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National Level Online PowerPoint Presentations Competition for Indian Pharmacy Students and Professionals.
This contest is to test pharmacy students understading of "Concepts" they learned and their ability to explain their ideas using multimedia tools such as graphics , animations and narration (optional) as supportive media.
The presenting author should be either 2nd, 3rd or 4th year Bachelor of Pharmacy student , M.Pharmacy student , Pharm D student or Ph D student.
Abstract Format details ( >> Download Model Abstract ) To be submitted in Ms word file with Times New Roman font with font size of 12.

4) Abstract : Should briefly reflect the moto of your topic under presentation data containing not more than 600 words. 1) First slide should give the Title, Student Photo and Guide photo,name, address and profile page links. 3) Bottom of "each" slide must contain reference deatils for the information, images, tables etc used that particular page but NOT on the last slide as list of references.
See an example award winning presentation : Original content with animations developed 100% in PowerPoint. This time more scope is given to see your creativity in the presentation, i mean u can use audio, animations, video clips etc. My dear friends, use this oppurtunity to show your creativity and talent to companies without attending an interview.

This time topics is mainly on "HOW" you presented the information than "What" you presented .
Have we to present topics only on those suggested topics or anything related to pharmacy can be presented?

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