We are constantly working on improving our website and making it more convenient for our customers.  Whether it be placing your orders, checking pricing and stock or getting product information, we want our website to be first on your list. Look for promo codes from Regional Supply in our emails, newsletters, open houses, classes and on our Facebook page.  To kick things off, get $10 off your online order of $150 or more (use promo code BLOG10OFF) or $50 off your online order of $1,500 or more (use promo code BLOG50OFF). Effective March 1, 2016 Regional Supply will sell all calendared vinyl by 10-yard, 25-yard and 50-yard rolls only. We zijn er erg laat mee, maar hier dan eindelijk nieuws wat we al in mei hadden moeten plaatsen.
Dus spraakmakende titels, acteurs en promo’s worden gemaakt om te laten zien wat ze in huis hebben.

Our promo girls, however, are perennially popular – and it’s easy to see why.Promo girls are used for a wide range of different brands, and for different reasons. De grote stations zoals: NBC, FOX, ABC en CBS laten dan een berg (meer dan 30) nieuwe TV serie titels zien die in dat jaar (2011) en begin 2012 uit meoten komen. Want tussen die meer dan 30 series zitten naast parels ook series die je na 1 aflevering alweer van de buis wilt zien.
For example, if you’re launching a brand targeted at a female audience, promo girls can give the brand a relatable face and an aspirational model, showing the consumer the kind of woman who would use the product. For products aimed at male audiences, they provide an attractive and engaging face for the product, and an added incentive to interact with the campaign.The aspirational aspect is particularly relevant with beauty products and the like – and this is one of the areas where we will often need to profile our staff by their appearance.

If a client comes to us for staff to promote a product for use on blonde hair, for example, blonde girls would naturally be a far better fit for their campaign than brunettes or models with shaven heads. In addition to the right appearance for the campaign, a promo girl needs to be multi-talented. They need to be organised and reliable, so we know that they’ll be in the right place at the right time; they need to be approachable and friendly, able to talk to the customers knowledgeably about the product.

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