How to Disable Display of Recent Search Entries in Windows 7 and Later Explorer Search Box? We have received so many mails about this particular problem so today we decided to post the solution here so that everyone can follow it without any need to send the query to us. Whenever you click into the Search box, it displays the recent search entries automatically.
Some Windows editions such as Starter, Home Basic and Home Premium don't come with Group Policy Editor. NOTE: If you don't want to completely disable the display of recent search entries but want to remove a particular entry from the list, then you can simply hover on the entry in Search box and press "Delete" key.
How to Enable "Group Policy Editor" in Windows 7 Home Premium, Home Basic and Starter Editions?
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All programs as well as operating system stored recently opened files, programs, archives etc.

If you run MS Word or Excel and choose File menu, below you will see recently viewed files. While its useful for frequent search users, it might become problematic if you use a shared computer and don't want other people know about your recent searches. In right-side pane, double-click on "Turn off display of recent search entries in the Windows Explorer search box" and set it to Enabled.
This list is usually used to access recent files, which saves times as there is no need to look for files in a manual mode.
You may have some sensitive information stored in your computer and, naturally, you do not want anyone else to access it.
Here you will be able to see which archives you have recently opened or which files you have recently compressed. To do that you need to press Clear all button and the program will clear list of windows recent files, and recently viewed files in MS Office programs, as well as Win Rar and Win Zip. Close Registry Editor and restart or log off and you'll no longer see recent search entries in Search box.

The only thing you have to do is to choose the kind of program in which you want to clear list of recently opened files.
If you share computer with several people and you do not want them to view your recently opened Word or Excel documents you somehow need to delete this list.
Use Recent Cleaner from AKS-LABS and you may feel secure and protected: no one will ever view files recently opened in your PC. MS Office menu includes 5 the most popular Office programs, Word, Excel, Access, Front Page and Power Point.

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