I didn’t know what sales funnel is until I got one and it is happened to be inside the marketing system I use. It is step-by-step process of capturing the attention of a potential customers and turning them into a buyers.
The Sales Funnel consist two critical components: Front End (the top of the funnel) and the Back End product.
To give you a better picture of what the Sales Funnel is I show you the diagram of the My Lead System Pro (MLSP) funnel below.
You have to use marketing strategies such as PPC Ads (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), Forum posts, Banners, Blogging.  Capture your traffic utilizing those strategies and direct it to your personal capture page.
Once you established good relationship with your prospects you can introduce then to your primary business. From the above MLSP diagram you can see that all first 4 steps are considered to be Front end of the funnel and your primary business opportunity (another words you MLM) will be the Back end.
It’s now being coined “Social Network Marketing” and it is already providing network marketers like you and me the ability to tap into a virtually unlimited source of prospects, creating the kind of income you were promised when you signed up but at a much greater speed and with less painstaking footwork, if you get my drift. Now if you’re afraid of using a Social Network Marketing Strategy to prospect online, then stop reading because there are a lot of things you need to understand with social network marketing before you jump in and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s important to keep an eye out on your competition and see what the successful ones are doing. Social networking is a hands-on, every day business and it requires some time for learning and application. When you make the decision to get into social networking you’ve got to build your persona or your brand for yourself in order to make people believe that they Know, Like and Trust you. No one is going to take your business seriously if your friends are posting pictures of you at a party looking a “bit on the drunk side”, right?!
About April Ray Online Marketer and Lifestyle Trainer specializing in Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing, and Home Business.
These online network marketing strategies will work for you too!, All you have to do is be willing to learn. So many people think that social media is some place young people waste time,  moms spend time instead of focusing on household tasks, and dads space out after work while hanging on social media! They are the very same people that you have identified with your upline as your perfect business partner… yet you have not had any luck finding them at the local Wal Mart!  Social Media is awesome, because it allows you to see your prospect before you even bother to talk to them, you can see where they work, what kind of ethics they have, and learn a lot about a person via social media! So if you want to attract the right audience to your business, the absolute perfect person… what if you were to use those qualities as a search within Facebook to find those that may be interested in what you have, want more from life, or whatever search word fits for your ideal prospect.
People tend to go off the rails a bit when it comes to Social Media because they want to talk about their network marketing program, because they are certain it will help this person with whatever ails them, or they need this services, or whatever it is you offer.Please do not do this! When you show people how much you care you show people that you are willing and able to help them. I have resourced what I believe to be the best training when it comes to getting leads and succeed with your network marketing business online. We get a LOT of questions around online Network Marketing strategies so this should help a lot of people.
If you are confused about how to use the Internet to recruit more reps and get more leads, this online network marketing guide should help.
Hosting and owning your own domain is step one for ANY successful network marketing marketers.
So, question I get all the time is do I have to spend money to make money in my home business?
The two things I mentioned above (hosting and email autoresponder service) are very low cost but are critical IF you are going to have success with online network marketing. Lastly you need to know there are two categories for online network marketing and yes, you should be doing both.
Learn something quite insightful from the Mexicans in this installment of our 10-part series about how to develop a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business to achieve success as an entrepreneur. Their goal was to identify a new breed of foreign visitors willing to tour through Mexico for pleasure but for no longer a period than 6 months. Long before the existence of the Internet, businesses and even nations have relied on networks to spread the word about their propositions to an ideal customer audience. For 30 years Mexico struggled in developing a consistent message to pass along through a world network to market tourism. When it comes to developing a USP, you must choose to focus on appealing only to a narrow segment of your entire market. Obviously people who were far more interested in visiting quaint haciendas, ancient Mayan ruins swallowed up by thick jungles or populous bullrings to witness a matador's spellbinding dance with death had to be passed over for all American sun worshippers desperate for a deep tan and a margarita by the surf. The success you gain in making an appeal that resonates with an exclusive audience also offers you the opportunity to expand your business.

Never doubt the impact that a concentrated message will produce on your selling proposition, as you incessantly deliver it to an exclusive segment of your ideal customer that you wish to focus on. First subscribe to this site to stay informed of all our newly published content on starting your own business.
Before that I was participating in many sales funnels without even realizing it, by consuming products online that were sold to me by sales funnels. This diagram presents marketing strategies and sequence of steps used for effective implementation of MLSP system. Very helpful for network marketers to be successful to their careers and gains more knowledge to their careers.
As Rob Fore says, “Success leaves Clues.” There’s no shame in doing what the leaders are doing. It’s not like having a blog where you can write an article 2-3 times a week and be done with it. Just because you have a personal Facebook page where you are interacting with your friends all the time, and you totally get what it means to be social, doesn’t mean you should start marketing your MLM business opportunity on your personal page. Everyone and their mother is saying how hot YouTube is right now and it ain’t showing any signs of slowing down. As one of my teachers would always say, “You Can Be You Better Than Anyone Else Can.”  That being said, as tempting as it may be to just show a screen capture video or a picture of your smiling face, you will never achieve the level of success that I know you want to achieve if you don’t go out on that limb and get your face in front of that camera and speak your peace for all the world to hear.
You can be the next YouTube superstar if you’re willing to get in the know….and if you are CLICK HERE to get started.
I train and equip aspiring entrepreneurs with tools to effectively leverage the internet to generate limitless leads and put more money in their pockets. It is a business model that is based completely on relationship marketing, and the belief that people will buy from those that know, like and trust. Back a few years ago, I remember being in a convention for my network marketing company and the speaker was talking about websites, and how getting leads from your website was a complete waste of time, it did not work, and he has built his entire business prospecting people at gas stations, Wal Mart, and shopping malls.
Of course you don’t, because you are here, looking for the magic online network marketing strategies that work! While some people may do this, the kind of people you are looking for as a professional network marketer are motivated, entrepreneurs who are looking for a way out, a way to change their future! Within the Big 3 Social Media options, you can search people that possess or want to possess the skills, or personality traits you are looking for!
It allows us to make friends with people all over the world, and share with them who we are, and we can learn more about them! You will not make friends quickly on Social Media with that strategy!  Social Media is a place for you to get to know people, imagine you are meeting them for the first time at a social gathering, you certainly would not give verbal diarrhea all over them about you, your company, and how you can make them the next top earner in XYZ. One week you can target say teachers, the next week target stay home moms, whatever it is, make 30-50 new friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and you will have 90-150 new friends!
I am by no means the smartest person out there, but I do resource the information I need to help me.
If you are looking for training from the best (multiple 6 figure earners in their network marketing companies) then you will want to click here, and watch the free video.
My wife used social media to build a six figure business in our last company and I’ve used online MLM strategies to recruit hundreds of people.
MOST network marketers are only armed with their company pages, having your own site(s) set you apart from the riff-raff. In a word, they concentrated on giving birth to Mexico's tourist industry, which today accounts for one-tenth of its national economy.
But it is this image of exclusivity which gave Mexico it's unique worldwide appeal to this day and allowed it to gain a solid foothold in the mind of prospective tourists. For Mexico it has translated from a message of post-Revolution impoverishment by the sea to some of the most luxurious and expensive beach resort real estate and princely treatment on the planet along not only its Pacific coastline but the Caribbean in CancA?n, where the region today gives entire nations such as Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico a run for their entire economies.
It is all about generating leads by capturing attention and dragging people into your sales funnel. When someone entered your sales funnel to become a prospect they literally agreed to receive some sort of communication from you. No matter what, you have to keep in touch with your prospects through emails.   They can join you in time. You will probably find that most of the successful leaders are on all of the popular social sites all the time, and I mean All Of The Time! Yes, it’s the same concept, but you must keep your business completely separate from your private FB page. So keep it separate and brand yourself as the expert in your industry, people will take you seriously and want to do business with you.
It is one of the most popular platforms today, so if you’re going to get into social network marketing, you had better figure out how to make some good videos that showcase your beautiful face!

Whatever you choose, don’t be a social network marketing moron, do it right or don’t do it at all! Heck your upline may not even have a Facebook, or Twitter account, and they have no idea what Pinterest is! There are 3 forms of social media that you should use (but use properly) to launch your network marketing business in an online environment. There are a few tools I suggest if you are going to seriously pursue online network marketing success. Imagine how much it will all cost when he has to buy tables, kitchen equipment, food, signage, employees, etc.
It may cost you an additional $20 a month to do it right but what will it cost you to do it wrong? If you can’t afford a domain name, web hosting and an autoresponder (we use Aweber), my first tendency is to question why you’re really in business!
Considering that Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world, theirs was a significant achievement. Come 1945 and the victory of its American neighbor to the north, industry leaders in Mexico chose to concentrate on marketing a specific tourist location that had been successfully attracting Mexico's own upper class from its capital city to the coast since the 1920's - the coastal town of Acapulco. This is permission marketing when your prospects give you the permission to contact them with farther materials. And even if they don’t join your primary opportunity you still can be profiting when they join your affiliate programs.
But don’t let that scare you, there are a lot of tools out there designed to make the process easier and less time consuming.
Today I want to share with you some online network marketing strategies that work, and work well! Yet those of us using the internet sites, and having success kept plugging along and kept going, and continued to see success.
It is frustrating to me when these leaders shun something they have no idea about, and no way to know if it is beneficial to them or not. Genuinely care about them, who they are, and how you may be able to help them get what they want.
The reason you want to have your own hosting is so you can control and own your website(s).
Marketing is building a list, you MUST have a way to build your email list if you are ever to get out of the grind of having to reach out to people each day.
But starting in January 1926 the winning revolutionaries, realizing both that the country needed massive rebuilding and that the national economy was too weak to support this rebuilding entirely by itself, chose to focus on changing the new nation's immigration laws to distinguish between temporary and permanent immigrants. This is why in creating a unique selling proposition you must maintain your message highly concentrated.
But without making this sacrifice, Mexico would have continued struggling, unable to develop its distinct sun and beach appeal for which it is world famous today. Using an autoresponder allows you to build your list of prospects and start building a relationship with them.
They form an opinion based on what they think they know about Social Media and many will tell you, that you cannot build a successful network marketing business online!
You can actually try Getresponse right now for 30 days for free but let me assure you that you WANT to pay for this service as there is no greater asset than having an email list. You want to have the ability to communicate with large groups of people at the push of a button and an email list is the easiest way to do it.
Free training typically conflicts with the last free training that you went through which causes you to go in loops and you aren’t even sure which one actually works. People need to get to know you and you need to offer something to your fans that provide value, so you gotta get busy and figure out what that “value” looks like. Now to me, making the videos is the easy part, but if your not sure how to create one there are tones of programs out there that will give you the step by steps. Free training is great for getting ideas and motivation but when it comes to actually building a business, we eagerly invest in courses and hire coaches to show us step by step how to create. Whether we like it or not, making videos has become an integral part of marketing today, it’s in e-mails, on social network sites, on websites, just all over the place, so let’s not miss out on that money train.

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