Using our insight and expertise, we ensure the industry and its employees are equipped to secure a sustainable future where everyone has affordable, safe and reliable food and consumer goods. Ahead of the IGD Tesco Business Update event in May here’s our run down of what’s been priority for one of the UK’s largest retailers over the last year. A one day workshop designed to help you improve your understanding of convenience and make the most of this key strategic opportunity. With sales in the channel forecast to grow 17% by 2020, IGD’s Convenience Retailing Summit 2016 is the event to attend to help your business maximise the opportunity. Featuring leading online grocery retailers, innovative suppliers, foremost social media organisations, ground-breaking innovators and visionary insight providers, the Online & Digital Summit is a must-attend for any business looking to grow sales through the fastest growing grocery channel. PLUS, you can personalise your experience by attending two of six sessions across three breakout streams, which focus on brilliant basics, digital marketing and innovation & thought leadership. We’ve seen how the rise of online and digital channels has impacted grocery retailing in the last few years – and our latest global e-commerce insight suggests the pace of change is only set to increase. We spoke to some of the biggest names in online grocery at last year's event to find out what they get from attending and why they are happy to share their insights. Tweet What’s the hottest internet gambling market in the world right now? Thanks to a convergence of favorable population demographics and revenue hungry governments, Eastern Europe is primed for an internet gambling Renaissance.
Voinea points out that living standards in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc have been steadily improving over the past years. Any internet gambling executive who is wondering if the average Eastern European resident will be a good customer should site down and chat with Voinea. In spite of fluctuations in textile industry, fashion e-commerce companies -mostly flash sale fashion startups- were leading companies in great e-commerce rising of Turkey. Lessons in computer programming was adopted by the national curriculum for primary schools in Estonia last year. Is automatically added email signatures that linked your website, how valuable for SEO? In email signatures, we commonly use some details such as name and surname, job title, company name and phone number.
Two Mandela Rhodes Foundation Scholars Share Tips and Experiences for Potential Applicants!
The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a unique opportunity for students to experience and create online marketing campaigns using Google AdWords and Google+. With a $250 AdWords advertising budget provided by Google, students develop and run an online advertising campaign for a business or non-profit organization over a three week period.
This is open to student teams of three to six members from undergraduate or graduate programs, regardless of their major. The Global Winners and their professor will receive a seven-night trip to San Francisco, including one day at the Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California to meet with Googlers from the AdWords, University Programs and Marketing teams. Each student in the Global and Regional Social Media winning teams will receive a computing device, as well as other prizes.
Each student in the three top performing teams will receive a computing device, along with other prizes. All Winners and their professors across all categories will be provided with personalized certificate of appreciation noting their status as a Winner in the Competition. Last weekend I returned from the DNX, Europe’s only Digital Nomad Conference for online biz owners who also want to travel the world.

Bad jokes were shared, useful tips exchanged, new relationships built … and some lost. For example, during the lunch break, I was standing next to that social media lady carrying a huuuge purse.
At conferences, people constantly introduce each other and get tired of mumbling the same lines. So after every talk, ask yourself: what’s the one relevant key takeaway I can act on?
As an introvert, when I come back from a conference I want to crawl back into my lonely cave and watch as other attendees swarm Facebook and Twitter with their conference images and selfies.
I learned that following up is essential to get the most out of these events, and so is the timeframe in which you do it. Conferences can be overwhelming, especially to introverts that are used to working alone in front of the screen.
Mars Dorian draws funky illustrations and pens sci-fi thrillers for the Internet Generation.
We have to appreciate that Extraverts to some extent are superficial, and i don’t mean that disrepectfully. Thanks to piles of red tape and bureaucracy that market just isn’t living up to its full potential. That, combined with government entities that are keen to open new tax revenue streams, have made Eastern Europe a ripe target for operators that are looking to break new ground. Over 80,000 students and professors from almost 100 countries have participated in the past 7 years. The teams that develop and communicate the most successful campaigns win awesome prizes, including trips to Google offices.
Additionally, Global Winners and their Professor will get an exciting opportunity to participate in a Google+ Hangout with Google+ team members (to be scheduled at Googlea€™s discretion).
Additionally, Global Winners and their Professor will get an exciting opportunity to participate in a Google+ Hangout with Google Grants team members (to be scheduled at Googlea€™s discretion). If team chooses a non-profit organization and wishes to be eligible for the AdWords Social Impact Award, they must append an Impact Statement to their Post-Campaign Report. I wanted to connect with her, so I pointed toward her purse and asked if she was hiding her boyfriend in there. But with an open mind and a willingness to stand apart, you can separate yourself from the crowd and also create lasting relationships.
His latest novel is a mix between Star Wars and Silicon Valley called Attack Planet which you  can check out on Amazon for just $2.99! I love information, learning and new perspectives (hence, conferences are a draw) but I am totally socially awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to interacting with strangers.
I am an Introvert and my head tells me to go to the business shows and exhibitions because there are lots of people who can do business with you etc etc. They love breadth and multiple relationships but they may just skim the surface of getting to know you and move on.
Sure there’s money there, but operators can have a heck of a time just obtaining a license in countries like Germany and Spain.
Even better, in his eyes, is their willingness to spend a high percentage of their income on gambling.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in the optional Google+ Social Media Marketing category by creating and managing a Google+ Page for their clients over a five week period. The Team Captain registers under the verified professor, who in turn confirms each student team by clicking a verification link sent via email after the team registers.
If you just introduce yourself and flash your biz card, you’ll vanish into oblivion again. At the DNX, the topics ranged from running an online biz while traveling the world with your family, social media domination, personal branding, and e-course building. I just can’t convince myself that small talk is meaningful, and I have no interest in talking about myself. We’re likely to answer chitchat with one word, but answer in long paragraphs anything of substance. I usually end up hiding in seminars and talks (and of course not sitting at the front) and not meeting anybody.
Opportunity Desk has contributed to my international exposure and I encourage you all to key into the opportunities via the site." Read moreVictoria IbiwoyeNigeria "Opportunity Desk is a genuine organisation that helps young people become better citizens of the world!
I tried similar approaches to jumpstart the chitchat and always adapted my intro to the person and their surrounding (If someone was eating, I made a line about that).
Especially at conferences where so many people attend and no one wants to spend a lot of time on each person.
I met someone at a network meeting who i had sat next to and spoken to to at a network meeting a couple of weeks before. It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. With the social media domination talk, I only focused on tips for Twitter, because that’s the most important platform in my biz.
Opportunity Desk is an excellent tool to find these life changing opportunities." Read moreEdidiong UmohNigeria "I've applied for a lot of the opportunities here. It was so discouraging at some point when I wasn't successful, but I've now been awarded full scholarship to attend Women Deliver conference in Denmark. Thanks to OD" Wiem AskriTunisia "I have been following OD for about two years now, and I'm really thankful to all the opportunities posted all the time - a lot of chances for everyone from around the world no matter what their interests are." Kelebogile SimulaBotswana "I was selected for the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. The success stories I have read on the page have taught me that there is no special ingredient for doing great things." Read moreBerabose Aline JoyceRwanda "You may apply and get rejected several times but my advice is not to give up. I went to Bali and met 100 of the best youth leaders and friends worldwide." Oliver RiecheGermany "OD is a fantastic resource for all those young people who want to get involved in their communities, who want to travel the world and who want to make a difference. Thank you for such a good initiative to provide opportunities to all of us." Read moreSunny Ibeh JnrNigeria "Opportunity Desk is a fabulous platform that makes dreamers achievers.
Your life can only be transformed when you are aptly informed!" Read moreZaidat IbrahimBoston, USA "Opportunities are like sunrise & Opportunity Desk serves as the alarm clock to ensure you don't wake up too late and miss out on the sunrise!

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