One reason that other species are going extinct is because humans have become so successful. Our technological prowess has allowed us to become the dominant species on the planet; in the process we are making it increasingly difficult for other species to survive. This principle can be shown as the allocation of finite natural capital to the human economy vs.
Human technologies allow us to overcome or ignore the immediate feedback results when we destroy our own life support systems (e.g. Whether the human population will go extinct by destroying biodiversity and its own life support systems, or establish a new equilibrium after a significant die-off, remains to be seen. In addition there is the moral issue of respecting life for its own sake and not simply in terms of its relationship to human well being (see Moral Approaches). In this edition, learn about QLS students' summer experiences, get an in-depth look at our faculty and students in the spotlight section and more. The readers of Parents Press have voted Quarry Lane the Best of 2015 in two categories: Independent Preschool and Foreign Language Cultural Immersion Summer Camp. The Quarry Lane Lower School and preschool campuses celebrated Ocean Week beginning on May 18th. Visiting familyWe take this bus route regularly to visit family in Seaford, yet every time that we make the journey, we notice something different. If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page.

Bulletin NFPA 704Due to the amounts of hazardous materials being stored and used within Sonoma County, an immediate warning system to identify their presence is required. A mass extinction caused by humans will have irreversible repercussions that will extend 2-3 times the period that humans have been on the earth. The biological principle of competitive exclusion [glossary term] states that each species expands at the expense of others seeking to live in the same habitat. Economic growth beyond what contributes to human well being is wasteful of biodiversity, as well as resources.
Limiting the human allocation of natural capital and preserving biodiversity is a much less painful option.
Given the intricate and delicate interdependencies amongst all living things, of which we are a part, these two perspectives may not be as divergent as typically thought (see Quick Facts).
Throughout the week, students learned about various marine life and ocean environments through hands-on, tactile lessons and activities. It might be an incongruous house peeking out behind a block of flats, other times, an aerial view of unusual things washed up on the shore.Beautiful Brighton sunsetsSometimes, we realise just how beautiful the approach into Brighton is as the sun goes down. As for our daughter, she mainly enjoys smiling at the elderly men and women on their way back to Eastbourne. The diamond shaped placard identifies the “Health”, “Flammability”, and “Reactivity” hazards of materials and indicates the order of severity of each hazard by the use of numerical grading from four (4), indicating severe hazard or extreme danger, to zero, indicating no required warning. The bottom quadrant is used to identify special hazards important to emergency responders.NFPA 704 Markings Handout PDFNUMBER SELECTION FOR EACH HAZARD CATEGORYThe placard warning system numbers for each hazard category are defined in NFPA-704.

A -W- should appear as a special hazard if an explosive reaction with water can be expected.
A -W- should appear as a special hazard if contact with water may cause a violent reaction or may cause potentially explosive mixtures to be formed. A -W- should appear as a special hazard if a vigorous but not violent reaction with water may take place.
Numbers should be contrasting white or black and be of an appropriate size to be easily read within each category diamond.FACILITY PLACARDSFacility and building placards identify the highest hazard rating in each category based on the combined materials in a category rating exceeding threshold quantities. Placards shall be affixed to buildings or areas within the facility on each side where entry can be made at an appropriate height to be easily seen upon approaching. A placard must be placed at the property line on a facility gate or post if a placarded building or area within a facility cannot be easily seen when approaching the property. Placards will be required when the following amounts of materials are stored or used at a facility.SUBDIVISION PLACARDSSubdivisions (rooms or compartments) of buildings or areas within a facility will be placarded to indicate the greatest possible hazards within those subdivisions.
Placards that are placed to identify hazards in building or area subdivisions due to storage or process shall be affixed next to access points into the subdivisions.
Placards will be required when the following amounts of materials are stores or used in a subdivision.QUANTITY DETERMINATIONThe following table is intended to provide guidance in determining the quantities of each classification that warrant placarding.

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