly imagine any other company in the world that would be able to get away with this, including Google and Microsoft. Sticking with its tactic of using celebrity sponsors, Mobile Strike has recruited Arnold Schwarzenegger to front the game. We decided to adopt the tried-and true-studio model that many developers employ and are also excited to announce Epic War, our new studio whose staff is devoted to developing and managing this new game,” Machine Zone CEO Gabe Leydon said in a statement.
However, it’s unlikely that Mobile Strike will actually deliver anything that we haven’t seen before on mobile devices. He can normally be found in the deepest parts of a dungeon or in the arena slaying enemies.
In the time since its launch, we’ve been closely monitoring the app to ensure a good user experience and listening to your feedback. But if it worked for minecraft it might work for roblox, seeing as both are very similar… I would definitely get it for my ps3 or Wii U. As for mobile games, HTML5 is not only symbolizes revolutionary technology, but also means the broaden development space and the free, open future. On the other hand, the healthy development of mobile game is restricted by the increasing quantity, homogenization and low profit.
Therefore, from intimate-to-users perspective, web game is perfectly matched with mobile devices; on the other hand, from user experience perspective, mobile web game can be played on webpage without user terminal, it is easy and convenient, that’s something suitable to the characteristics of mobile users—fragment of time, mobile hardware and mobile internet environment.
The player is able to continue operation offline, and upload data again until next time of online. What restricts HTML5 game expression is not HTML5 technology itself, but the ability of HTML5 game developers.
Facebook can come a long way but Amazon clearly has the best chance and is proving this as we speak. Today, we’re pleased to announce all ROBLOX games are available to all users on ROBLOX Mobile. In addition, mobile web game is able to integrate with mobile social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which guarantees large amount of users.
The Kindle Fire, being the runner-up tablet in the US only 3 months after launch, has single-handedly doubled Android’s share of revenues in the US compared to European countries. This should give you a great opportunity to enjoy ROBLOX — whether you’re a Builders Club member or not — during your travels and free time over the upcoming holiday break. It will do the same in the UK soon after launch, but the rest of Europe might be a different story.
You can log into ROBLOX Mobile now and play all of the millions of games you and your fellow users have created.

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