It seems everyone’s obsessed with online marketing, from the growth of search engine marketing and Google controlling the majority of searches in the US to social media marketing with Facebook and Twitter being the hottest topics at the moment. The best part is that the research can be easy for most businesses – just walk into your local bookstore and peruse the newsstand for the newspapers and magazines that your target demographic would be most likely to purchase.
If you’ve ordered pizza from Dominoes lately, for example, you might have noticed that your next mailing references your last order. As an attendee, you get to network with other attendees and learn more about your potential customer base.
As a speaker, you can demonstrate your expertise in your industry and potentially walk away with tons of leads by soliciting your audiences’ business cards at the end of a presentation.
As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to show off your products and services to people who are looking for new solutions for their own business or personal life. At my job, our business is all online, but we still attend lots of conferences and meetups in our area.
I was just reading another cool post on tracking off-line marketing by using landing pages tied into Google analytics.
Offline marketing is one of the greatest methods to reach out the local community, and allows us to market our products without going rough with stuff. Subscribe to my email list to get the latest news on business and marketing plus related products and services! Kikolani covers blog marketing and blogging tips for personal, professional, and business bloggers to succeed in search and social media marketing.
This site contains affiliate links, sponsored advertisers, and web analytics tracking code. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive a coupon code for 30% off your next purchase with us! Offline Marketers Group Maintained by Quentin I am setting up this group to encourage discussion on strategies and tactics we can all use for our offline marketing businesses.
Offline Marketing MaterialsUnless your business has a graphics department, creating marketing materials can be a logistical headache.
Our offline marketing products consist of many of the typical marketing tools that your business is accustomed to using. Offline marketing material is often useful with face-to-face meetings and at times when you need to get a physical message into the hands of your prospective clients. With DBM’s offline marketing materials creation services, not only are your print materials in sync with your marketing efforts, you are immediately tapped into our printing partnership. While it is easy to market your products and services online, the continued effectiveness of traditional methods means that they are still being used offline.
Online, marketers determine where their ideal clients spend their time (or hang out).  This could be Facebook, YouTube, online forums, or anywhere else online.

Combining offline marketing online methods makes for an even more effective marketing strategy.
The biggest benefit of offline marketing, depending on the methods you use, is that it can be a much more personal. As mentioned above, the major disadvantage of offline marketing is the cost in terms of time, money, and resources.
You can never underestimate the value of using low cost, offline marketing  to drive large amounts of organic traffic to your capture page.
Distributing Flyers around your  city in targeted areas can be very effective if done correctly. These are just a few methods that you can try but always remember do not restrict yourself from coming up with  more of your own.
Then you can get more information about them by requesting a media kit which should clue you in on the publication’s number of subscribers and advertisement pricing. If you have an ad in a well-known, established publication, you are likely to see a lot of financial return due to the audience’s trust in the publication and the businesses listed within it. The nice part is that while you can send out the same postcard, letter, or catalog to everyone on your database, some direct mail services also let you target different messages in your direct mail campaign based on the information in your database. Events are perfect form of offline network marketing that can increase your business’ revenue, regardless of whether you are going as an attendee, speaker, or exhibitor. There’s no denying that online marketing is effective, but sometimes you have to go old school and just get out there and do some offline networking. I love the offline marketing, normally I use offline marketing to promote my local products. Email addresses collected on this site will not be sold or given to third parties without your permission. Our graphics team will design the perfect offline marketing materials for your next marketing campaign. Logo creation, business cards, postcards, mailers, letters, radio scripts and television scripts are all part of our offline marketing repertoire.
Then, based on our marketing truths, we help you determine the best course of action with regards to offline marketing efforts.
Via a secure portal, you have access to our in-house print shop which has the ability to print rich, high-quality post cards, business cards, door hangers, flyer, etc., at an affordable price for your small business. Always make sure your link  is clearly listed on all of your marketing materials like business cards, brochures, published articles in local news papers, print advertisements, small flyers, your vehicle (customized bumper stickers ), and anything else your mind can think of. It is so many creative ways that you can get flyers in the hands of your target market and have them jump online to visit your landing or capture page. Informing every person you come in contact about your business targeted or not is always a good idea.

Especially if you are targeting a local customer base, brochures can come in handy when you are at a local event or when you are meeting with a local business partner. There are so many facets to marketing that you must understand to successfully market in today’s economy. While all attempts to provide accurate and valuable information are always made, the owners and authors of this site are not responsible for the content provided here or linked to on external websites. Basically there are tons upon tons of ways to drive traffic to your landing or capture pages.
Always try to think outside the box and be creative with your offline marketing strategies. One example is every day when you go and buy your morning paper, slip some flyers in the rest of the papers in the machine or pile.
Networking is a very big part off our business and can generate tons of traffic just off of word of mouth. Business cards are a great, cost effective way to make sure that you capitalize on every possible business opportunity no matter where you are. A great example I always tell people is how effective DM actually is on young demographics, specifically those in college or just post graduation. Using your imagination with low cost offline promotional techniques can drive a significant  amount of traffic. Be sure to have a good headline and relevant text because you don’t have much room to play around with.Your headline should be in bolded letters and your text should instruct the reader on how to get more information. With out business it will be effective if you also do this with the employment magazines machines around your city. A perfect example of this is sliding your business card in any outgoing mail that you send out including anything that has a postage paid envelope. There is just not enough space to explain everything via the classifieds, so don’t even try to do it.
Another way is to take a trip down to the local college or university and post them everywhere you can including dorm entry ways and bulletin boards.
Basic business cards are not very expensive, you can create them yourself or use a service like vista print.
There are an unlimited amount of places you can distribute flyers, you are only restricted by your creativity and imagination.
If you are too busy to distribute flyers on your own you can outsource the work for relatively cheap.

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