Fans no longer have to sit on the sidelines rooting for their favorite team; they can get into the game with the latest fan engagement trends in mobile marketing. Sports teams are engaging fans through mobile marketing for customized interactions during the game and throughout the season. Communication trends are shifting with the advent of new technology, including mobile devices with enhanced interconnectivity. In accordance to the communication shift described by Kudelk, mobile marketing has taken the charge in today’s new age of interactive marketing by delivering highly convertible leads for clients looking to engage consumers for real-time results. Sport teams are benefiting from the instant results and feedback provided by mobile marketing. Colleges and universities are starting to see the benefit of tapping into their inherent fan base through mobile marketing efforts to drum up support and excitement. Collegiate athletic and marketing departments are getting in the mobile marketing game by establishing sound social strategies for engaging a broader fan base to their sports teams. Many colleges and universities are looking to third-party vendors to assist with their mobile marketing efforts. For collegiate athletic departments operating on smaller marketing budgets, current social networking sites with established mobile applications can serve as an effective promotional tool among your fan base.
Mobile marketing is more than an excitement generator—it can also help colleges and universities generate revenue through sponsorships. From collegiate athletic departments to professional sport leagues, fan engagement efforts and developing a centralized fan base can help perk up a team’s cheering section and revenue. Mit der Verbreitung und Durchsetzung der super-intelligenten Smartphone wird auch das mobile Marketing zunehmends intelligenter und ausgeklugelter.
Das Ergebnis des gesagten ist dass Handys und Smartphone nicht nur eine optionale Moglichkeit im Marketing-Mix darstellen sondern heutzutage eine Notwendigkeit.
Grunde dafur liegen in den fur Werbezwecke unerreichten technologische Moglichkeiten der Smartphone genause wie in deren rasanter Verbreitung. Kosteneffektivitat: Durch die noch nicht so gro?e Wettbewerberdichte und dadurch dass noch nicht die Mehrheit der Unternehmen teilnehmen sind die Preise noch geringer. Flexibilitat: Eine standig wachsende Anzahl an Kampagnen und Moglichkeiten eroffnen sich heir. Einfachheit: viele Komponenten im mobile Marketing sind relativ leicht zu verstehen und auch zu implementieren. Extreme Reichweite: Mit 50% Penetrationsrate der Smartphones an allen mobilen Endgerate lasst sich die Reichweite erahnen und verstehen warum dieser Kanal nicht vernachlassigt werden kann. Vielfaltigkeit: Ahnlich wie Social Medi Marketing kann es fur viele Bereiche verwendet werden, Kundengewinnung, Kundetreue, Kundenservice usw. Integration: Mobile Marketingaktivitaten konnen in andere bestehende Marketingkanale integriert werden.
Diese Frage hangt stark mit der Strategie und den internen Resourcen ab die Unternehmen zur Verfugung haben. Intern oder extern geht es darum wer fur was zustandig ist: Planung, Durchfuhrung, Messung und Optimierung. Hier gibt es grobere Unterschiede welche von der Industrie und den eigentlichen Kampagnen abhangen. With over 30 million mobile phone subscriber in Kenya, mobile marketing is one of the strategies that will ensure that your company gets to reach 30 million people.
Entrepreneurs and small business owners can take advantage of today’s technology to make their businesses more efficient and effective. Small businesses should also be taking advantage of mobile apps and devices as an essential.
Mobile devices have the ability of utilizing what is called “location-based” services that provides information and directions to the users based on their location to guide them to a particular business. Using bank-developed mobile applications, cheques can now be deposited using the camera on your mobile device in the US. Finally, small businesses can take advantage of both Internet-applications and mobile devices by tapping into the marketing and real-time interaction made possible by social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
Cloud applications as well as mobile devices are two technologies that used jointly can provide significant savings and increases in productivity and revenue for small businesses. What is SMS Text Marketing?SMS Marketing is a rapidly growing marketing technique that is used by a variety of businesses and is widely available to a broad range of consumers.
Several companies have had great success using SMS text to send special SMS Coupons to existing customers, such as special coupons redeemable in store.
The best way to know if your mobile marketing campaign is working is to analyze its key areas and identify the key metrics. Lots of tools have been developed to measure mobile metrics like google Analytics, Flurrym Apsalar, Mixpanel etc.
Building an app or creating a mobile website is complicated business and it is essential to attract users: explore how your clients found you, whether the keywords are actually driving traffic to your site, what platforms and devices are sending the majority of traffic, work out the average screen size in order to improve your design strategy. Time spent on site and particular pages: are the customers engaged by the key pages that convert to sales? Email response. How many users sign up to newsletters, what are the open rates and link clicks?
Advocacy. Analyse customers’ reviews and comments, if they share your information and engage with the polls, not just “like”.
Unsubscribe rates. Measure uninstall, unsubscribe rates that will tell you if your clients are getting disenchanted. Average revenue per user that will tell you how much your average mobile user is spending, and if it’s higher than the user acquisition cost. Today it is one of the most invaluable solutions to marketers: high read and engagement rate, low price. As the usage of smartphones rose, mobile banner advertising has become extremely popular: it increases brand awareness and sales. App downloads have reached 70 billion last year, so your presence in one of app markets will lead you to a new level in business. Track your mobile marketing campaign to know if it is working and generating return on investment. When using and understanding the metrics, you stop looking at your users as numbers: they are real people who interact with your website, app or mobile marketing campaign.

Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
In this review I will focus on the major trends which we think will be significant in 2013. In this review I picked out what I saw as the major trends in marketing activities and asked readers to vote on what they saw as important. The trends are listed in the poll in alphabetical order, with my list later in this post in order of how I see popularity.
The examples from the start of this presentation like Betfair, Autoglass and Dominos show the impact mobile commerce is having already. We rate a focus on content marketing as more important to marketing success today than social media since successful content creation and amplification supports leads and sales generation and engages existing customers across a wider range of digital channels than social networks. Interacting with customers and prospects via social networks has the benefit of increasing promotion and awareness about brand through sharing and it gives an alternative to email marketing to broadcast promotions and content to customers that dona€™t favour email marketing.
We think there are bigger gains in connecting and using customer data using social, transactional customer data and with digital analytics to refine marketing through approaches such as social media outreach, conversion rate optimisation and marketing automation. 2012 has seen more use of the relatively new Adwords Remarketing technique and we can expect to see this increase in 2013. If you're looking for more data summarising trends in technology adoption I recommend the annual Mary Meeker report published on the 3rd December. For me the two most telling technology trends from this compilation are again around mobile marketing where we can see the rapid adoption of Tablets and Android compared to previous compilations.
We hope you find this look at the major trends in marketing useful as a prompt for what to include in your digital strategy and roadmap for new developments.
Great Article – i work in Recruitment and we are seeing a huge lean towards mobile and content marketing to engage new customers on a B2B and B2C level. Thank you for the comment Stuart, and your input on Smart Insights during the year – it’s much appreciated!
I wonder what difference it would make to the poll – probably increase the share for mobile marketing? It was just a thought experiment – refocusing the question towards the customer caused me at least to think differently. Big data (tracking customer behaviour) is likely to return the greatest benefit for my small business clients during 2013. Interconnectivity at the game is easier than ever, as nearly everyone in the stands is now armed with a smartphone or tablet syncing them up to all of the action. Collegiate athletic departments are utilizing this marketing platform to build broader fan support across their athletic teams for greater fandomania. People are increasingly communicating through smart phones, as there are nearly 6 billion mobile subscribers across the globe and over 7 trillion sent text messages. From short message services (SMS), a text messaging service that can deliver instantaneous results, to push notifications, a cheaper form of wireless advertising, mobile marketing uses consumers’ mobile devices to create effective touch points for a responsive and engaging communication strategy. Chris Conway with the Sports Networker reports that the demographic of the sports fan is young, educated and tech savvy, which gives sports marketers a distinct avenue to target their top fans. From game day attendance to season-lasting fan support, mobile marketing programs have effectively proven to generate excitement and drive attendance among the college audience. Among the leading strategies is establishing a customized mobile application that acts as a social engagement tool to reach fans and connect them to their favorite sports team and athletes.
Fans can be encouraged to check-in using Facebook, Foursquare and other social media platforms to alert their social network connections of their activity and build awareness of a particular sporting event. Strategic mobile marketing campaigns can position a viable target audience in front of meaningful sponsors through community partnerships. According to a recent report by Jaren and Devin Pope that measures the correlation of athletic success and admissions, the number of applications increases between two and eight percent for the top 20 football schools and top 16 basketball schools each year.
Paul’s diverse online and hybrid degree offerings respond to the realities of the marketplace both now and in the future.
Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.
Er erlaubt dem Werbetreibenden entweder durch Push- oder auch Pull-Aktivitaten mit dem Enduser eine Kommunikation einzugehen, je nach Marketingstrategie. So haben die Smartphones die Fahigkeit auf Webseiten zuzugreifen sowie Emails zu empfangen daher mussen alle diese bereits existierenden Marketingkanale an die Smart-Handys angepasst und optimiert werden. Durch das Aufkommen von den 2 beherrschenden Platformen, iOS und Android, sind viele und flexible Schnittstellen vorhanden.
Starke und aussagekraftige Kennzahlen konnen beim mobilen Marketing verwendet werden und die Kampagnen entsprechend optimiert werden. Was sind die langfristigen und kurzfristigen Ziele im Marketing und im Unternehmen generell? By using the local mobile networks, 5 media is able to promote your company to a specific group of people are your potential clients.
Using specific internet applications and mobile applications can help them save money and increase productivity and revenue massively. Also, mobile devices can be used to conduct payments with applications such as Square, Intuit and PayPal. SMS, meaning Short Messaging Service, is most commonly known as text messaging, or sometimes mobile messaging, or alphanumeric paging. It’s important to realize that text message marketing is not just a new form of spam.
Delivery rate tells you how many messages were delivered, if the rate is late, cleanse your list of customers. Open rate measures how many subscribers open a particular SMS campaign, normally expressed as a percentage: message open rate is very high, it can exceed 98%. Clickthrough rate measures the proportion of subscribers who acted because the ad redirected them to another page (the average rate of URLs included in SMS is 19%). Here you also have to track various key metrics: amount of downloads, usage and engagement apps, analyze your users’s devices, place, time and date they use your app. This is one of the reasons why wea€™ve created the [Whata€™s New in Marketing" updates, to give a monthly summary to help people working in marketing and using digital technologies see the latest developments which really matter.
Ita€™s incredibly important to sales in some consumer markets where there is a sweet spot of mobile use to sales.

Content marketing supports SEO, Pay-per-click, landing pages and conversion rate optimisation, social media marketing and social media marketing. However, social networks have many limitations compared to communities developed on a brand site including the need to use paid advertising (Facebook EdgeRank), limited direct sales from social networks, limited options for creating tailored experiences, limited data capture and personalisation at an individual level).
This is something that organisations collect about their customers in order to do something like offer them a product or send them a message.
Over the last several years, Google has been increasing its ability to tailor results for the individual. We will follow-up with a more detailed post looking at innovation across the other areas of RACE and how they impact on Ecommerce.
If you look it more broadly as using customer insight from different sources to improve the customer experience and convert to more relevant products I’m all for it.
And, with nearly half of all people ages 18 to 35 following a sports team and 35 percent actively commenting via social media, mobile marketing has become a sports marketers dream. Mobile marketing, which you can learn by getting an online marketing degree at CSP, can help reach this fervent fan base through real-time marketing efforts that create a new fan experience. Many of these applications serve as interactive dashboards that allow users to monitor live stats, social media feeds and community interactions while offering rewards for attendance, shares and other activities. Applications and campaigns can integrate sponsored text messages that build buzz and awareness for the sporting event and community sponsor. For schools outside of the power conferences, this data simply highlights the importance of generating and maintaining an active community of collegiate sports fans to encourage continued success on the field and in the classroom. Concordia’s degrees use relevant curriculum to position graduates for real-world opportunities and success. Die Schnittstellen die durch das mobile Marketing bedient werden konnen werden auf der Grafik unten zusammengefasst. Kein Vergleich zum Unterschied von noch vor ein paar Jahren mit der breiten Palette an Geraten, Plattformen und Betriebssytemen. With these apps small businesses can accept payments virtually anywhere using their mobile devices. Messages are delivered direct to a users cell phone and generally contain less than 160 characters. The applications for bulk sms marketing and wireless marketing are limited only by the imagination of the companies and organizations that use them. So much of whata€™s discussed daily in digital marketing is useful or interesting, but just noise.
These are marketing activities where we expect to see the most increased investment and focus in 2013. I have put my eight trends in order of current interest in marketing based on marketers Ia€™ve spoken to while at conferences, workshops or when consulting. In other types of business, the proportions of tablet and smartphone access are lower, less than 10% in some cases, but theya€™re only heading in one direction. So we expect to see more medium and large companies growing branded communities on their own site alongside their social presence.
While not new and possible for many years, we are seeing more triggered emails such as welcome sequences. The advent of social recommendations in Google+ and Google Authorship favours brands with the biggest engagement who do more than simply promote through social media, but take customer engagement seriously.
These applications may also have the capacity for merchandising, providing students and other fans with one-click ticketing. Data collected from the audience through previous mobile marketing efforts can be used to target prospective partners and make an effective pitch to score needed sponsorship dollars. Employers seek students who have relevant skills to contribute to both the workplace and community, and Concordia’s degrees offer a robust education to expand students’ knowledge base and skill set. Dies vor allem im Bereich zielgruppenspezifischen Marketings und der sich rasant weiterentwicklenden mobilen Technologie. Dies ist nicht immer der Fall, Apps beispielsweise oder gro?ere mobile Webseiten konnen auch recht teuer werden. Also, a study by Morgan Stanley concluded that by the year 2014 more people will be accessing the Internet through their mobile devices compared to their personal computers. SMS Marketing has become an effective means of communication because virtually all of the clientele will be reached with an astounding 94% of messages read.
Toallow these files to properly run you need to download and installone of the Zend guard run-time libraries. The activities will gain the funding since they will have the biggest impact in creating additional leads and sales and strengthening brands. I have spoken at three mobile marketing conferences in the Autumn, so that skews it a bit, but does indicate the interest. The debate continues as to whether mobile access will exceed desktop by 2014 or 2015 (see our mobile statistics post for the latest). Every site should have conversion paths to marketing outcomes which contribute to the business. Increased adoption is made possible through low-cost email systems like Aweber, MailChimp and Office Autopilot. In-house and customizable applications give athletic departments access to valuable audience data that can be used to drive attendance and game day excitement. It doesna€™t focus on the latest new Ecommerce technologies and marketing techniques, I will create an additional post on this. See the latest Mary Meeker review at the end of this post for more on trends in mobile adoption. This area gets more important when tactics and techniques centred around social and content marketing are used to increase leads, since the a€?qualitya€™ of leads generated can start to vary, which also leads us on to the next point, number 5. And if you’ve seen American Idol, the number one television program in the US, you know that audience members get to participate by voting with text messaging.

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