Once your image ready, you can save the image into your local hard disk or ftp to your remote server.
One of the most popular applications is the online document viewing and sharing application.
There are many well-known companies that offer free online document viewing and sharing applications which help you save on your computer space and most significantly, you can view and share files and documents across the globe.
The most important benefit of this application is its flexibility; you can access more than 15 different types of file and document formats.
Since the application is a production of Google, the software is user friendly which makes it the best.ScribdScribd is another popular free online viewing, sharing and publishing application. You can easily upload and share files with any formats using this efficient web application. With this application you can generate URL links and share them with others; this makes your documents and files more secure and safe. This free online document upload and sharing application gives you the liberation to view a variety of file formats in full screen; this makes the document viewing more clear and clean.

This online service allows its users to upload files, documents, images, presentations, slides, videos and much more. This innovative application allows you to upload and download presentations on any topic publicly or privately, for free. It also gives you the feature of sharing it over the major social and professional networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Slideshare makes it very easy for its users to carve up and share ideas, bond with others and even generate links for business. Slideshare is considered to be one of the best free tools for elearning and education.SkydriveSky drive is more of an online hard drive than anything else.
You can place any files you want within your online drive until you have reached the free capacity. From within your drive you can send out emails to friends or workers allowing them to see a specified file within your drive. It is a very private way to share files and you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing your files unless you want them to.

It is also very straightforward and just about anyone should be able to use it without a problem.Pan MindPan Mind specializes in sharing your documents with huge numbers of people. It is supposed to be a way for you to get input of large groups of people and is excellent for writing groups or clubs that need to allow file sharing to everyone. They give you 5gb of file allowance per account which is more than suitable for most document storing needs.
You can share your files with people even if they aren’t a member of the site making it easy to get them to everyone. Today, many of us use online document sharing and viewing applications for quick turnaround. You can within no time share files and videos with different formats amongst your clients, friends and family.

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