The goal of the Online Business Trade Journal™ is to keep you informed of the current and future state of ethical online business and to encourage your participation. Use the Chamber of Commerce - on the Web™ Member Logo on Every Site You Own at NO Extra Cost! To re-publish articles by jl scott from this site, please include the following byline - with live links - after each article you use. Arrington is a chartered property and casualty underwriter, certified insurance counselor, associate in risk management and a licensed risk manager through the Texas Department of Insurance. With more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, Arrington said he is prepared and looks forward to assisting customers and clients with identifying their risk assessment needs. Joe Rapier, president of Parkhill Smith and Cooper, and Polly Vann, general manager of V-tech Environmental Services, will now sit on the Reese Technology Center’s board of directors. The Reese Technology Center is a center for technology, research, angineering, education and light manufacturing. Where We Stand 2016 This publication serves as our state legislative agenda and addresses issues such as fiscal responsibility, education, health care, energy, infrastructure and economic development. Greenville-based charity AidJoy, which provides technology and technical know-how to assist charities around the globe, recently announced that the charity is seeking to support itself so that the volunteer group can expand its philanthropic efforts through an online fundraiser. AidJoy’s projects include Project Amazonas, which delivers medical aid to remote communities in the Amazon rainforest.
Here's how I increased my website traffic by using social networking - and how you can do it too. Not long after social media first gained attention on the Internet, I started exploring to see how it might benefit my business. But within a few months of playing around with social media, I experienced a big upswing in my targeted visitors – people coming from my social media interactions, who were interested in what I had to offer. Over half of all Internet users spend more time on social websites than doing anything else online. The social Web has an unprecedented power to attract people’s attention and influence their buying decisions. Studies show that people who use social networking sites also tend to be active online shoppers – and that they buy more than twice as many jewelry and fashion items online as non-social-site users do. I’ll show you how you can easily find your ideal potential customers on social websites, and build true friendships with them.
Imagine how shocked I was to read Rena’s book and find out how much more I needed to know about marketing my work through social media! So when you build genuine friendships online, jewelry sales will follow – especially when these friends are people who already love the kind of jewelry you make. No matter where you sell your handmade jewelry online – on Artfire, Etsy, eBay, your blog, your own website, etc. I take you through it step-by-step in this complete 133-page guide to selling more of your jewelry on the Internet – the social way. It took me more than two solid years of studying, experimenting, trial and error to figure out all of the jewelry-specific social media tips and strategies that are in this book.
You can take a huge jump ahead, and bypass your own two-year learning curve – by using the simple strategies in this ebook. Having read your book the mystery has gone and I now feel pretty confident to go ahead and make new contacts and customers through this important medium.
What’s more, you have explained to me, in very straight forward terms, not only what I need to be doing but exactly HOW to do it. So read on and learn how to harness the power of social networking and see how it will bring the all important target customers right into your online shop. This book really does demonstrate how, for almost no cost except our time, we can turn traditional marketing methods upside down and take control of our own destiny.

I would highly recommend this personal insight from Rena, and only wish that I’d had this knowledge 18 months ago when I launched my online business. This book was extremely insightful and useful and I would suggest it to any jewelry artist who wants to know the many various secrets to marketing their work online! This 26-page bonus guide takes you through every step of operating a successful jewelry business online. With this list you won’t have to struggle to think of things to say to your social media friends and followers. Immediately after your purchase, you can download your ebook and start learning new success strategies, tips, and secrets right away. This book has sparked a new reality to the possibilities and realms of expanding my jewelry business to heights I had not even dreamt of.
From moonlight beaders to full scale jewelry operations, this book offers industry competitive advice with a lot of giggles in between. I just finished my second reading of this book and I can only say this is THE Guide for Internet sellers. The book is about building true relationships with true people, and Rena offers a wonderful insight on the making of those relationships, and how to make them profitable for all parts through mutual collaboration.
The one thing I enjoy most about my work: getting to visit with our customers, showing them the latest in fashion, finding items that fit their style so when they leave they are happy with their purchase and feel good about themselves. Community activities: volunteer at Mission Lubbock, volunteer at Southcrest Christian School where my kids attend school and I teach Sunday school. Kevin Bass has been promoted to senior executive vice president and chief lending officer for City Bank Lubbock. Jim Simpson has been promoted to senior vice president and chief technology officer for City Bank Lubbock.
Steve Smothers has been hired as vice president and director of marketing for City Bank in Lubbock.
He has over 30 years of experience in the health care industry and in his current role is responsible for all aspects of the Texas Tech Physicians of Lubbock, which is comprised of more than 180 physicians associated with the TTUHSC.
Jordy Rowland has joined Peoples Bank as assistant vice president and loan officer in the Nazareth banking location. The Lubbock SCORE office will conduct two seminars next month to help potential and new business owners know about some of the important steps to know in running a small business.
Tri Global Energy, Floyd County Wind Farm and Westerly Wind have organized a joint development called South Plains Wind Energy. Although research into family owned businesses has been previously neglected, the past decade has witnessed an increase of interest devoted to family businesses.
No matter what the size of the company, the family factor subtlely (and sometimes disastrously) influences almost every major function, from marketing to acounting, and virtually all major decisions, from how the company will be organized to its rate of new investment and expansion.
This book examines the research that has been conducted concerning various aspects of family businesses, because indications are that family businesses are significant contributors to employment in the United States. The first part of this book looks at the history of family businesses, significant data concerning family businesses, and how family businesses are defined and operated differently from non family businesses. Anthony recalls that his goal in life has always been to have his own business and was obsessed with the wonderful world of business. Anthony received his undergraduate degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing, his Masters degree in Economics and Finance and is completing his Ph.D. The Business Journal covers member news and regional business developments along with Chamber events and programs. From the most successful businesses to recently organized start-ups, and almost every conceivable business in between, the Chamber accommodates your needs with programs and services designed to fit your plans for growth.
31 and money raised will be used to fund support for continued projects and to help additional charities in 2014.

According to a release, with AidJoy’s involvement, Project Amazonas has expanded its medical program from treating 1,500 patients to 9,000 patients a year.
There is nothing better than knowing you have a place to call home, where you are surrounded by those you love! The communications firm has been the chamber’s design sponsor for the annual Business Expo, a partnership which resulted in an award for “Best Texas Chamber Expo Marketing Materials” from the U.S. Most of the research on family busienesses has been conducted in the last ten years (Shanker and Astrachan, 1996). American are living longer, staying healthier, and as a result are struggling with the thought of transferring leadership to a new generation. The second part reviews research on the role of the family owned firm's founder, leadership, succession, and resolution of problems inherent in family businesses. When he was in high school, he decided that someday he would be a successful business person and was willing to make any sacrifice in order to accomplish his goal. Ciuffo is also an adjunct professor in Business Administration and teaches an adult education class on "starting your own business." He encourages anyone with the "fire in the belly," to follow their dreams, and learn what the wonderful world of entrepreneurship is all about. In addition, AidJoy is overseeing the financing and construction of a medical facility that will help 45,000 people a year in that region. He is executive associate dean of the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center and chief executive officer of the TTUHSC Medical Practice Income Plan.
The seminars, “Thinking About Your Own Business” and “Do You Have What It Takes,” will focus on helping attendees determine their market and how to develop a business plan. So much so, that a new field has developed, specifically for helping owners of family businesses better manage their companies. A recent survey has shown that contrary to popular belief, many family owned businesses are not "mom and pop" run operations. The last section of this review looks at the inevitability of change, lessons research has taught us, and finally a summary and conclusion.
In addition, Anthony also felt compelled to continue his formal education and complete as much as possible. He has been actively involved in and operated 12 businesses, 11 of which were startup ventures. Anthony is willing to answer any business related questions by E-mailing him using the button or link below. We welcome color photos to accompany your news, but the photo should be the original image with no digital manipulation. A good indication of this phenomenon is that many colleges and universities have adopted procedures to bring family owners together with professionals who advise and study family businesses. Good portions of family run businesses are multi million dollar enterprises, constantly reaching out for new ways to improve their businesses. A combination of practical experience, combined with formal learning seemed to be a sure formula for success. Research has shown that the principles of management taught in most business schools do not apply to the family business (Fischetti, 1996).
As a result, many graduate business schools have discovered the need to incorporate family business into the curriculum.
Once ignored in the curriculum, family business has become a prime topic for courses and research projects (Le Van, 1999).

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