Inbound product management is more about listening, and outbound product management is more about talking. However on further reflection, I think there is more nuance between Product Management and Product Marketing. The text in red indicates convention listening inbound and communicating outbound Product Marketing. Product Management asks its 'brothers' in Product Marketing for information about the competitors' features and business benefits. Product Marketing should also know how competitors are positioning themselves: what sectors and how. Product Marketing should have an understanding about how much these sectors are worth and whether the company has the assets to tackle these sectors effectively.
Similarly, Product Management may be required to technically 'unpick' a competitors product to understand how their product works. Various techniques exist to 'unlock' this information - perhaps a subject of another blog post.
At the end of the release cycle, Product Management should effectively demonstrate precisely how to the business benefits (as stated by Product Marketing) are realised using the product. Strangely, this task is frequently not well executed (and, in looking back in product releases, I'm guilty as anyone else in not doing this!). WRONG - it is best to assume that the sales guys aren't product geniuses who every spare minute is spent in investigating product nuances. This summer, major tech companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Apple released their own diversity reports. It’s a shame because women are doing incredible work, and bring a different view point to the industry that can make products better.
As the lead developer at MOGUL, Tiffany built the first version of the platform herself using Ruby on Rails. About: As a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, Anna Roth uses math and statistics to help people understand how technology actually affects their daily lives, which is not as easy as it might sound.

About: Billie Whitehouse is the creative force behind Wearable Experiments, a company that designs garments with built-in technology. About: Martinez began her career at Zendesk right after graduating from Carnegie Mellon, demonstrating her engineering skills right off the bat. Wolfe resigned from Tinder in April 2014 after filing a lawsuit against Tinder co-founders Justin Mateen and Sean Rad, who she alleges sexually harassed her. Getting feedback from those that really understand customer problems (and are responsible for overcoming them) is very, very important. By curating content from third parties, producing original content, and enabling users to also contribute, the platform empowers women to share knowledge and discover new opportunities around the world they would otherwise not have access to.
She founded Developers for Good to bring motivated technologists of all skill levels together with social entrepreneurs so they can improve the world together. She was the Product Lead for Photos & Media on Twitter, the team responsible for the production, consumption and engagement experience around photos and other forms of media. She’s got a background in medical technologies and FDA approvals, and could be a huge asset to Apple. Anna helps Microsoft’s engineers talk to the public directly about their work, bridging the connection between the technical side of the company with its consumers. At 29, she’s the CEO of DWNLD, a startup that turns websites and social media feeds into beautiful, responsive apps. She submitted an application to TechStars and left college just a few credits shy of a degree.
Facebook, Twitter, and Intel are among the companies that have hosted Girl Geek Dinners, informal dinners where women (and men!) in STEM can get together to talk tech. It’s a newsletter startup that delivers chunks of the most important news stories to your inbox every morning. For her first project, she was responsible for translating Zendesk’s administrative and agent panels into languages besides English, which allowed Zendesk to expand internationally. Wolfe came up with Tinder’s name, and was also responsible for marketing the app on college campuses, which led to crazy growth for Tinder.

Since joining CNBC in 2011, she’s also appeared on Squawk box, Squawk on the Street, and Power Lunch.
Y Combinator alum uBiome was financed by crowdfunding — its 2013 IndieGogo campaign raised $351,193 of its $100,000 goal.
Mauskopf previously led the Discovery team, which included content and user recommendations, trends and personalization. Before coming to Pinterest, Tracy turned down an offer to work at Facebook — she became the second engineer at Quora instead. Alexandra oversees an impressive team of engineers from Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Tumblr, Facebook and Rent the Runway. Before coming to Palantir, McClure was the head of the TED Fellows program, where she supported the more than 300 TED fellows and coached them on their presentations at TED conferences. Lisa has helped grow the team at the four-year-old company from less than 100 employees to 200 in the past year.
Before founding Getaround, Scorpio was the founder and CEO of IDEAL, a networking organization for young Canadian professionals. Kayla has covered major tech stories, including Facebook’s IPO and the News Corp phone hacking scandal. Previously, she was the Vice President of Marketing at Thrillist Media Group where she was instrumental in the company’s 500 percent year-on-year growth. They recently raised a $5 million round of funding from the same investors behind Zynga and Harmonix.
A seasoned reporter, Kayla previously had stints at Bloomberg, the Associated Press, and DealReporter. At 20, she was the founder and CEO of GoFundraise, providing non-profits with an online fundraising platform that she helped grow as one of the largest fundraising platforms in Australia.

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