Interactive, multimedia eBooks for business marketing are gaining in popularity.1 The best of these engaging B2B documents combine text, illustrations, video, audio, interactivity, and dynamic content.
1These are not to be confused with the electronic versions of books that consumers read on their Kindle, iPad, or Android tablet in the consumer publishing world. Questions like these raise the larger issue of the roles of various types of marketing communications.
When we show business marketers an online version of an eBook, they often remark that it seems to work like a website. When first viewing a multimedia eBook, some marketers also remark that it looks like a PowerPoint presentation, webinar, or webcast. Marketers sometimes also ask whether an eBook replaces a white paper, and some analysts have even suggested that eBooks will lead to the demise of white papers. Multimedia Marketing is a strategy that leverages multiple forms of communication to reach a target group of people to create brand awareness and drive more business. It is a fact that people’s attention spans are decreasing and they spend less and less time reading newspapers, magazines, and other forms of written communication.
Using videos on the Internet is an important resource for businesses to establish a social media presence, particularly because of how many people tune in.
Multimedia Marketing provides an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to reach customers and prospects in a down-to-earth and affordable manner.

By creating the right multimedia and social marketing strategy, today’s small business is empowered to compete for customers on the same scale as companies many times their size. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. We look for innovative and interactive ways to help you tell your story a€” like mobile marketing and apps, digital signage, augmented reality and interactive multi-touch displays. Modtech maintains relationships with a variety of industry associations and organizations. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
This is understandable because eBooks are typically viewed in landscape format, resemble “slides” in a presentation with some bulleted text, and share other attributes with their presented cousins.
The use of the Internet, mobile devices, tablets, video, and social media as a primary means of communication is growing at an exponential rate.
Considering that social media platforms, like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and most others are FREE; businesses have the opportunity to reach a vast audience of people at a fraction of the cost as compared to newspapers, magazines, tradeshows, direct mail, and other traditional forms of marketing. On the other hand, businesses that neglect to leverage this powerful communication medium might find themselves at a competitive disadvantage and lose market share to those businesses using technology and social media to gain a competitive advantage and upper hand. Perhaps a comparison of multimedia eBooks with websites, presentations, and white papers will shed some light on this larger issue.

While these eBooks are partially inspired by presentations, there are major differences between these two tools. A white paper is designed to be a visually simple document that informs readers in a non-flashy way. The reason marketers say this is that the online version of the eBook is viewed in a browser, and each page appears as a different URL at the top of the page. They are an excellent way to convey complex business and technical information in a credible fashion. Some interactive eBooks also share customization and personalization attributes with ecommerce websites. The reader chooses their path through the website and hence may exit the site without gleaning the story that the site owner seeks to convey.
Conversely, most eBooks are designed for one-to-one presentation, especially if the content in the eBook is customized to each reader’s interests. A second difference is that a presentation is not intended to be read; it is intended to be delivered orally.

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