Bitwig has now released Bitwig Studio, a multi-platform professional music-creation system and Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) for production, performance and DJing and unlike Ableton Live, it will have a Linux version. DJ Music Mixer is the most powerful and professional DJ Software on today's market which includes all the advanced features a real DJ needs.
Combining intuitive and easy-to-use interface with innovative audio mixing tools will help you perform amazing live mixes!
Set up seamless instant looping 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 or 32 beat segments with the click of a button have never been easier. DJ samplers are essential elements of a music mixing software, and DJ Music Mixer has 12 independent sampler decks with separate recorder for each. Match the sampler pitch with main deck, even trim the sampler to obtain the exact sound you need.
There are plenty of room to load, record and save music parts, so nothing limiting your creative flow, other than your own creativity. Applying real time effects simultaneously is a perfect solution for audio and video mixing. DJ Music Mixer is equipped with an advanced CD Ripper tool which reads audio tracks from your CDs then convert and save audio CD to variety of digital formats including MP3, WAV, OGG and AIFF files. Converted audio files have highest quality, same as their original source and ready to load into DJ software decks for audio mixing instantly.
Convert audio from video (extract audio) and save to MP3 and WAV for importing to DJ Music Mixer is another option provided for a limitless audio mixing. The process of extract and convert audio from video is fast, easy and does absolutely no damage to either the original file or the converted audio file.
DJ Music Mixer is a full-featured DJ and beat mixing system which lets you groove to your own style of DJ music, packed with the latest professional DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and aspiring DJs. Each deck features a scratchable and scrolling waveform that marks beats and cue points, along with a whole-song waveform overview for quick seeking. Impressive number of advanced and flexible features set this music mixer apart from all its rivals and makes it essential tool for professional and amateur DJs, VJs, radio stations, club DJs, mobile DJs, discos, pubs, hair studios, clubs, parties, restaurants, at home, and businesses that need full control of the music mixing.
One of the most prominent features of this music mixing software is that you can save the files you create in any format you want, be it MP3! There are a lot of people out there who love sing along, but cana€™t do it because the pitch isna€™t right for them, but the DJ Music Mixer can change pitch with the pitch controls and lets you sing to your heart's content.
Vocal Removal effect is provided to remove vocals from any music track, it is especially useful if you want to make your own karaoke tracks. Extracting audio from video is a very useful tool for saving songs from beloved video clips, and it is one of the features of DJ Music Mixer which makes it unique in its category.
DJ Music Mixer includes a professional recording feature to save mixes without any quality loss.
The waveform graphic display gives you real time audio signal monitoring, information about the audio signal and the beat rhythm. Each deck has 3 graphical signal forms: a full waveform, a real time waveform and a vertical spectrum form.
You are free to make real turntable by using the waveform displays, depending on the speed of the drag and drop, you can create a disk spin effect, scratch, reverse, play, brake, mute, and fine-tune cue points.
CD Ripper is a powerful tool of DJ Music Mixer, available to convert CDA file (audio CD) to popular audio formats such as MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG and make them ready to be imported to DJ software. The Vocal Removal function employs unique sound processing technology which deletes vocals without affecting the quality of background music.
In other word, Vocal Removal is capable of eliminating and erasing singing voices from your music files, generating an instrumental karaoke track with only background music.
In the rare cases where the vocals cannot be completely removed, they will be substantially reduced. If you have a playlist of favorite songs and would like to mix them in DJ Music Mixer, then nothing to be worried about, simply drag and drop your playlist file and DJ Music Mixer will load all of them instantly.
Supporting all major playlist formats including M3U, PLS, WPL and PDJ gives you the ability to access all and every single of your archived music.

From USA to China, from Italy to Russia, all your files and songs written in foreign languages will now play and display perfectly in DJ Music Mixer.
Audio multitrack recording and editing software for Windows with unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, virtual editing features, support for 24 bit multichannel soundcards, realtime effects and support for DirectX and VST effects and instruments. Looking for the best video editing software for Windows which is FREE and very easy to use? Ezvid is, by far – the fastest and the best free video editing software for Windows today!
Ezvid has a very nice functionality – it lets you add text using and customize text with some of the coolest and hippest font styles, text colors and sizes. It also lets you add a voice narrative – a very nice feature for gameplay videos or how-to tutorial videos.
What makes Ezvid great is that built in its feature is the “upload to YouTube” functionality where it is capable of uploading finished videos to YouTube directly. QuickScore Elite Level II is powerful software for composing music - a super and integrated 48-track scoring and sequencing program together in one package.
You'll find yourself quickly entering music using the mouse or playing music using the built-in virtual keyboard or your MIDI keyboard, guitar controller or other input device. Edit your music using your choice of Score, Piano Roll, Audio, Controller, Event List or Song Editors - all included and all fully integrated. Of course you can play your music using any sound card or MIDI interface that you've got on your Windows PC. And when you're done, print publication-quality scores using any Windows-compatible printer, export your scores to word processing, graphics or publishing software in vector or bitmap format, publish to the desktop or world wide web as PDF or JPEG, and create audio CDs, Wave and MP3 files and music soundtracks which you can incorporate into digital films, videos and games. With QuickScore Elite Level II, you can quickly and easily produce 6-string guitar tablature notation with adjustable string tuning.
Up to 48 tracks * Editing windows include Score, Piano Roll, Controller, Audio, Event List, Song, Track Sheet, Mixer and Comments * Comprehensive set of standard editing commands in all editors including Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo * Complete control over all MIDI events * Rich set of notation editing commands including transpose chromatically or in the key, adjust enharmonic note spellings, assign notes to different voices or staves, automatically set the duration of notes to fit musical passages and many more * Global graphic arranging options to cut and paste sections of songs * Intelligent edit filters * Loop editing.
Playback through MIDI and all popular sound cards * Scrolling playback with synchronized window display * Repeats and first and second endings automatically play * Interactively edit in full-score, single-track, piano-roll, song-overview, event-list or graphic controller formats as the music plays * Play standard WAVE digital audio files * Track Sheet to mute or solo tracks and change sounds. Up to 96 staves * Independently adjust the characteristics of song title, track name, headers, footers, copyright information, 4 sets of lyrics, 6 sets of text, bar and page numbers * Consolidated rests * Engraver Spacing * Full user control over drum notation display * Full set of display quantization options * User adjustable staff spacing, brace style, engraver spacing, adjustable staff indents, and templates for often used configurations * Selection of number of bars per line, time signatures and key signatures on a bar by bar basis * Change clefs at any position * Cross-stave beaming and free note grouping * Adjust position of notes and bar lines, without altering MIDI data * 6-string guitar tablature notation * Automatic chord and guitar grid generation * Full-page preview mode with zoom * High quality WYSIWYG TrueType music font included * High-quality printout on all Windows supported printers. Complete set of symbols including groupings, fingerings, articulations, slurs, repeats, crescendos, decrescendos, dynamics, line and box drawing * All standard clefs including 5-line and single-line percussion clefs * Grace notes and cue notes with automatic beaming * Configurable chord names, guitar chord grids and figured bass. Import and export standard MIDI files * Import and export MusicXML files * Import NIFF files * Import Wave files * Export MP3 and Wave files * Export Copyist files * Export Tiff, BMP, EMF and EPS files. Record and play back multiple tracks of digital audio * Synchronize with digitized movie clips for film scoring * Create audio CDs, MP3, Wave files and music soundtracks and incorporate them into digital films, videos and games. The company was founded in 2009 by a team of music enthusiasts with extensive experience in the music technology industry and a strong vision about new cutting-edge methods of music production, live performance and collaboration. From keyboard players and synth freaks to sound engineers and DJs, everybody gets something to grab.
DJ Music Mixer playback engine is tuned for accurate and rapid cue triggering so you can mix audio with ease of mind without a hiccup. Not only does our audio mixer have volume control but it also has its own player and recorder. The visual representation allows a DJ to clearly see the song structure, and never be surprised by a break.
Powered by a high-performance accessing; organizing, and sorting music is an easy and intuitive way to increase your mixing performance. It brings all that and more to the DJ industry in the most easy-to-use way with accessibility, versatility and cutting-edge technology. It is recommended for anyone who is into karaoke or singing performance and also suitable for DJs who loves remixing music without vocal. Also may save your music list as a playlist and use it later to have a custom list of beloved songs. You may be familiar with Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie maker, AVS Video Editor, Avid Free DV or Roxio Easy Media Creator, however, often times these video makers are too complicated to use, difficult to install, or they just don’t seem to work at all.

With Ezvid you can easily create slide show of videos or pictures in less than 5 minutes. With a simple drag-n-drop of pictures or video clips to Ezvid, you can now easily create videos. With just a simple click of the “Mic” icon of Ezvid, you can capture your audio and make a commentary video. Now this is the most exciting part: For some reason you cannot import any mp3 files to Ezvid due to copyright policy of YouTube.
With the newest version of Ezvid, it automatically saves your project and you may also duplicate projects you’ve already done in the past – quite a time-saver huh! This is the program that Electronic Magazine awarded their 1998 Editors' Choice for notation software. You've got Piano, Piano and Solo Instrument, Organ, Choir, Band, Orchestra and a bunch more. You can load new virtual software synthesizers, drum kits and orchestral sounds not available on your sound card, and manipulate them in unbelievable ways. Like letting you proof your tracks for notes out of the range of the instruments for which you're writing. BUT if you are just looking for a free video editing software that is so easy-to-use, user-friendly, simple, and almost compatible with all Windows platform then you should try Ezvid. Ezvid would like to prevent any YouTube user to get their videos being muted or account getting blocked or deleted just because they imported a copyrighted material. While there might be some but you need to convert first your video into a format that YouTube allows which is quite a pain in the ass, right as you are needing another software just for conversion. And if you need something you don't see, just set it up yourself and it's there for you to use from then on. And now you can edit your audio data down to the individual sample with the included QuickAudio audio editor. You can edit and morph your audio, and generate new MIDI or audio material to go with music you've already entered.
Drop in a clef anywhere on a staff and the music automatically reformats to reflect the change.
QuickScore lets you put notes on the upper or lower staff of a split track regardless of whether the pitch is above or below middle C.
Things like generating chords and guitar grids automatically from the notes you've already got in your tracks. All Ezvid video formats are supported by YouTube and you can import almost ALL types of video format to Ezvid – that makes Ezvid a UNIVERSAL software for Windows. Or simply open any MIDI, MusicXML, NIFF or Guido file without worrying which scanning program, sequencer or notation program created it. When you've finished putting in the notes for your song, choose Generate Chords and it's all done for you. There's a full compliment of musical symbols, including grace notes, slurs, chord names, guitar grids, figured bass symbols, and hundreds of others. You've got up to four verses of lyrics that automatically center under their notes as you enter them, as well as eight different kinds of resizable block text, which you can put anywhere you want on the page.
You can adjust the vertical spacing between staves to make room for extra lyrics, unusually low or high notes or instructions to performers, and you can change the spacing of notes by moving individual notes without affecting their timing, by choosing to use engraver spacing, or by having QuickScore do the job of spacing for you.
You choose the average number of notes you'd like to see on a line and QuickScore does the rest, adjusting the number of bars per line and the width of each bar, on a bar-by-bar basis, based on the density of the music, for the bars that you specify or for your entire piece! You set up the note head and staff position for each pitch and your drum tracks automatically notate the way you want them.

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