As the biggest social network, Facebook should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Vinay Patankar is the CEO of Process Street, a platform that manages recurring processes for teams and turns businesses into automated, self growing machines.
In the past at DOZ Dylan has written about how to create content for a blog and I’ve recently shared my own process for and I’ve recently shared my process for content creation, too. Content promotion is made up of both quick-win and long-term strategies and, unless you’re pouring a bunch of money into it, it can sometimes work on luck as much as skill.
While it’s not as easy to go viral as a manager without marketing experience might think, employing a clear-cut strategy will help you stop relying on luck to get exposure.
And I’m about to let you in on the scalable process I use at Process Street to drive over 100,000 page views per month to our blog. At Process Street we use our own workflow management software we use to run and manage a team of Virtual Assistants (VAs) who make posts to social bookmarking sites and use social media management tools to spread content across our own channels.
Social media is the first obvious port of call for sharing content, and you should have active accounts on all major channels. Business how-tos and content marketing tips usually make for the most shareable content — check AllTop to keep your finger on the pulse on what’s popular right now. The short burst of traffic provided by social bookmarking sites like reddit is our content promotion’s activation energy.
Our posts often gain enough momentum from social media and bookmarking sites to win a steady stream of shares over the coming weeks, but reddit is notoriously a tough nut to crack.
Find 2-3 relevant subreddits to post to — if you don’t check the guidelines and other posts properly, this is the first place you (and most everyone else) will fall down. We link our blog’s RSS feed to Mailchimp so our subscribers are emailed each time a new post comes out.
Content syndication is a fancy way of saying that a more popular site publishes your content instead. In some situations, this can give you a lot of exposure as an author but, for newer bloggers, it might not be so much of a good idea. In the blog commenting game, you’re going to want to be the first commenter every time. When you scale up your promotional efforts, you don’t necessarily have to increase your content output dramatically. As your business starts bringing in revenue you’ll have more to play around with and you’ll better be able to afford subscriptions to content promotion tools. While not strictly a content promotion tool for your own material, sources under-the-radar content from writers in your chosen field and is ideal for curation. So you’ve got your curated content, your own material and at least five channels to distribute it on. Even though it would be possible to keep up with this workload with the right process and time-management system, why would you want to?
We use Buffer to schedule the less-than-interesting task of social media scheduling, not only because it frees up time for outreach but because it scales well. When Process Street started it was just myself and two VAs who took care of the content marketing side of things.
Thanks to the way we manage processes, our team scales well and I’m able to get a pulse on whole-team activity by looking at the Process Street dashboard to see a progress bar on the promotion of each post. Zapier is an automation go-between for SaaS apps that connects over 400 different apps and services. Combined with Buffer, Zapier can totally automate your social media content promotion without you even having to log into either app. As well as social media automation, we also use Zapier to post Process Street activity to different channels inside Slack, keeping all notifications in one place and making it far easier to see what’s happened overnight. When you can systemize content repurposing you’ve just scaled your creation process massively.
I go through all the platforms you can submit to in this checklist but the basic idea is to create slide decks, PDF files, podcasts, and infographics using the same base material. Once you’ve got your content in a different format, the distribution opportunities increase exponentially and the platforms that accept podcasts, for example, will likely have an entirely new audience which might never have otherwise seen the original content on your blog. If you want to get these ideas and a lot more, check out the Advanced Content Promotion Checklist below to start working smarter towards getting heard and generating leads.
Thanks for the comment, Robert – I appreciate you stopping by, but note that the author on this one was Vinay Patankar of Process Street who was nice enough to guest post for us. How exactly is this different from what marketers have been doing for the past 10 years online?
Brands that simply wait for the right people to discover their content through social sharing and search rankings alone are losing critical momentum in reaching their target audiences.
Brands will succeed when they develop an audience-centric content distribution and promotion strategy that considers the earned media potential of content throughout the entire content development lifecycle. The first step in developing a successful content distribution and promotion strategy is one of the most important. During the initial stages of research, it’s crucial to dig deeper and build a complete understanding your target audiences. Discover where your readers live online and find out which sites and social channels they use to find similar content and news. Keeping your reader personas in mind, research and create a targeted media distribution list that includes media outlets that can reach a large or very targeted niche portion of your core audience.

Once you’e prepared your dream media distribution list, you can intelligently weigh in on content development to ensure it is worthy of publication in your targeted media outlets. To avoid being left in the content marketing dust, businesses should consider the earned media potential of content throughout the entire content development lifecycle by adopting an audience-centric approach to research, planning, production, promotion and measurement. Our publication contributors combine decades of experience with unique insights into the content promotion and distribution industry. Welcome to a community dedicated to solving the challenge of getting online content seen and consumed by the right audience on the best channels. During 80’s the consumer of Bangladesh even never thought of having energy drink by paying almost equivalent amount of money as required to buy a carbonated soft drink. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
Our team of VAs are the heart of our content promotion strategy, so one of the first steps for us was to hire a dedicated team — read my step-by-step guide to hiring the best VA for more information. Promotion, however, involves a lot of monotonous work and I would rather hand it over to a team focused 100% on that task because it can be time-consuming, especially with the number of posts we promote in parallel. They’re written into our Advanced Content Promotion Checklist and assigned to my team of VAs. Google tends to rank the site with the most traffic first, so if you get republished on a site like Forbes this could push your original blog post further down the search results.
Like reddit, it’s best to build a reputation by engaging with the community first before asking for something because the supposition that customers first have to know, like and trust you works universally. The idea isn’t to jump on and start spamming with links straight away, but just to become a friendly face for now.
If your content is amazing, you might sometimes get approved but it’s not the most solid tactic, just something to add a little extra exposure. These tools take a lot of the time-consuming administration work out of your team’s daily content promotion tasks so they can focus on the more valuable, high-touch methods. Content curation, (which also has its own rules and strategies) is a way to get onto other people’s feeds by being useful. Since content promotion is an ongoing process, you don’t just post one tweet about an article and leave it all up to luck.
Apps can act as either triggers or events in the same way as an if-then statement works in programming, giving each other commands behind the scenes to write once but update everywhere. Without an effective content distribution strategy, content marketing can become a drain of time and resources. With an increasing number of businesses competing in the content marketing space, brands will find that organic content discovery isn’t happening as quickly or reliably as it once did. To be truly audience-centric in your planning, you should prioritize the end reader above all else.
In everything you do throughout the content development lifecycle, you should prioritize the end reader and, by association, the needs of the journalists.
Most importantly, once you’ve identified your target audience personas and their media preferences, align them with the most relevant media outlets. On your list, note the quantity of site visitors, social followers, content engagement and conversion rate data from any previous earned media you’ve posted at that outlet.
Armed with a media distribution strategy, you can guide the development of content that will meet the needs of your core audience, better serve journalists and earn strategic media placements. From marketing point of view, 30 years ago it was not a commodity.Energy drink is a new thing in Bangladeshi market and they try to explore a new world of test, flavor, feeling and finally ensure the quality of new drink in the market. Social media faux-pas are well documented and it can severely damage a brand to be mocked on one of the most popular sites on the internet, so lurk intelligently before you post. I make sure we have influencers to reach out to by writing their research into the content — this gives our content authority and means we have a chance to be shared by people with bigger audiences. As a result, it is best to try content syndication only when you’ve already developed a good few places to submit to.
With enough exposure, people will start wondering who you are and that will naturally lead them to your company. Most commenting systems allow you to have your username link to a website, so if you offer value in blog comments your site will profit from it over time. Writing and curating epic content puts you on the path towards becoming a thought leader and gives your self-promotion more weight — better results from just a little more (automated) work is great scaling. It is new but it’s very attractive and potential to the customer, that’s why the market value and market share is increase day by day. That’s why you need to keep at it, regularly posting to social media in the prime time for your audience.
Journalists value their readers highly and write news stories and blog posts to serve the needs of those readers.
With readership data and contact information compiled for each media outlet, take your media distribution list and prioritize outlets that have the greatest potential to reach the largest groups of your target audience. The missionary zeal and unflinching commitment to quality to services elevated the group to newer heights. At the time when the newly independent country needed about almost everything, the company involved itself in the import of iron, cement, sugar, rice, spices, wheat, salt, milk and other essential commodities. It did not stop there but to make the country self-sufficient went on to substitute imported products by manufacturing them locally.
Guided by a visionary’s dream, backed by an inexhaustible repository of efforts, the Group emerged as one of the largest corporate bodies of the country.It is worth mentioning that all the Directors of the Partex Group have contributed a lot as promoter-directors in the growth of private sector Banking and Insurance in Bangladesh.
Hashem, was the Chairman of City bank Ltd., during the period of 1987-88 and is also the Chairman of City Bank Ltd.

Hashem, Chairman of Partex Group visited an International Trade Exhibition in the USA, where he happened to meet the executives of Royal Crown Cola Co. With international brand name recognition and quality he expected that it would gain acceptability in the Bangladesh market.When he returned, a wide range of marketing research was carried out by Partex as well as RC International.
After positive results, in 1996, the Corporate Head and the Directors formed Partex Beverage Ltd. Rubel Aziz, one of the pioneers of the concept of RC, was given the position of Managing Director.
Although registered as a Public Limited Company, no public offerings have been made as yet.The factory was setup in Rajendrapur, 40km away from Dhaka city. The company commenced commercial production on 6th October 1997, and RC was launched in Dhaka on 20th October 1997. This is the story of how Partex Beverage Limited became the sole official bottler of Royal Crown Cola Co. International.Now it has been almost 10 years since then, and a number of new products, in new and innovative packages have been introduced to the market. Within a few weeks, Partex Beverage, went on to penetrate not only their existing markets, but also markets that they had left unexplored due to the constraints of glass packaging.March 26, 2000Just before the Asia Cup, which was held in Dhaka, Partex Beverage added a feather to its cup, by launching its own mineral water brand, MUM. According to the needs of the Marketing Department, Production Department carries out the CSD manufacturing. Distribution Warehouse: All distributors have their own warehouse, where RC can be kept safely while not degrading its product quality.
Distributors buy RC from the Company and from that point ownership and all responsibilities of the products go under the distributors.iii. Opening Stock at Distributors Office: Apart from the warehouse every distributor also maintains another stock at their office. Delivery Van: All the delivery vans are owned by the dealers to assure the supply of RC on the door of wholesalers and retailers just according to their demand. Distributors: The financial standing of the distributors, their reputation in the local region, and prior related business experience are some of the key criteria examined when a distributor is selected.
The Head of sales, Regional manager and MD of the Company make a decision check the evaluation forms and field recommendations.
After a distributor is selected they issue a ‘letter of intent’ that specifies certain requirements of the company. The company closely monitors their activities and performance and ensures them to operate in the market at the highest standard. Distributors follow a work routine set by the company, generating paper work, and reports as required.
Consumers can easily walk in and get information’s for any products of Partex from those agent. Forecasting is essential to produce a product due to push process.Partex Beverage some time use push process to forecast the customer demand in the present market.
Push process may also be referred to as speculative processes because they response to forecast rather than actual demand.
Partex Beverage most of the time use pull process may also be referred to as reactive processes because they react to customer demand. In SWOT analysis Strength and Weakness are determined by internal factor, while Opportunity and Threat are determined by external factor. So my main function to ensure my topics “Study on Market Potential of new Energy Drink”Market survey, conducted through interviews. It is ensured that interviewers were thoroughly familiar with respondent selection procedures & the structure of the questionnaire.
I have learned about behavior of consumers also learn a high range of promotional activities required to make a good consumers relationship. Research design:A research deign is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research project. Quantitative research seeks to quantify the data and typically applies some form of statistical analysis.Quantitative research is structured, statistical and recommended a final course of action. For better marketing achievement we can apply modern policy and procedure for marketing mission of this commodity. Nowadays it is also a very modern and technical marketing policy and strategy and followed for enhanced marketing mix and target achievement. Like other technical product energy drink now makes packaging in different way for different types and different segment of people for eligible use and suitable buying criteria.For Bangladesh market, it is not a different and the strategy of this kind of marketing promotion is continuously changing and magnificent technical application of marketing procedures and promotion. So modern marketing mix, application of 4 Ps and other marketing process is successfully effective for this mission and phenomenon.Partex Beverage Limited, the innovative marketer of soft drinks in our country.
Partex is the first company in our domestic market, which launched soft drinks in plastic bottles. To turn this dream into reality I worked hard for analyzing the current scenario of energy drinks market. These are……Major Findings:i)                   In our country energy drinks market is very potential. Only TV advertisement is available, Brand attachment with media super start causes great impact on sales. To meet this gap more perfectly Partex Beverage Limited can enter the market with a new experience, new brands of energy drink.

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