Situated just a few miles away from Draculaa€™s famous castle in Transylvania, Sorin Neica has created the a€?Keyboard-S,a€? a massive, 319-key keyboard the size of a placemat.
The Keyboard-S is designed to save time by providing quick, easy access to keyboard shortcuts.
Neica and his team need to raise $185,280 for the first iteration of the keyboard, a wired USB version. The very first backers to sign on to to use the Keyboard-S will pay $89, according to the Kickstarter listing, while later signups will pay somewhat more. Wea€™re all in favor of keyboards designed to improve productivity, but wea€™re not quite sure this is going to save any time versus a habitual Photoshop user who has memorized the appropriate key touches.

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Neica says that 372 of the most common tools, filters and functions have been hardwired into 299 of the keys. Stretch goals of $350,000 and $550,000 call for the designers to order up wireless and a a€?Mac designa€? aluminum finish.

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Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. A Neica hasna€™t released details of the bumps or switches inside the keyboard, although the 8-mm thickness probably implies something relatively inexpensive, rather than the mechanical keyboards we profiled last month.

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