Effective online marketing blogs run the gamut of topics and approaches, and the word “effective” is subjective: a blog that is spot on for you may bomb with someone else. Sherpa chose its effective online marketing blogs for 2012, naming individual blogs according to marketing categories. The familiar Mashable blog is a huge repository of news and trends from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the other giants of social media. If you can look past its long-scrolling, narrow column of content, Webbiquity offers plenty to enjoy. The name SEOmoz is synonymous with the search engine optimization community, so it stands to reason that its daily blog is full of actionable advice, such as using links and content to reach business goals and making the most of local search. Beyond its targeted messaging and remarkable content, good design is a make-or-break aspect of your website. Never underestimate the power of a good press release – even in a crowded web environment, a newsworthy story will attract attention. Everyone uses email for online marketing, so a good email marketing blog is worth your time to visit regularly.
The Verge is a fun, hip blog that covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture. Asa Shatkin is founder and creative director of Shebang Internet Marketing Group, responsible for the development of inbound marketing focused websites and campaigns.
Asa is a regular blogger for "The Marketing Blog" and contributes articles that focus on effective internet marketing. FREE Internet Marketing GuideThis ebook can serve as your essential guide to setting up and implementing a successful internet marketing strategy, step by step. If you are considering a website redesign, this Ebook reviews the best (and worst) motivations for a redesign. Based on real data from 4,000 businesses, learn why these are the most important and cost effective factors for effectively driving traffic and qualifying leads for your business. Let’s admit, it doesn’t take much effort to pull in a crowd when you are writing interesting topics like make money online, blogging tips, online business, social media marketing and entertainment. However, the most common challenge of such writers is how to make a boring subject exciting. Like a public speaker and a team building facilitator, you need to understand your readers. Being able to understand your readers’ background will inevitably determine the way you draft your post and your style of writing.
What is more engaging than to include humor into your posts?  It transforms a serious topic into an enlightening one. In order to make your topic less boring, insert visuals, be it images, charts or infographics. There are lots of visual-creating applications today that help creating visuals much simpler than years ago, so make use of them. If your passion is into those so-categorized boring stuff, don’t fret about your website’s traffic.
Author Bio : Jasmine is a full time blogger who is passionate in WordPress, web design and web hosting. Very useful post Jasmine, it’s true that many people write boring topics to establish themselves s an authority. I agree with your infographic point mostly people didn’t like spare time on Lengthy texts and infographic is only one good way to convey your message in better way because mostly people give more importance to pictorial things as compare to texts. Hi guys, yes add humour to your posts, very important, and again, if a topic is boring adding visuals can make any post look interesting. If we determine that there still is interest, we review the minimum criteria and objectives and obtain a reaffirmed commitment on the part of the stakeholders. Above all else, remember that blogging should be fun, and if not, it should at least provide value to your organization. Gone are the days, when you had to learn HTML code, know how to upload via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and create images in Photoshop in order to design a website.
A blog platform makes it easy to update your classroom website by simply uploading one post after another. In previous blog posts, I talked about a Blogging Unit, a plan to start blogging with your students. What time are you willing to spend monitoring and commenting your students’ blogging activities? What specific skills do you want to promote through your classroom or individual student blogs? What engages and motivates your students to work harder, invest time outside of the classroom for academic purpose, think on higher levels, push themselves further in their reading and writing? I listened to one of Wes Fryer‘s podcast as he talked about the difference between accommodating and transformative technology tools for learning. Using a blog in the classroom can be an accommodating tool, if used to upload homework assignments and asking students to submit the answers to these assignments as comments instead of a paper turned in. A blog becomes a transformative tool for learning when students can add constructive comments for each other or write for a wider audience than just their teachers. Some teachers and their students might go through the different steps of a classroom blog(s) faster than others.
You might have started out with a static website, then ventured into giving your students a voice by commenting, writing  and reflecting on a classroom or individual blog. Just as a static teacher-created-website (with no two way communication channel),A  a classroom blog (not open to comments, responses from and collaboration opportunities with the rest of the world) can seem like a one way street.
A great place to start contacting and connecting with other classrooms is Sue Waters’ Class Blogs list. University professors have accepted the challenge to connect their pre-service teachers as mentors to K-12 students. What an incredible opportunity to find and connect a subject matter expert or eye witnesses of an event with your students. Set up blogging buddies between the classes to document, summarize, reflect and comment on each other’s experiences and learning.
Find buddy classes who can complement a unit of study by bringing in a new perspective and points of view (different culture, history, geography, language, religion).
By allowing students to publish their work on the Internet, making their work available for potentially millions of people to view, read, comment on and learn from gives them a true authentic audience. A blog is the perfect platform for students to share their work with others, including embedded images, audio and videos. Imagine students becoming aware of their learning process and sharing it with classmates in their school as well as peers from around the world? Imagine classes reflecting on their learning goals and accomplishments and sharing these with the upcoming grade level to learn from and improve upon? Imagine students documenting unique learning opportunities, such as field trips or guest speakers, with text, images, audio or video to share with learners separated through time or space?
No matter where you are in the blogging process (static site, local site or connected site), what matters is that you are aware of your location and the direction your are moving towards.

Educational Keynotes, Presentations, Workshops, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring in the area of Modern Learning & Literacies, Globally Connected Learning, Blogging as Pedagogy, Digital Portfolios, iPads in the Classroom. A blog is a journalized entry of posts for the use of personal or business reasons with the intention of readership followers and engagement.
Bloggers are encouraged to write passionately and not just focus on the business end of it. Blogging platforms like Word press and micro blogging platforms like tumblr make blogging for businesses easy and quick to activate. Some bloggers have also turned this into a stream of income by featuring banner ads, Google ad words and selling ad space on high content blogs. Become a Private Member and Empower Your BrandJoin thousands of subscribers getting exclusive content,private case studies, updated industry insights and valuable business growth strategies.No Spam ever, just great content! Library News Blog Follow this blog for announcements, construction news, events, resources, services and opportunities at the Library. UMKC Libraries’ Electronic Resources Support Team has created a new blog to keep users up to date regarding changes to the libraries’ online collections, including databases and online journals and books. You can also follow the library’s “Online Resources Blog” and get new posts delivered to your inbox. This cupcake theme detailed with post title background, sidebar title background, favicon, and custom font.
But the best blogs all share common elements – they’re easy to understand, crafted by experts and make you want to come back for more.
This site’s marketing blog covers the gamut of categories – from site design to lead generation, landing page strategy and tons more.
Where else, for instance, would you learn that Puppy Bowl was among the 20 most social TV shows of its week? This B2B blog “focuses mainly on online tactics and front-end website traffic and lead generation (rather than, say, lead nurturing),” as the site’s president, Tom Pick, told Marketing Sherpa. And did you know there were 96 ways to gain SEO “wins” that contribute to your brand strength? Gnome Flash is a fun design blog where you’ll find examples of some of the coolest looks on the web. It offers a range of  reporting and feature stories, breaking news coverage, product information, and community content. It includes checklists for your landing pages and assets and walks you through the 7 steps to make your site a success. I do not deny that it will take a little more effort to turn a boring topic into a more engaging post. It will affect also your usage of jargons as well as the intonation of your posts in order to effectively convey your message or ideas.
Your conversational tone will help your readers feel that they are participating in an active conversation with you instead of boring monotonous reading.
You are then demonstrating that you care about them and that the post is not just about you. Keep in mind that it’s always good to have visuals to help readers understand a complicated topic (and also not-so-complicated ones too) than just texts. I would like to create some infographics for my website too, in the web hosting niche, but creating such infographics will need special talent. But make sure you don’t overdo, otherwise it might spread like wild fire and backfire! Every topic has it’s own passionate people who wants to write about that topic, but as you said all topics has interesting ideas. Make your posts easy to read with short paragraphs, sub-headings, and bullet points where suitable.
Many people don’t realize that, but you for sure are on the way to become even better authority. It would be a nightmare if you use difficult language on a boring topic… the result would be disastrous!
I already knew what you were going to say but it was fun reading the post, keep writing stuff like that. I once added loads of images to a post I wrote that might be dull as dishwater but because most articles and posts online are just writing with maybe one image and that is it, my post looked pretty damn good in comparison. You’ve probably come across a blog like this, if not your own, in the past several months.
This is a perfectly reasonable strategy that I’ve enacted on several blogs throughout American Public University System. From there, we make sure there’s an established, concrete and well-understood objective.
If your organizational priorities shift, objectives have evolved or stakeholder bandwidth evaporated, blogging might not be right for you anymore. If it doesn’t, it might be time to focus on another project and sunset the blog altogether. Choose from thousands of template themes available online (for free) to have a well designed and good looking presence on the web.
From the beginning of making a decision to integrate blogging in your classroom, then writing, commenting, linking, and embedding media to using a blog as a hub for your classroom’s learning community. Tech use which accommodates replicates existing analog (non-digital) learning or communication. As you are moving along in your blogging process and experiences, you might be ready to append another chapter to the above mentioned unit by Connecting your classroom to the world.
Students and teachers might be blogging in a password protected environment preventing others (outsiders) from reading, commenting and interacting. In order for your classroom blog to be connected, the teacher and students need to actively be looking for peers, mentors or experts to interact with. Don’t be shy and contact another teacher to inquire about possible blogging collaboration between your two classes. Imagine connecting your advanced students to mentor students from other schools or countries? You could also connect your foreign language students with native speakers to practice the target language as well as support a cultural exchange. Gone are the days, when only the teacher read their work and gave them feedback through a grade.
Be aware if you are using your blog as an accommodating or a transformative tool with your students. To date there are over 156 million public blogs.  Blogging is still in its infancy and brings about many benefits to an online presence. Blog posts need to contain original and engaging content with less emphasis on a sales pitch.
Almost all business websites need to consider having a blogging aspect to their web presence as it promotes traffic and improves organic search engine rankings. Businesses starting out are recommended to build a blog to build a list of opt-ins that you can eventually market to after a relationship has been built.

And because HubSpot is so well known, the blogs attract plenty of comments, which may provide you with extra insight from people going through the same challenges that you are. Whether you’re looking for tips on tweets or recommendation on optimization, these blogs attract C-level guest bloggers who explain their topics in easy-to-understand terms. A place to get idea-starters on everything from fonts to photos, courtesy of today’s Picassos of the pixel. With such a wide-open subject to cover, Get Elastic gets particularly detailed on trending and tactical topics.
This blog created for small-business needs can teach you to sell without “selling,” create moods with color, and repurpose content like a pro. You can make use of Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool to find what internet users are looking for.
Are they professionals who are familiar with the topic or are they laymen who wish to learn more about the topic in hand? If you need to put forward a lot of information, break it down to smaller bite-size portions. You can always take home some tips from public speeches by some prominent speakers eg Steve Job and Conan O’Brien’s commencement speeches.
Your friends or community may approve of them but bear in mind that your posts would be read by people all over the world. He writes about Blogging, Technology, Gadgets, Programming etc.Connect with him on Facebook, Add him on Google+ and Follow him on Twitter.
If the authors has the ability to convince the people than they can engage their readers with boring topics. As long as we have some solid proof, it’s not a big deal to write some repeated and boring topic. Basically, the way it works is that a blogger starts out with grandiose ideas of writing daily about this-and-that, tweeting out their posts, sharing content on LinkedIn, and creating lively discussions that lead to dozens of comments and follow up posts… In reality, what really happens is you write a few posts for the first month or two, maybe add in a couple shares, that dwindles to a post a month, and then after a year blogging it seems like just another item on your ever-growing to-do list that is put off indefinitely. It turns out that I was able to crank out nearly 200 posts, about four times as many as I had expected. We have a number of faculty members and departments that operate blogs on a wide range of topics from homeland security to career tips. After having introduced Online Safety , discussed and continuously reinforced the concept with real world examples and teachable moments within the classroom, you and your students might be ready to lift the password protection to the site, allowing global voices into your learning community. Another great way to jumpstart connecting your students to the world is by participating the Student Blogging Challenge. Read all about Darren Kuropatwa‘s mentoring partnerships he has established for and with his students.
A great way to be able to get in touch with all different kinds of experts (in a variety of fields), is to build a PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter. If it was a particularly good work, the paper would make it home for parents to read and then pinned to the refrigerator.
As students are creating and sharing tutorials, summarizing their learning and reflecting upon their work, they can provide a valuable contribution for others. Blogs like these can give you great insight into what kind of content gets liked, shared and commented upon.
Recent posts included an interesting look at the rise of brick-and-mortar “pop-up shops”  based on e-commerce sites like Etsy; and advice on how to handle negative reviews.
This blog works with Shift Communications to provide text and video to address questions like “Can public relations affect SEO?” And pieces like “50 most overused press release words” make the subject more fun.
Those that the general public would not, under normal circumstances, give it much thought until they needed information on it. I think the content should be written in an easy language for the readers to understand it.
However, these tips should also get articles written up by me, even I feel it’s boring. You might find that creating an editorial calendar is more appropriate, depending upon your stakeholders. As I established earlier, having a blog that’s publicly available with little content, outdated, is one of the worst possible things for your organization. Or you might connect with the same grade level and a teacher from another school just down the street from yours.
By growing and maintaining a network of professional global educators willing to help YOUR students, many of them at a moments notice, is vital to connecting your students to authentic learning experiences. Bloggers are also warned not to post banner ads on the front fold of websites today as they run the risk of being penalized by the major search engines like Google.
Some businesses also make the fatal mistake of launching a blog but not posting frequently.
For those businesses that cannot post frequently you can also implement a guest blogging system. When your readers are able to benefit from your posts, they will automatically bookmark and refer your website. It’s better to exceed your goal as you go along then to set yourself up for failure right out of the gate. I’ve even seen blogs listed on resumes or business sites that have only a handful of posts spanning years.
So, if you are done with blogging, and you’ve achieved that conclusion because you have addressed the aforementioned issues, then you need to aggressively move to take the site offline.
Depending on your comfort level, you might just take a leap and connect with teachers and students half a world away.
Listen in on another podcast from Wes Fryer’sA  Ideas for International Study Students Adopting Classrooms and Inspiring Students to Constructively Write the Web. Companies that have a blog that is not updated frequently, and personal bloggers that go long periods of times (multiple weeks) without posting can start to hurt their personal brands. The biggest issue is it looks like you are no longer active, so visitors assume you may not be in business, or you may have abandoned your blog… or simply lost interest.
At American Public University System, we had a blog run by our Career Services Team full of great career development advice such as interview tips, job fair logistics, and so on. Since the sites were related it made sense to combine them, but retain the OnlineCareerTips brand, since it was more widely established.
The final step was to ensure the back end system redirected users from the old site to the new one in case visitors had any old links bookmarked.
It’s less work managing one site versus two, even though we have the same number of contributors.

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